Civil Rights Movement Documents
Freedom Summer (Mississippi Summer Project), 1964-1965

Mississippi Summer Project (Freedom Summer)
      Freedom Summer Planning Documents
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      Freedom Summer Recruitment Documents
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CORE Louisiana Summer Task Forces & Projects
      1964 CORE Summer Documents
      1965 CORE Summer Documents
CORE's North Florida Citizenship Education Project (NFCEP) 1964-1965

Mississippi Summer Project Documents

Freedom Summer national public opinion poll, Harris Survey Inc. July 6 1964.

Mississippi Freedom Summer Planning Documents

63? 64?Memorandum: On the SNCC Mississippi Summer Project, Unsigned SNCC, Undated (possibly later 1963 or early 1964)
1964Prospectus for the Mississippi Freedom Summer (scan of original).
1964Mississippi: Structure of the Movement, Present Operations, and Prospectus for This Summer, COFO, Spring 1964. Detailed 8-page description of COFO on the eve of Freedom Summer.
1964Report of a Subgroup of the Leadership Development and Current Issues Committee at the Mississippi Summer Project Curriculum Conference, COFO? March 21-22.
1964Mississippi Freedom Summer Map, showing counties and types of projects.
1964Mississippi Freedom Summer Map, showing the major projects.
1964COFO Letter to Roy Wilkins re Freedom Summer Plans, Bob Moses, March 1, 1964.
1964Memo to "Friends of Freedom in Mississippi", Bob Moses. Undated (probably late March or early April of 1964). Addressed to Black leaders. Early use of term "Freedom Summer."
1964Memorandum, re Mississippi Freedom Summer, Carl Rachlin, CORE. April 13 1964
1964Urgent Memorandum re Mississippi Summer Project Fund-raising and Support Work, Betty Garman, SNCC. Undated (probably late May or early June 1964)
1964Letter to College Professors re Freedom Summer, April 8, 1964. COFO.
1964Berea Bars Civil-Rights Training, Louisville Times, May 21, 1964
1964Dear Friend, letter to Mississippi whites about Freedom Summer, unsigned COFO. Undated (possibly May 1964)
1964Plan for Freedom Summer Orientation, Bruce Hansen, CORR. June 9, 1964.
1964Memo to George Raymond re planning for summer program (MS), Richard Haley, CORE. June 15 1964.
1964COFO Contact List, unsigned COFO. June 23 1964
1964COFO/CORE Office Summer Project preparation To Do list, Unsigned, Madison Co. CORE/COFO. June 24, 1964
1964Mississippi Legislates to Outlaw Summer Civil Rights Project. SNCC Report, 1964.
1964Outline of Mississippi Project Areas, undated, unsigned. County by county analysis. Assumed to be a COFO planning document.
1964Proposal for MFDP Convention Challenge, Democratic Convention, Atlantic City.
1964Two letters sent to Bob Moses, Joseph Rauh. June 1964

State of Mississippi Anti-Freedom Summer Laws

See also Mississippi Girds for Armageddon for background.
1964Anti-Picketing Law Passed in Mississippi to Combat Civil Rights Activities, Unsigned, presumed to be COFO or SNCC. April 1964.
1964Current Status of Mississippi Legislation, May 13, 1964. Analysis of laws proposed or enacted in response and opposition to Black demands for civil rights.
1964Resolution of Tribute to the Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi, Unsigned (assumed to be white segregationist Democratic Party officials). Undated summer of 1964
1964Mississippi State Bill attempt to stop Freedom Schools, Unsigned, SNCC. June 1964
1964Mississippi Legislature - 1964 (Repressive laws enacted to oppose Freedom Summer.)
1964Mississippi, the Cancer of Democracy -- Will This Spread? (synopsis of report of Mississippi Legislature anti-Freedom Summer legislation). COFO. June 1964.
1964Mississippi Legislates to Outlaw Summer Civil Rights Project, SNCC report.
1964Mississippi Anti-Freedom Summer Legislation, 1964, House Bill 870

