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According to Google, 20,880 people visited the website during October for an average of 674 per day. On school days, the number of visitors ranged from 500 to 925 per day. Roughly 18% of our visitors came from outside the U.S.

 — Bruce Hartford, Webspinner.

NEW NAME! As you can see above, we're now the Civil Rights Movement Archive. When we started this website 20 years ago (yikes!) its initial purpose was to facilitate communications between veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement and work towards reknitting that "beloved community" we once strived so hard to achieve. So we called it the "Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website." While it continues to perform that purpose, the site has grown far beyond our original concept. We're now one of the largest (possibly the largest) online collection of original Freedom Movement materials in the world — and still growing. So we've changed our name to more accurately describe what we actually are and to encourage students and researchers to discover our "From the Bottom Up" and "Inside Out" perspective on the Civil Rights Movement.

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Ever since Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement established this CRMVet website in late 1999, it has been funded by personal donations from Freedom Movement activists and individual supporters. We carry on this work without any foundation grants or high-donor contributions. The only institutional support we receive is from Tougaloo College in Jackson MS who provide the web server on which the site runs. They will assume responsibility for the site when we can no longer continue. So if you find our CRMVet site useful and worthy, we ask for your donation to keep it growing. Thank you for anything you are able to contribute.

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Sister Sites

SNCC Digital Gateway. SNCC Legacy Project & Duke University. tells the story of how young activists in SNCC united with local people in the Deep South to build a grassroots movement for change that empowered the Black community and transformed the nation.

Teaching for Change and Zinn Education Project. Provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world by promoting and supporting the teaching of people's history in middle and high school classrooms across the country.

The SNCC Legacy Project (SLP). SLP was begun to preserve and extend SNCC's legacy. Although SNCC the organization no longer exists, we believe that its legacy continues and needs to be brought forward in ways that continue the struggle for freedom, justice and liberty.

Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. Empowering the next generation, passing it on to carry it on by preserving the history of the Mississippi Movement.

Chicago SNCC History Project. Tells the Stories of Chicago Area Friends of SNCC (CAFSNCC), its relationship to SNCC, it's pivotal role in shaping the fight for freedom in Chicago between 1960-1965, and preserves that history as a legacy for the young people who are continuing the fight for freedom, justice and peace.

SCOPE 50. Preserving Civil Rights and The Story of Voting. Website of SCLC/SCOPE project activists.


Organizing Our Strength for Tomorrow: A Call to Gather on SNCC's 60th Anniversary. Washington, DC. April 16-19, 2020. For details and registration information: SNCC 60th Anniversary Conference.

Movement art: If you are aware of any works of art related to the Freedom Movement such as paintings, drawings, murals, statues, and so on, please take a look at our Civil Rights Movement Art page to see if we already have an image of it in our collection. If it isn't included in our collection please email us an image we can post, or a weblink, or some other information that we can use. Thanks.

Movement Materials: Please continue to send us documents, letters, reports, stories, and other Southern Freedom Movement materials from the period 1951-1968.

