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 — Bruce Hartford, Webspinner.

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Sister Sites

SNCC Digital Gateway. SNCC Legacy Project & Duke University. tells the story of how young activists in SNCC united with local people in the Deep South to build a grassroots movement for change that empowered the Black community and transformed the nation.

Teaching for Change and Zinn Education Project. Provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world by promoting and supporting the teaching of people's history in middle and high school classrooms across the country.

The SNCC Legacy Project (SLP). SLP was begun to preserve and extend SNCC's legacy. Although SNCC the organization no longer exists, we believe that its legacy continues and needs to be brought forward in ways that continue the struggle for freedom, justice and liberty.

Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. Empowering the next generation, passing it on to carry it on by preserving the history of the Mississippi Movement.

Chicago SNCC History Project. Tells the Stories of Chicago Area Friends of SNCC (CAFSNCC), its relationship to SNCC, it's pivotal role in shaping the fight for freedom in Chicago between 1960-1965, and preserves that history as a legacy for the young people who are continuing the fight for freedom, justice and peace.

SCOPE 50. Preserving Civil Rights and The Story of Voting. Website of SCLC/SCOPE project activists.



Please continue to send us documents, letters, reports, stories, and other Southern Freedom Movement materials from the period 1951-1968.


New Names Added to the Veterans Roll Call

William Bigelow - SCLC/SCOPE, 1965 AL, GA, FL


New Tributes & Memories added to In Memory

Hunter Bear (John Salter)
Marvin Rich, CORE


New Movement Documents

1963NAACP Memorandum To: Mr. Amzie Moore, W.C. Patton. NAACP. March 3, 1963
1963The Southern Education Center: An Outline, Unsigned SNCC. August 10, 1963
1964Fact Sheet: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Unsigned SNCC. January 20, 1964
1964Hattiesburg Citizens!, Unsigned SNCC. January 23, 1964
1964Work Study Project, Unsigned COFO. Undated (Possibly 1965)
1964Memo to Mississippi Field Staff, re Tougaloo Work Study Project, Dona. COFO. Undated (probably 1964)
1964Report from SNCC's 1964 Annual Spring Conference, Michael Sayer. March 1964
1964Highlander Center Summary of Activities, 9/1/63-4/15/64. Unsigned, HREC
1964SNCC Freedom Singers and Dick Gregory program at Howard University, April 25, 1964
1964Letter regarding negroes running for Congress (MS) Vera Pigee, Aaron Henry, NAACP. 5/14/64
1965?CORE memo to all southern staff re Field Fellowship Program, , David Dennis. CORE. Undated (Possibly 1965)
1965?Smoky Mountain Economic Education Project, Mrs. Kenneth Montgomery. HREC. Undated (possibly 1965)
1965?The Poor in America, Resource Materials for Freedom Schools, unsigned. Undated (possibly 1965)
1965Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Application for Summer for 1965 summer volunteers, Unsigned MFDP. 1965
1965Draft of petition to Waverly SC officials by local Berkieley County SCOPE activists, July 1965.
1965A Kindof Memo, by Casey Hayden & Mary King. November 18 1965.
65? 66?Operation Bootstrap proposal, Unsigned SNCC. Undated (Possibly 1965)
65? 66?Who is Responsible? memo to SNCC staff, Tina Harris, SNCC. Undated (Possibly 1965)
1966?Support the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, brochure. Unsigned LCFO. Undated (probably 1966)
1966A Message from Harry Belafonte re assassination of Sammy Younge, Harry Belafonte. SNCC. Undated 1966
1966Whitley & King campaign pamphlet, Democratic primary, June 1966. Unsigned MFDP.
1966Memo re Recent Hearings of HUAC Activities and Related Events, Philip J. Hirschkop, ACLU. August 23, 1966

Press Releases

4/64SNCCSNCC Press Releases:
Hattiesburg, Miss. Vote Push Continues
SNCC Asks Probe of Terminal Jim Crow
4/64SNCCPolice Fire Over Protesting Students
1965?CORECORE press release: Civil Rights Scholarships Memorialize Elanor Roosevelt
1/9/65SNCCSNCC press releases
SNCC Workers Shot At
Student Voice Tells MFPD Story
Mississippi Negro Condition Explored