Mississippi Freedom Summer Recruitment Documents

1964Mississppi Freedom Summer (flyer for local MS Blacks), Unsigned, COFO. Undated 1964
1964Mississppi Freedom Summer (brochure for local MS Blacks), Unsigned, COFO. Undated 1964
1964Dear Friend, undated and unsinged recruitment letter. Presumably from COFO.
1964Mississippi Summer Project. Freedom Summer recruitment and fundraising brochure. SNCC.
1964Mississippi Freedom Project. A second Freedom Summer brochure mostly used for fundraising and explaining the project to supporters, press, and worried parents. SNCC.
1964Operation Freedom: Mississippi - 1964. NAACP Freedom Summer recruitment brochure.
1964Information Sheet — Project Mississippi. Five-page Freedom Summer fact sheet prepared at Stanford University and distributed to West Coast students interested in participating in the project.

Volunteer Application & Registration Forms:
1964Blank volunteer application form
1964Andrew Goodman's Freedom Summer Application, April 15, 1964.
1964Andrew Goodman's Freedom Summer Registration Form, June 15, 1964.
1964Judy Richardson's Freedom Summer registration form, June 17 1964
1964Judy Michalowski's Freedom Summer Registration Form, June 22 1964
1964Memo to Freedom Centers. COFO.
1964Guidelines for Interviewing Volunteers. COFO.
1964Criteria for Screening Applicants for Work With COFO in Mississippi, COFO. Undated (presumed May or June 1964).
1964Volunteer Rejection Letter. COFO.
1964Volunteer Acceptance Letters, COFO:
Memo #1 to Accepted Applicants. COFO.
Memo #2 to Accepted Applicants. COFO.
Memo #3 to Accepted Applicants. COFO.
Orientation Letter to Volunteers, 1st session, June 14 1964. COFO.
Orientation Letter to Volunteers, 2nd session, June 21 1964. COFO.
Letter to Voter Registration Volunteers. COFO.
1964Volunteers in the State, Mississippi Freedom Summer, COFO.
1964 Volunteers in the State, Mississippi Freedom Summer, COFO.
1964Recruiting of New Volunteers for Work in Mississippi, August, 1964, Betty Garman. SNCC.
1964Sample Letter to Start Chain SCEF (fund appeal) spring, 1964.

Mississippi Freedom Summer Training Documents

1964Job Preference Form
1964Freedom Summer orientation schedule, June 1964
1964Tentative Project Assignments (preliminary list). Probably issued before or during first orientation session.
1964Closed Politics in Mississippi re Blacks barred from participating in Democratic Party meetings and votes, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. Undated 1964 (probably July)
1964Freedom Summer Orientation Briefing, Dr. Vincent Harding.
1964Overview of the Political Program, COFO.
1964Mississippi: Handbook for Political Programs, COFO.
1964Overview of the Community Centers, COFO.
1964Sources of information on the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, undated 1964. Unsigned, CORE. Undated, possibly 1964
1964Letter to Freedom Summer volunteers re COFO research project, Jesse Morris, COFO. Undated (probably May or early June 1964)
1964Outline of Public Food Distribution in MS, Unsigned, COFO. Undated (probably May or June 1964)
1964Community Organizations, undated (probably June 1964)
1964Organizing for Freedom Registration, COFO/MFDP. Undated (probably June 1964)
1964Techniques for Field Work: Voter Registration, unsigned (presumed COFO or SNCC). Undated 1964 (presumed Freedom Summer training document)
1964Materials to Bring for the Summer, COFO, Mississippi Summer Project Staff.
1964Security Handbook, COFO.
1964"Critical Incident" Descriptions (training document), unsigned CORE.
1964COFO Legal Guide (earlier version), R. Hunter Moroy
1964COFO Legal Guide (later version), unsigned (possibly R. Hunter Morey). Undated (presumed Summer 1964)
1964Power of Attorney for Selection of Legal Counsel, COFO. Undated (probably June 1964)
1964If You Are Arrested in Mississippi, NAACP "Inc Fund"
1964Possible Role Playing Situations, unsigned. Undated (possibly 1964 Freedom Summer)
1964Freedom Summer song lyrics, Compiled by unknown. 1964
1964Mississippi — SNCC Arrest Form, Summer 1964
1964Hostile letter sent to John Lewis re Freedom Summer, Charles Benner, NSRP. June 16 1964
1964Questionaire, University of Wisconsin study of volunteers, Aiken, Demerath & Marwell, Dept. of Sociology. June.
1964COFO Orientation Art Workshop Notes, Ann Koppelman, (COFO). June 26, 1964
1964The Regular and Lawful Democratic Party of Mississippi report on the white-only "regular" Democrats, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. 1964 (Note: Originally written for and accepted by the New Leader in June for publication in July just before the Democratic convention, but then mysteriously spiked and never published. It was later revealed the the New Republic was established and funded by the CIA.)

