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Introduction. About the Civil Rights Movement Veterans website.

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How to Use This Website. Describes how to use the website and explains how it is divided into sections.

Movement History & Timeline. Chronological listing of articles describing the Southern Freedom Movement events.

Photo Album. Photos from the Southern Freedom Movement.

Our Words. Articles, speeches, and background information about aspects of the Movement and its major events written or spoken by Movement participants at the time.

Our Stories. Personal stories, narratives, interview transcripts, and memories of individual freedom fighters.

Movement Documents. Original documents, publications, and organizing materials from the Southern Freedom Movement.

Reports & Letters From the Field. Memos & reports to headquarters, letters home & to publications, and diary entries from freedom workers in the field.

Discussions. Transcripts of group discussions about the Freedom Movement by Movement veterans.

Nonviolence. Articles about nonviolence then and now.

Veterans Roll Call. Names and contact information of Southern Freedom Movement veterans, brief descriptions of when and where they worked, and how the Movement affected their lives.

Speakers List. List of veterans willing to speak, or answer questions about the movement, grouped by state.

In Memory. Tributes to, and memories of, freedom fighters who have passed on.

Our Thoughts. Articles, essays, analyses, and commentaries about the Freedom Movement and current events written by Movement veterans in the years since.

Poetry. Poems by about the Southern Freedom Movement by Movement veterans and others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Where Movement veterans provide their short answers to the questions most often asked by students interested in the Civil Rights Movement.

Audio Recordings

Web Links. Links to other Civil Rights Movement websites.

Bibliography. Listing of books, videos, and music about the Freedom Movement.

Announcements. Event announcements, news, and letters related to the Southern Freedom Movement and Movement veterans.

Sample Release Form. A model release form for Movement veterans who are being interviewed.

Archive. Old sections of the website that are not currently active.

About Us. Information about the website and Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement.

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