New Letters & Reports From the Field

Letter to Amzie Moore, re Free Press articles (MS) 8/12/63Lucy Komisar, FP
Letter to Oscar Chase re Tougaloo work study program (MS) 10/16/63Arthur Waskow
Letter to U.S. Attorney re money owed. (MS) 10/20/63Amzie Moore, NAACP
Letter to Mary King re police brutality affadavits. 10/18/63Arthur Waskow
Letter to Art Waskow re ongoing work. 10/21/63Mary King
Reply to Mary King re ongoing work. (MS) 10/23/63Arthur Waskow
Dear Art (re: Mississippi Freedom Vote) (MS) 11/4/63Mary King
Dear Mr. Waskow (re: Work-Study Project) (DC) 11/7/63Dona Richards and Oscar Chase
Letter to Amzie regarding reprisals (OH) 5/14/64Maurice McCrackin, OFC
Letter to Nancy Sterns re Waskow request & editorial (MS) 6/25/64Jim Monsonis
Letter to Lois Chafee re fundraising opportunity in Florence Italy (MS) 6/25/64Vicki Halper
Letter to Lois Chaffee re license for Batesville day care center (MS) 10/28/64Aretha Henderson, COFO
Letter to Amzie Moore re architect for Cleveland center (MS) 10/29/64Lois Chaffee, COFO
Letter to Lois Chaffee re assistance on planning programs for Tchula community center (MS) 10/31/64Sue Lorenzi, COFO
Letter to John Doar re conditions & problems Bolivar Co. (MS) 1/24/67Ceaser Scott, SNCC
Dear Faith re families (MS) 4/7/68Joe (MS)
Letters & Reports From Southwest Georgia
3/4/64UnsignedLetter to Wendy re moving up North
6/28/64Faith HolsaertLetter to Madre and Clif, re Christian family


New Articles & Speeches From the Southern Freedom Movement

1964Way of Life in Mississippi, Joanne Grant, National Guardian, February 13, 1964


New Articles Added to Freedom Movement History

No new history articles added this month.


New Additions to Our Stories

Stephen BinghamA WASP in the Movement, 2018.
Miriam Cohen Glickman   A Jewish Woman in the Movement, 2018
James GarrettFrom the Streets of L.A..., 2018
Bruce HartfordSchooled by a Mound of Dead Roaches, 2018.
Marion KwanFrom Chinatown to Mississippi, 2018 (MS)
Bob Moses (Parris)Narrative transcript from June 20, 1963 [incomplete]
Rick SheviakovFrom Berkeley to the Freedom Rides, 2018

Affadavits of Police Brutality & Violence

1964Affadavit of C.C. Bryant, re police repression and brutality (McComb, MS). September 23
1964Affadavit of Althea Spinks, re police repression at voter registration (McComb, MS). October 26
1964Affadavit of Dolores Johnson, re police repression at voter registration (McComb, MS). October 26
1964Affadavit of Ernestine Bishop, re police repression at voter registration (McComb, MS). October 26
1964Affadavit of Evelyn Nelson, re police repression at voter registration (McComb, MS). October 26
1964Affadavit of Jesse Harris, re police repression at voter registration(McComb, MS). October 26
1964Affadavit of Karen Pate, re police repression (McComb, MS). October 26


New Additions to Our Thoughts

No new commentaries added this month.


New Additions to Our Discussions

No new discussion transcripts posted this month


New Answers Added to Frequently Asked Questions:

No new answers added this month.


New Additions to Poetry
The Poetry section is one of the most-visited parts of the site.

No new poems added this month.


New Additions to the Photo Album Pages:

SCOPE Project, 1965

New Books, Films, & Videos by Freedom Movement Veterans


1967 NBC News Interview with Martin Luther King, that was never broadcast and not made available until 2018. (27 minutes.)

Traveling With Dr. King, by Sunnylands & Gandhi-King Institute for Nonviolence. 2019. Video remembrance by people who knew and worked closely with Dr. King.

Iowans Return to Freedom Summer, by Keeping History Alive foundation. 2018. Firsthand accounts from six Freedom Summer volunteers from Iowa who reflect on their motivations, fears, triumphs and the life altering events that took place 50 years ago.

Heather Booth: Changing the World, a documentary film by Lily Rivlin. 2017. How the Civil Rights Movement inspired CORE activist and Freedom Summer volunteer Heather Booth to a lifetime of fighting for social justice.

Stand for Freedom: The Life & Times of Willie B. Wazir Peacock The story of Willie Peacock, one of the original SNCC field secretaries organzing in the Mississippi Delta. YouTube.


Mississippi's Exiled Daughter, by Brenda Travis with John Obee. Story of Brenda Travis, whose 1961 arrest as a teenager helped galvanize opposition to racial discrimination in Mississippi. New South Books, June 2018.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and the Kennedy Administration, 1960-1964: A History in Documents, by James P. Marshall. Louisiana State University Press, 2018. Freedom Movement veteran traces through government documents the Kennedy Administration's response to the Mississippi Movement.

Hope's Kids: A Voting Rights Summer, by Alan Venable. One Monkey Books, 2017. Describes Brandeis University's 1965 SCLC-SCOPE project in South Carolina.

Operation Breadbasket: An Untold Story of Civil Rights in Chicago, 1966- 1971, by Martin L. Deppe and James Ralph. University of Georgia Press, 2017. Untold Story, of the unheralded leaders of thel SCLC program based in Chicago that broke a market stranglehold by white businesses in Black communities and empowered Black businesses in their own neighborhoods and beyond.

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