Mississippi Freedom Summer Local Project Reports

See also: Letters & Reports From Freedom Summer 1964
See also: SNCC/COFO Daily WATS Reports

Mississippi Freedom School Documents

1963Guide For Teachers on Contributions of Afro-Americans, Edwina Chavers Johnson. 1963. (Distributed by CORE)
1963?Report on segregated education in Mississippi, unsigned, undated (possibly 1963)
1963Prospectus for a Summer Freedom School Program in Mississippi, Charlie Cobb, 1963.
1964Overview of the Freedom Schools, COFO. May 5 1964
1964Overview of the Freedom Schools - II, COFO.
1964Adopt a Freedom School, COFO. Undated 1964.
1964Memorandum to Freedom School Teachers, COFO.
1964First letter to Freedom School teachers, COFO.
1964Second letter to Freedom School teachers , COFO.
1964Notes on Teaching in Mississippi, COFO (many authors).
1964A Talk to Teachers, author unidentified.
1964Freedom School Assignments as of June 23 1964, unsigned COFO.
1964Student List for St. John Freedom School, Canton MS. Unsigned COFO or CORE.
1964List of Students at Pleasant Green Freedom School, possibly Valley View or Canton, MS. Unsigned, Unsigned COFO or CORE. Undated.
1964Freedom School flyer, unsigned COFO (possibly from Shaw MS).
1964Freedom School flyer, unsigned COFO (possibly from Laurel MS).
1964Books Needed in Mississippi Freedom Schools, Undated. Unsigned, COFO
1964Memo re Materials to Bring With You to Mississippi, for Freedom School teachers. Undated (probably June '64). Unsigned, COFO.
1964Resources for Teaching Negro History, Undated. Unsigned, COFO
1964Mississippi Freedom School Curriculum Materials, June 1964
Table of Contents, teacher note #1
A Note to the Teacher
Part 1, Academic Curriculum
Part 2, Citizenship Curriculum
     Unit 1, Comparison of Students' Reality With Others
     Unit 2, North to Freedom (Negro in the North)
     Unit 3, Examining the Apparant Reality (the "better" life that whites have)
     Unit 4, Introducing the Power Structure
Unit 5, The Poor Negro, The Poor White, and Thier Fears
Unit 6, Material Things and Soul Things
Unit 7, The Movement
The Mississippi Power Structure
     Lesson Plans for the Unit on Mississippi Politics
     Sample Sections of the Mississippi Constitution
Guide to Negro History
Freedom Schools Lesson Plan: Negro History, Jean Oxley, COFO. Undated
Africa: It's History and People
Lesson Plan and Curriculum Outline for Citizenship Education Program in Freedom Schools, Unsigned, COFO. 8/31
Outline for the Teacher of Citizenship Education in the Freedom Schools (version A), Peggy Dammond, SNCC/COFO. Undated
Readings in Nonviolence
Mathematics Note to Freedom School Teachers
Case Study: Statements of Discipline of Nonviolent Movements
Case Study on the Civil Rights Bill
1964Freedom School lesson plan on Albany GA Movement, Charles Wingfield, SNCC
1964Non-Material Teaching Suggestions
