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The CRMA Vimeo Channel provides free live-streaming of films and videos about the Freedom Movement of the 1950s-1960s.

The films and videos in our channel reflect our "up-from-below" and "inside-out" approach to documenting our history. All of them were either created by Freedom Movement veterans (or their immediate families), or were created by others but are substantially about Movement veterans, or were created with significant input from veterans.


Our Voices Collection, individually created videos.
SNCC 60th Conference Collection, October 2021.
Julian Bond Video Collection, interviews by Gregg Ivers.
Charles Bonner Collection, videos created by a SNCC veteran.
Voices Across the Colorline, Atlanta History Center interviews
Discussions: Questions From Teachers about the Freedom Movement
Movement Veterans Interviewed by Students.

Our Voices Collection

The Our Voices Collection contains individual videos created by, or substantially featuring, Freedom Movement veterans who present an "up-from-below" and "inside-out" view of the Civil Rights Movement.

Doris Derby: Memorial Service Video Rememberance, by Joyce Ladner, on Behalf of the SNCC Legacy Project (SLP). 2min

From Georgia and Virginia to Harlem and Beyond..., by Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely. A video poem for Black History month, 2022. 4min. Transcription.

Passage at St. Augustine, by Clennon L. King (son of Albany GA Movement leader C.B. King), AugustineMonica Films, 2015. Depiction of the fierce nonviolent anti-segregation movement in the small Florida town of St. Augustine in 1964. 60min.

Selma and Its Aftermath: A Photographic Journey, by New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Civil rights veteran Bill Monnie discusses his book: Selma and It's Aftermath. 2022. 85min.


SNCC 60th Conference Collection, October 2021

The SNCC 60th Conference was held in October of 2021 to commemorate the founding of SNCC in 1960 and to uplift the current anti-racist, pro-people struggles of young activists today.

SNCC: 60 Years Strong , Retrospective video about the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Southern Freedom Movement (1951-1968). 21min.

In Memoriam, SNCC members memorial video. 8min.

Stand Up and Shout: the SNCC Freedom and Justice Concert, Virtual concert celebrating SNCC and the Southern Freedom Movement (1951-1968). 74min.

Conference Small Group Discussions

As part of the SNCC 60th Conference in October of 2021, eight small-groups of Freedom Movement veterans discussed the Freedom Movement and how it affected their lives. The sessions were video-recorded and transcribed. The videos have not been edited. The transcripts contain clarifications, corrections, and annotations in [brackets]. Please check a transcript before quoting from a discussion

Group A:VideoTranscription
Bruce Hartford, Jennifer Lawson, Peter de Lissovoy, Claire O'Connor Rick Tuttle

Group B:VideoTranscription
Chude Pam Parker Allen, Heather Tobis Booth, Daphne Muse, Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons, Larry Spears, Pat Vail

Group C:VideoTranscription [TBD]
Ron Cole Bridgeforth, Theresa El-Amin, Martha Livingston, Penny Patch, Dorothy Zellner

Group D:VideoTranscription
Phyllis Cunningham, Fatima Cortez, Laura Foner, Karen Haberman (Trusty), Peter Orris, John McAuliff

Group E:VideoTranscription
Arlene Dunn, Ira Grupper, Constancia Dinky Romilly, Karen Spellman, Nancy Stearns, Eugene Turitz

Group F:VideoTranscription
Josh Gould, Janet Heinritz-Canterbury, Ed Nakawatase, Frances O'Brien, Muriel Tillinghast

Group G:VideoTranscription
Angeline Butler, Marion Kwan, Linda Wetmore Halpern, Johnny E. Parham, Jr., Bill Perlman, Jane Silver

Group H:VideoTranscription
Miriam Cohen Glickman, Carol Rogoff Hallstrom, Faith Holsaert, Timothy Jenkins

Julian Bond Video Collection

The videos in this collection were created by the Julian Bond Oral History Project which is dedicated to the memory, work, and career of Julian Bond from 1960-1968 and to the broader Southern civil rights movement. These interviews were conducted primarily by Gregg Ivers, Project Director and professor of government at American University in Washington DC.

Heather Tobis Booth, Freedom Summer volunteer. By Gregg Ivers, 2019. 64min. Transcript.

Charlie Cobb, SNCC. 2019. 94min. Transcription

Courtland Cox, SNCC. By Gregg Ivers, 2019. 55min. Transcription

David Dennis, CORE, COFO. By Gregg Ivers, 2019. 71min. Transcription

Dion Diamond, NAG, SNCC. By Gregg Ivers, 2019. 47min. Transcription

Lonnie King, Atlanta Student Movement. By Gregg Ivers, 2018. 61min. Transcript.

Joyce Ladner, NAACP & SNCC. By Gregg Ivers, 2019. 100min. Transcription

Jennifer Lawson, SNCC. By Gregg Ivers, 2019. 92min. Transcription

Bob Moses interview, SNCC, COFO, MFDP. By Gregg Ivers, 2018. 123min. Transcript.

