Civil Rights Movement
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See also Common Questions Asked of Civil Rights Movement Veterans by K-12 students.

Submissions Policy

Note: The replies to these questions are the personal answers of individuals who were active the Civil Rights Movement. They represent only the views of the individuals who wrote them.

In some cases the answers to these questions were given orally as part of an interview process, in others they were written by the Movement veteran.

If you are a Movement veteran listed on the Roll Call please send your 1 to 4 paragraph answers to any of these questions to: (see Submissions Policy).

How and why did you become active in the Civil Rights Movement?
What did you do during the Civil Rights movement?
Was violence or repression ever directed against you personally?
What did the Southern Freedom Movement mean to you? Do you feel as if you made a difference?
Do you think the Civil Rights Movement changed race relations in the U.S.? Do you feel that progress has been made?
Do you believe that there is still racism in the US? Do you believe that the promise of equality has been fulfilled now?
Did the civil rights movement have an impact on the whole of the US population or just Blacks?
What were the failures of the Civil Rights Movement?
Do you think marches, sit-ins, and other demonstrations helped or hurt the movement?
Do you think that the president did everything in his power to better the situation at the time?
What are your thoughts on nonviolence?
What are your thoughts on the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King?
What do you think about Black Lives Matter and similar movements today?

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