1964Statistics on Education, Housing, Income, and Employment, and Health
1964Freedom School Registration form, unsigned COFO. July 1964
1964First Session Freedom Schools, Undated (probably late June or early July '64), Unsigned, COFO
1964Freedom School Data, unsigned, COFO. July 1964
1964Ruleville Freedom School schedule, Unsigned, SNCC. 1964
1964Example of Freedom School class talk on Haitian slave revolt, unidentified Freedom School teacher.
1964The House of Liberty, Joyce Brown. (Poem by Freedom School student)
1964Seeds of Freedom, Medgar Evers play written & performed by Holly Springs Freedom School students.
1964Responses by Freedom School Students to the Burning of Their School, August 10, 1964.
1964Behind the Cotton Curtain, Charles Remberg. (Freedom School curriculum resource document)
1964Declaration of Independence, Summer, 1964. Freedom School students, Hattiesburg, MS
1964Freedom Schools — Final Report, unsigned COFO? SNCC? Undated 1964
1964Platform: Mississippi Freedom School Convention, Student Delegates.
1964Mississippi Student Union brochure.
1964I've Seen Black Hands, poem by Richard Wright reprinted studied by Freedom School students in Hattiesburg MS. Undated summer of 1964
1964Abraham Lincoln ~ John F. Kennedy, comparison (Louisiana freedom school teaching material). Unsigned CORE
1964Profiles of Typical Freedom Schools, COFO.
(The Original Document)
1964The eagerness of students attending the Freedom Schools, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. 1964 (probably July)
1964Freedom School teacher Pam Parker (Chude Allen) describes the school, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. 1964 (probably August)
1964Jackson Freedom Schools Report, August 1964
1964Letter to Lois Chaffee re Youth for Freedom Schools (MS), Stephen Lichtenberg, YFS. August 21 1964
1964Freedom School, Unsigned, CORE. Undated possibly 1964
1964Madison County (MS) Freedom School Reports, Jo Ann Ooiman, COFO. August-October, 1964.
1964Report From Batesville Conference on Freedom Schools October 2, 1964. Jo Ann (Ooiman?)
1964Report Mainly on Ruleville Freedom School, Kirsty Powell.
1964The Mississippi Idea: Schools in Context, Howard Zinn, Nation Magazine, November 23 1964. SNCC reprint.
1964Freedom Schools in Mississippi 1964, Liz Fusco, Freedom School Coordinator.
(The Original document)
1964Freedom Schools, report by Jimmy Garrett, SNCC. Undated (probably 1964)
1964Mississippi's Freedom Schools: The Politics of Education, Florence Howe, Freedom School Director. Retyped from Harvard Education Review, Spring 1965
1964The Poor in America, Resource Materials for Freedom Schools, unsigned. Undated (possibly 1965)
1964Freedom Schools Concept & Organization, Staughton Lynd, 1965
1964Freedom Schools, summary of staff meeting 3rd & 5th MS congressional districts, Waveland MS, April 14-17, 1965