Ed Nakawatse Interview, SNCC. By Gregg Ivers, 2019. 87min.

Betty Garman Robinson, SNCC. by Gregg Ivers, 2019. 66min. Transcription

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, Freedom Rides, SNCC. by Gregg Ivers, 2019. SNCC. 86min. Transcription


Charles Bonner Collection

While still in his teens, Charles Bonner was a leader of the high school and college students in Selma Alabama who were the backbone and nonviolent warriors of the Voting Rights Campaign.

An Interview With Worth Westinghouse Long. Civil rights attorney and SNCC veteran Charles Bonner interviews fellow SNCC leader Worth Long, the SNCC Selma project director, and "The person who taught us the power of nonviolence in the movement." 2005. 31min.

Charles Bonner: Tip of the Arrow interview by Wesley Hogan. Discussion recorded for the SNCC 60th Anniversary Conference in October 2021 about his book about the young students who led the Selma Movement from 1963-1965. 10min.

The Fierce Urgency Of Now, by Charles Bonner. Discussion with John Broussard, Howard Moore, Charlie Love, and Stu House, for the 56th Anniversary of the 1965 Voters Rights Act. About One Person-One Vote, reparations, true democracy, and reestablishing the core of the Voters Rights Act — now. 68min.

Charles Bonner Speaks at The Skanner Foundation MLK Breakfast. 30min.

Conversation between Charles Bonner and Motivation.In.Action founder Geneviive Jones-Wright for Black History Month 2022. 20min

Charles Bonner Interview with Selma Sheriff Jim Clark, Selma student protest leader talks with the notorious sheriff to tried to suppress the Freedom Movement. 77min.


Voices Across the Color Line

Interviews of Freedom Movement veterans by the Atlanta History Center - Kenan Research Center, 2005-2006.

Fay Bellamy Powell, by Carole Merritt. SNCC staff member, Selma & Greene County, AL, Atlanta GA. Helped organize the 1965 Selma to Montgomery march., 2006. 150min.

Willie Bolden, SCLC. By Carole Merritt. Re Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Dr. King, Saint Augustine FL, Selma AL, and Poor Peoples Campaign, Marks MS. 122min.

Rev. Joseph and Aletha Boone. By Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta Student Movement, Rush Memorial Congregational Church, Atlanta school desegregation. 58min.

Xerona Clayton, By Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta civil rights movement, Ku Klux Klan, Dr. King. 58min.

Connie Curry, by Carole Merritt. Along with Ella Baker was a SNCC "adult advisor", active in Greensboro sit-ins and Mississippi school desegregation. 2005. 62min.

Morris Dillard, ASM. By Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta Student Movement and Freedom Rides, 60min.

Lydia Douglas, ASM. By Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta Student Movement, Committee on the Appeal for Human Rights, sit-ins and arrest. 60min.

Pearlie Dove, by Carole Merritt. Re Equal pay for Black teachers, segregated education in Atlanta. 56min.

Jesse Hill, by Carole Merritt. NAACP 1950s voter registration activist, desegregation in Atlanta, founder Black newspaper Atlanta Inquirer, mobilized business support of the movement. 2005. 59min.

Muriel Lokey. By Carole Merritt. Re support for Atlanta school desegregation. 42min.

Portia Harden Potts, by Carole Merritt. One of the first African American students to desegregate schools in Atlanta, GA. 2006. 48min.


Questions From Teachers

Two 2020 webinars hosted by U.C. Berkeley where Civil Rights Movement veterans discussed questions posed by teachers about the Freedom Movement and how it is taught.

August 4th Webinar. 87min.

August 6th Webinar. 97min.



Movement Veterans Interviewed by Students

Interviews of Civil Rights Movement veterans conducted by students.

Chude Allen, Freedom Summer volunteer in Holly Springs Mississippi. Interviewed by students at Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco. 2020. 121min. PDF transcript. Chude Allen background.

Dr. James ("Jimmy") Garrett, SNCC California & Mississippi, interviewed by students at Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco. 2020. 129min. PDF transcript. Jimmy Garrett background.

Linda Wetmore Halpern, Freedom Summer volunteer in Greenwood Mississippi. Interviewed by students at Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco. 2020. 106min. PDF transcript. Linda Wetmore Halpern background.

Bruce Hartford, CORE in California & SCLC in Selma, Alabama, and Mississippi. Interviewed by students at Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco. 2020. 223min. PDF transcript. Bruce Hartford background.

Dr. Jeannine Herron, by students at Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco. Jeannine Herror and her husband Matt worked with SNCC in Mississippi and she was one of the founder of Child Development Group of Mississippi. 2020. 120min. PDF transcript.

Jacqueline Byrd Martin, McComb MS student protester. By Gregg Ivers, 2020. 85min. PDF Transcript.

Mike Miller, SNCC. Interviewed by high school students, 2020. 86min. PDF Transcript. Mike Miller background.

Dr. Mimi Real, Freedom Rider and CORE in Louisiana. Interviewed by high school students. 2020. 118min. PDF transcript. Mimi Real background.

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