New Movement Documents

1957Statement by the President (re Little Rock school crisis), President Dwight Eisenhower. September 21 1957
????Officials Bolivar County, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated
????Officials Sunflower County, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated
62-66?Threats against student protest, "unsigned, Sunflower County (MS) school board. Undated (1962-1966)
1962Weapons in the Struggle for Civil Rights, discussion paper on civil liberties and freedom of speech for SNCC conference, Ann and Carl Braden, SCEF. April 27, 1962
1963Finding and Making Leaders, Nicolas von Hoffman, SDS. Reprinted by CORE 1965
1964Abolish House Committe on Un-American Activities petition, Unsigned, SNCC. 1964
1964Marin Friends of SNCC mailing, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated
1964Communications from members of Congress re Freedom Summer, Senators Keating & Javits and Representative Reid, June-July 1964
1964Ruleville Freedom School schedule, Unsigned, SNCC. 1964
1964Community information canvasing form for Ruleville, MS. Unsigned, SNCC. July 1964
1964Financial report, Hattiesburg MS Robert Beech, Delta Ministry
1964Letter to Amzie Moore re re-election of William Ming to NAACP board, S.W. Tucker, NAACP. 11/23/64.
1964Letter to George Raymond Jr. re legal and farmer-related issues, Richard Haley, CORE. 11/20/64
1965The Story of Greenwood, Mississippi, album liner notes & background. Guy Caraway, SNCC, 1965
1965?SNCC WATS line Atlanta Schedule undated (possibly 1965)
1965Program to Aid in the Development of Rural Communities, Unsigned, CORE Research. December 1964
1965What is Operation Headstart?, Unsigned, CORE. March 1965
1965Medical Committee for Human Rights, Louisianna State Office, CORE. July, 1965
64-66?Proposed Educational Program, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated (possibly late 1964 to early 1966)
1965How do Negroes live in Arkansas, Unsigned, SNCC research report. Undated 1965
1965Statement of Mrs. Victoria Gray, re the MFDP Congressional Challenge. June 29, 1965
1965Louisiana CORE Newsletter, Unsigned, CORE. July 1965
1965Voter Registration: A Means to Community Political Power, Unsigned, CORE. July 1965
1965Victoria Gray statement re MFDP Congressional Challenge. July 1, 1965
1965Report on the MFDP Congressional Challenge, Lawrence Guyot, MFDP. July 7, 1965
1966Georgia Legislature Refuses to Seat Freedom Worker, re Vietnam War opposition. Unsigned, SNCC. January 11, 1966
1966MFDP Federal lawsuit re discrimination in voting, MFDP Legal Team. April 1966
1966Background Information on Freedom Elections Alabama, Unsigned, SNCC. May 3, 1966
1966Sunflower Elections Put Off, Lela Mae Brooks and Mary Francis Williams, SNCC. June 30, 1966
1967Publications Available from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, unsigned SNCC. March 17, 1967
1967NY SNCC Newsletter, Unsigned, SNCC. May 1967
1967National Conference on Black Power announcement, Nathan Wright. May 2, 1967
1967Telegram from Movement leaders criticizing SNCC for proposing protest against Luci Johnson's wedding, Dr. King, Roy Wilkins, A. Phillip Randolph, and Whitney Young. August 1967
1967Preventitive House Arrest of Chairman H. Rap Brown, Unsigned, SNCC. December 1967
1968Dialectics of Black Power, Robert Allen, Guardian newspaper. January 1968
1968What Must Be Done, Unsigned, SNCC. February 1968

Mississippi Free Press issues:
November 24, 1962, MS Union Leader Attacks Hate Group, Legislature considers reapportionment
December 1, 1962, Jackson Plant Ordered to Rehire Union Men, Appeal Seeks to Release Kennard
December 8, 1962, Greenville workers vote for union at plants, Illegal "Yellow Dog" contracts used to intimidate workers
December 15, 1962, Resolutions support federal aid for farms but not schools, Operation Freedom to Assist Delta Citizens
December 22, 1962, Nation-wide petition for Clyde Kennard, Rural areas lose influence in reapportionment proposal
December 29, 1962, U.S. to prosecute Governor Barnett & Lt. Governer Johnson, Lawsuites filed against denial of voting rights in Hattiesburg

Press Releases
11/22/61SNCCThe start of it all in Albany, Georgia
1966?SNCCPublication of Perspectives on the Atlanta Rebellion
1967SNCCEastman Kodak is Out of Focus, re employment discrimination. Undated 1967.
3/3/67SNCCRepression against student protesters in Orangeburg SC
3/7/67SNCCSeven SNCC Workers Indicted, re anti-Vietnam War & draft protests
4/10/67SNCCBlack Students in Nashville Victims of Police Set-Up

WATS Reports (Log of daily phone-in reports)

SNCC September 21, 1964

New Letters & Reports From the Field

Voter Registration Drive in Albany so far (GA) 12/62Faith Holsaert, SNCC
Bon Jour! The waters of Southwest Georgia (GA) 12/1/62 Unsigned, SNCC
Letter re SNCC and The Albany Movement (GA) 12/1/162Betsy Wycoff, SNCC
Report on Holmes County (MS) 11/21/64Mary Brumder, COFO
Letter to Lois Chaffee re help from WILPF (MS) 11/23/64Mary Sue Gellatly, COFO
Letter to Amzie Moore re money order and payments (MS) 11/27/64Maurice McCrackin, OFC

New Additions to Our Stories

Doris DerbyOral History Interview
Rev. Dean HayHattiesburg Diary (MS) 1964
Dr. Robert HaylingInterview re St. Augustine Movement (FL)
Victoria GrayInterview by Joe Sinsheimer re Hattiesburg, MS 1987

Affadavits of Police Brutality & Violence
1962Statement of Dorothy Conrod, Mr. Lundgor and Edward Taylor, re Sisson home shooting, 1962
1964Affadavit of Robert Earl Beverly, re Black grade school students forced into plantation labor, 1964
1964Affadavit of Eddie Childs, re Black grade school students forced into plantation labor, 1964
1964Affadavit of Bettie Jean Doss, re Black grade school students forced into slave labor, 1964

New Articles & Speeches From the Southern Freedom Movement

No new articles added this month

New Articles Added to Freedom Movement History

No new history articles added this month.