Later freedom school materials (mostly from CORE Louisiana projects 1965):
1965Books and Supplies Needed in Freedom Schools, Unsigned, CORE. Undated (probably 1965)
1965State Freedom School Curriculum, Unsigned, CORE. Undated (probably 1965)
1965Freedom School Program, Unsigned, CORE. Undated (probably 1965)
1965Materials to Be Used and How They Are Ordered, Unsigned, CORE. Undated (probably 1965)
1965Study Questions, Negro History 1860-1900, Unsigned, CORE. Undated (probably 1965)
1965Curriculum - Negro History, Unsigned, CORE. Undated (probably 1965)
1965Minutes of Planning Meeting for Freedom School Workshop, SNCC/HREC, Washington DC, January 6, 1965
1965Daily Schedule, SNCC/HREC Freedom School Workshop, Lucy Montgomery, HREC. Knoxville TN, March 26-April 9
1965Stokeley's Speech Class, Jane Stembridge, SNCC. March 1965
Versions: Text (HTML) — Published PDF (AKA "Freedom School Notes")
1965Memo for Participants in Freedom School Workshop (Program), SNCC/HREC, Knoxville TN, March 26-April 9
1965Memo to Freedom School Workshop Peoples, Mrs. Kenneth Montgomery, HREC. June 23, 1965
2008Answers to Jon Hale's Freedom School Questionnaire, Joanne Gavin

Mississippi Freedom Summer Community Center Documents

1964Overview of the Community Centers, undated (probably summer 1964), COFO, Mississippi summer project staff.
1964COFO Baseball League Application form, unsigned, COFO. May, 1964
1964You Are Welcome Here: Freedom Community Center flyer, unsigned COFO - Shaw MS. Undated.
1964Affidavit on Burning of Bovina Community Center, David Riley, COFO. July 7 1964
1964Memo to Community Center Staff re Adult Program, Annell Ponder, SCLC/COFO. Undated summer 1964
1964Report on Summer Community Centers, Annell Ponder & Lois Chafee, July 10, 1964
1964Letter to Jewell Gresham re community centers (MS), Annell Ponder, COFO. July 31 1964
1964Letter to Ted Levine re adopting a center (MS), Annell Ponder, COFO. July 31 1964
1964Progress and Problems of the COFO Community Centers, unsigned. Summer 1964
1964 Letter to Lois Chaffee re COFO programs (MS), Richard Haley, CORE. August 18 1964
1964Dear Friend re help for community center (MS), Kaufman, Levine, & Lodge, ACSW. August 24 1964
1964Adopt a Mississippi Freedom Center, unsigned COFO. Undated probably later part of 1964

Mississippi Freedom Summer Voter Registration & Organizing Documents

1964Mississippi Freedom Summer, COFO. Brochure. Primarily used in Black communities to explain and solicit support for the Mississippi Summer Project.
1964MFDP Voter Registration Report. From court cases & Federal reports.
1964Community information canvasing form for Ruleville, MS. Unsigned, SNCC. July 1964
1964Organizing list, possibly from Canton MS. Handwritten. Unsigned CORE or COFO, undated
1964Freedom Registration Form (Mississippi). Used during Freedom Summer to register people for the freedom vote and Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
1964Memo re Freedom Registration, Dona, COFO. Undated (probably June or July 1964)
1964Why Mississippi? Bay Area Friends of SNCC
1964Fact Sheet Mississippi Summer Project: the White Community Too, SCEF, 1964.
1964Program for Voter Registration in Canton, Tom Foner, CORE/COFO. July 3, 1964
1964Churches Burned or Bombed in Mississippi, From Start of Summer Project to July 11 1964.
1964Report on Freedom Vote registration (MS), Unsigned, COFO. July 12 1964
1964Securing Justice Department Action, internal COFO memo, July 13 1964
1964Memo to All Staff 2nd Congressional District re Freedom Democratic Party, Stokely Carmichael, SNCC/COFO. July 1964.
1964Support Justice in Mississippi, Unsigned SNCC or COFO. July 19 1964
1964Precinct Meetings, MFDP. July 24 1964
1964Precinct Conventions, undated flyer. COFO.
1964Freedom Primers (for adults)
MS Freedom Primer #1 The Convention Challenge & the Freedom Vote.
MS Freedom Primer #2 The Freedom Vote & the Right to Vote.
MS Freedom Primer #3 The Right to Vote & the Congressional Challenge.
1964COFO Statement of Policy re Lawsuit Demanding Appointment of Federal Commissioners, July 10, 1964
1964COFO Memo to Volunteers, August, 1964.
1964Tentative Plan for Organizition of Freedom Schools, Community Center, MSU in Valley View, Unsigned, COFO. Undated (probably summer or early fall)
1964Flyer, MFDP County Convention Meeting, Holmes County, MS, Summer 1964.
1964FBI Investigation and Arrests in Itta Bena (MS), unsigned (presumed COFO or SNCC). June 25 and 16 1964
1964Report From Indianola Miss., John Harris, COFO.
1964A Resume and freedom registration totals by district, August 16 1964
1964Mississippi Black voter and freedom registration totals by district, August 16 1964
1964See also COFO/MFDP Documents for documents outside the Freedom Summer June-August 1964 timeframe.

Local Newsletters

1964 Freedom News, Holly Springs Freedom School, MS. July 8, July 14
1964Drew Freedom Fighter newsletter, MS. Unsigned. July 20, 1964
1964The Biloxi Free Herald , unsigned, COFO. Vol. 1, Num. 1, August 14, 1964
1965CORE Freedom News (newsletter, Madison Parish Louisiana), August 6 1965

Chaney-Schwerner-Goodman Lynching Documents

See also Chaney-Schwerner-Goodman Lynching Articles
1964Hourly reports compiled on disappearance of Chaney-Schwerner- Goodman, June 22 1964. Mary King, Ron Carver, Louise Harney, Bob Weil, Bill Light, CORE, SNCC, COFO.
1964 Philadelphia Mississippi Case Chronology of Contacts With Agents of the Federal Government, June 21-June 26, 1964. COFO.
1964 Philadelphia Mississippi Case Chronology of Contacts With Agents of the Federal Government, June 21-June 23, 1964. COFO.
1964Memo re Disappearance of Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman, June 22, 1964.
1964Memo about phone call with John Doar (DOJ) re Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman and rumors, Mary King, SNCC. July 1, 1964
1964Letter to The Reporter re article on Michael Schwerner (MS), Annell Ponder, COFO. July 30 1964
1964Post Mortem Examination Report of the Body of James Chaney, Dr. David Spain. August 7 1964
1964Conduct for Vigil, Friends of SNCC, Los Angeles, CA. (Federal Building vigil after discovery of Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman bodies in MS.)
1964Statement to FBI re lynching of Chaney, Schwerner & Goodman, Horace Doyle, participant in the murders. November 24 1964.
1964To Who it May Concern, petition letter re Chaney Schwerner Goodman case. Ellen Fox, Stephen Clorfeine, Univ. Rochester Friends of SNCC. February 1965
1964Appeal for federal action on civil rights & lynching of Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman, Unsigned, academe. February 3, 1965.

Mississippi Freedom Summer Parents-Related Documents

1964Mississippi Freedom Project. A second Freedom Summer brochure mostly used for fundraising and explaining the project to supporters, press, and worried parents. SNCC.
1964Letter to Parents of Freedom Summer Volunteers, Bob Moses, COFO.
1964Parents List – Addreses and Names (re Mississippi Freedom Sumer volunteers), COFO? SNCC? Undated summer of 1964
1964Dear Parents, Parents Mississippi Emergency Committee, Washington DC. Undated.
1964Mr. President (letter to LBJ), professors & parents of Freedom Summer volunteers. June 9 1964
1964SNCC letter to White House re potential violence during Mississippi Freedom Summer, June 9 1964
1964Press release by parents of Freedom Summer volunteers (re their delegation to Washington), June 25 1964.
1964 Dear Friends of SNCC and Parent's Committees, Betty Garman, SNCC. Undated (probably June or July 1964
1964Mississippi Project Parents Committee meeting minutes, Miriam Tanzman, Secretary. July 24, 1964
1964Letter to Parents from Mississippi Project Parents Committee, August 5, 1964. W. Fraser.
1964Mississippi Project Parents Committee meeting minutes, Unsigned. February 9, 1965
1964Mississippi Freedom Project Clothing and Food Drive, Gloria Patman, New Britain (CT) Area Human Rights Committee. Undated (believed to be November 1964)