New Additions to Our Thoughts

No new commentaries added this month.

New Names Added to the Activist Roll Call

Dorris Wright - NAACP, 1959-1961, SC
Jim Owens - SCLC/SCOPE, 1965, GA

New Tributes & Memories added to In Memory

Elaine Peacock

New Additions to Poetry
The Poetry section is one of the most-visited parts of the site.

Rosa Parks, Nikki Giovanni
Miz Rosa Rides the Bus, Angela Jackson
Afterimages, Audre Lorde

New Additions to the Photo Album Pages:

March to Montgomery

New Books, Films, & Videos by Freedom Movement Veterans


"Troublemaker" Memories of the Freedom Movement, by Bruce Hartford. Westwind Writers, 2019. Personal boots-on-the-ground memoir of four years service in the American Civil Rights Movement, 1963-1967.

Southern White Girl Seeks Social Change: A Twentieth Century Memoir, by Nancy Stoller. Bright Stuff, 2019. A memoir from the dawn of SNCC, women's liberation, and young people who "de-segregated" the US, each body on the line, every eye on the prize.

Acts of Resistance: A Freedom Rider Looks Back on the Civil Rights Movement, by Judith Frieze Wright. Apple Bay Publishing, 2019. A memoir of one person's experience in Mississippi during the early sixties.

Mississippi Reckoning, (novel) by Mitchell Zimmerman. Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing 2019. The story of a despairing man's pursuit of justice for the victims of segregationist brutality, set against a sweeping backdrop of white supremacy rampant and the civil rights struggles of the 1940s and 1960s.

Crusader Without Violence: A Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr, by L.D. Reddick and Derryn Moten. Reissued by New South Books, 2018. First biography of Dr. King originally written in 1959 and now reissued.

Mississippi's Exiled Daughter, by Brenda Travis with John Obee. Story of Brenda Travis, whose 1961 arrest as a teenager helped galvanize opposition to racial discrimination in Mississippi. New South Books, June 2018.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and the Kennedy Administration, 1960-1964: A History in Documents, by James P. Marshall. Louisiana State University Press, 2018. Freedom Movement veteran traces through government documents the Kennedy Administration's response to the Mississippi Movement.

Hope's Kids: A Voting Rights Summer, by Alan Venable. One Monkey Books, 2017. Describes Brandeis University's 1965 SCLC-SCOPE project in South Carolina.

Operation Breadbasket: An Untold Story of Civil Rights in Chicago, 1966- 1971, by Martin L. Deppe. University of Georgia Press, 2017. Untold Story, of the unheralded leaders of thel SCLC program based in Chicago that broke a market stranglehold by white businesses in Black communities and empowered Black businesses in their own neighborhoods and beyond.

1967 NBC News Interview with Martin Luther King, that was never broadcast and not made available until 2018. (27 minutes.)

Traveling With Dr. King, by Sunnylands & Gandhi-King Institute for Nonviolence. 2019. Video remembrance by people who knew and worked closely with Dr. King.

Iowans Return to Freedom Summer, by Keeping History Alive foundation. 2018. Firsthand accounts from six Freedom Summer volunteers from Iowa who reflect on their motivations, fears, triumphs and the life altering events that took place 50 years ago.

Heather Booth: Changing the World, a documentary film by Lily Rivlin. 2017. How the Civil Rights Movement inspired SNCC activist and Freedom Summer volunteer Heather Booth to a lifetime of fighting for social justice.

Stand for Freedom: The Life & Times of Willie B. Wazir Peacock The story of Willie Peacock, one of the original SNCC field secretaries organzing in the Mississippi Delta. YouTube.

Web Links, Bibliography and Movement Archives updated, revised, & expanded.

As always comments, suggestions, corrections, and submissions from Freedom Movement activists are welcome. Veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement who are listed on the website's Roll Call are encouraged to contribute to the website their stories, thoughts, documents, and memories & tributes of those who have passed on by emailing them to

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