MFDP and Democratic Convention Challenge

Mississippi Freedom Summer Miscellaneous Documents

1964Dear Friends the Mississippi Summer Project needs funds and supplies, Betty Garman, SNCC. Undated summer 1964
1964Supplies Needed for Mississippi Freedom Project, Unsigned Philadelphia FoS. 1964
1964June 9 Hearing and June 10 Meeting With President Johnson, Julian Bond, SNCC. Undated (probably early June 1964)
1964Fund appeal letter to Ladislaus Michalowski, Stephen Bingham, COFO/New Haven Freedom Center. June 13 1964
1964Dear Friend (report on address by Judy Michalowski), Harry Webb, New Britain Area Committee on Human Rights (CT). June 25 1964
1964Memo to Mississippi Summer Project Contacts (re violence in Mississippi & federal inaction), Bob Moses, SNCC/COFO. June 27, 1964.
1964Mississippi Summer Project Workers in State as of June 29, 1964, COFO report
1964Mississippi Summer Project: Administrative Structure of Jackson COFO Office, undated Includes personnel assignments
1964Incidents Reported to the Jackson COFO Office During a 24 Hour Period, June 24, 1964.
1964Mississippi Summer Project: Running Summary of Incidents, June 16 — August 26, 1964. SNCC.
1964Freedom News, Holly Springs Freedom School, MS. July 8, July 14
1964Memorandum for the President re Use of Marshals etc for Law Enforcement in Mississippi, Nicholas Katzenbach, U.S. Attorney General. July 1 1964
1964Letter to Jack Wasserman of NSF, re federal programs for northern MS. Mary Jennings, COFO. July 20, 1964
1964White Community Project Report - Biloxi, MS. Unsigned COFO. July 22, 1964
1964 Report on mob violence against SNCC workers, Greenwood MS. Betty Garman, Julian Bond, SNCC. July 27, 1964.
1964Letter to Charles MacLaurin re meeting in Jackson (MS, Michael Finkelstein, USCCR. July 28 1964
1964Letter to Amzie Moore re food and clothing donations (MS), Mary Anderson, Watts Action Committee. July 28 1964
1964Letter to the League of Women Voters re latest catalog (MS), Annell Ponder, COFO. July 30 1964
1964McComb Incident Summary June - September 1964. Unsigned. COFO? SNCC?
1964A Minister Counselor in Jackson, undated. Unsigned (report about Rev. Lee Ball's experiences).
1964Petition to President Johnson, unsigned (possibly COFO or parent's support committee). Summer 1964
1964Dear _________________ (re phone bill), Meridian MS COFO. Fall 1964
1964Affadavits collection from Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964. COFO.
1964Affadavit of white violence & police brutality, Robby Osman & Mario Savio, volunteers. July 22 1964
1964Affidavits, Unsigned, COFO. Summer 1964
1964Affadavit of white violence and police repression, Sam Block, SNCC. June 11 1964
1964Statement of Robert Moses re future plansBob Moses, COFO/SNCC. August 19 1964
1964Tentative List of Projects by Summer's End, unsigned COFO. August 25, 1964
1964Rough Minutes, National Council of Churches discussion of Mississippi Summer Project, September 18, 1964
1964Letter to Goldsmith Brothers re account with store (MS), Lois Chaffee, COFO. September 13 1964
1964Statistics of Negro and White Voter Registration in the Five Congressional Districts of Mississippi, U.S. v Mississippi Federal Court Case.
1964The Mississippi Summer Project report. Unsigned SNCC? COFO? 1964
1964The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Steve Max, SDS Political Education Project.
1964Volunteers update from Canton MS, Nancy Jervis?, COFO.

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CORE Louisiana Summer Task Forces & Projects

[CORE used the term "task force" as a synonym for "project," and also as a synonym for staff or volunteers.]

1964 CORE Summer Documents

1964Letter to national CORE leaders Jim McCain and Marvin Rich re Mississippi situation and ideas for the summer of 1964, Dave Dennis, CORE. November 18, 1963.
1964Louisiana Summer Project, 1964, unsigned CORE.
1964Schedule: The Long Hot Summer, Louisiana, 1964, CORE Southern Regional Office.
1964Louisiana Summer Project 1964 (planning document).
1964CORE 1964 Louisiana summer project plans, undated (content missing)
1964CORE Freedom Schools Brochure, undated, probably 1964.
1964Sample Task Force Application & Questionaire forms
Application Form for Field Worker in CORE Task Force
Fatima Cortez's Questionnaire
1964Louisiana Summer Task Force preliminary volunteer list, CORE Southern Regional Office.
1964Field Report, West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, Ronnie Sigal & Mimi Feingold, CORE.
1964Report from Pointe Coupee Parish, Peggy Ewan, Catherine Cortex, Sharon Burger, CORE
1964List of subjects for teaching, Unsigned, CORE. October 27 1964

1965 CORE Summer Documents

1965CORE Summer Projects 1965
1965Suggested Readings, Mike Lesser, CORE. 1965
1965An Overview of the Reading Process, Mike Lesser, CORE. 1965
1965Format of Louisiana Summer Project, undated possibly May, 1965
1965CORE Community Action Guide, June 1965
1965Community Organization Discussion Outline, unsigned, CORE, 1965
1965Outline for Weekly Field Report, Unsigned, CORE. June, 1965
1965Community Organization Discussion Outline, Unsigned, CORE. June, 1965
1965CORE summer project educational program workshop, Unsigned, CORE. June, 1965
1965Notes and Guidelines on News, Public Relations, Unsigned, CORE. June 1965
1965Questions for Discussion, Political Awareness Workshop. Unsigned, CORE. June
1965CORE Fact Sheet for Enforcement of the Fair Employment Act, June 1965
1965Unfair employment practices complaint, Unsigned, CORE. June, 1965
1965CORE Summer Project Orientation — Educational Program Workshop
1965School Workshop Booklet (First Draft), CORE - Mississippi. May 1965.
1965Questions Concerning Local and Parish ASC Committees..., (LA). Unsigned CORE. Undated (probably May or June 1965)
1965Memo re Louisianna ASCS parish elections, Herman "Slick" Carter, CORE. Undated 1965 (probably June or July)
1965CORE contact list of Louisiana ASCS offices, June 1965
1965CORE workshops activities, Unsigned, CORE. June, 1965
1965CORE tracking arrests and legal issues (form), Unsigned, CORE. June, 1965
1965Memo re: CORE General Procedures Louisiana, J. Rollins, CORE. June, 1965
1965Voter Registration: A Means to Community Political Power, Unsigned, CORE. July 1965
1965Questions for Greenwood Acres, unsigned CORE flyer from Shreveport LA, July 8 1965
1965Memo re Louisianna ASCS parish elections, Herman "Slick" Carter, CORE. Undated 1965 (probably June or July)
1965Memo re Title VI complaints and MCHR, Judi Nusbaum & Dodi Smith, July 1965
1965Voter Registration: A Means to Community Political Power, Unsigned, CORE. July 1965
1965The 2nd Greenwood Acres Community Meeting. Unsigned, CORE flyer. July 15, 1965
1965Minden Freedom Rally. Unsigned, CORE flyer. August 11, 1965
1965CORE Freedom News (newsletter, Madison Parish Louisiana), August 6 1965

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