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Submitting Written Material About Yourself or Your Thoughts

If you were a Movement veteran active with CORE, NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, SCEF, SSOC, Delta Ministry, Deacons for Defense, a local Movement organization, or some other group active in the Southern Freedom Movement, we ask you to contribute yourself. Please add your name, history, and testimony to the Civil Rights Movement Activist Roll Call. And if the spirit moves, add a tribute for one who has moved on.

Veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement are encouraged to submit materials for posting on this site. In addition to welcoming all materials created as part of the Southern Freedom Movement (1951-1968), we encourage and actively seek from veterans listed on the Roll Call more recent narratives, opinions, and commentaries that reflect the diversity of perspectives held by Freedom Movement veterans — then and now.

Note that our site is for documenting what we did and experienced in the Southern Freedom Movement, what it meant to us, what we learned from it, and how we view it today. We hope our site can contribute to rebuilding the beloved community that we once shared. Therefore, personal attacks on named individuals, or carrying on old vendettas, is not appropriate.

Please email your stories, commentaries, poems, tributes, photographs, copies of original documents, and so on, to

We welcome your submissions under the following conditions:

Submitting Original Material From the Freedom Movement

We welcome submissions of original photos and documents from the Civil Rights Movement 1951-1968. By "documents" we mean written materials such as leaflets, reports, publications, plans, letters, maps, and so on that were created by movement activists (as opposed to news articles or materials written by observers or others). We also would like to receive either copies or links to oral-histories or interviews with movement veterans.

There are two ways to contribute materials to the site:

1. Postal Mail. You can postal-mail us your original documents or photos and have us scan them. We can then either return them to you, or add them to the CRMA physical collection that will eventually end up in either the Wisconsin Historical Society's extensive civil rights collection or the growing collection of the John Hope Franklin Center at Duke University.

To postal-mail us material, please send it to:
 Bruce Hartford
 2301 Harrison St. #205
 San Francisco, CA 94110

2. Email. You can scan the photos or documents yourself, and email us the scanned files as attachments.

Photos should be scanned at a minimum of 200dpi and preferably 300dpi in .JPG or .TIF format.

Please do not send us images in .PNG or .GIF or .WEBP or .PDF formats.


Documents should be scanned at 300dpi into .PDF format.

We cannot use documents in .JPG format.

As a general rule of thumb images of a document taken by a cell phone are not usable. So please use an actual scanner. If you don't have a scanner, FedEx or Office Max or similar businesses have scanners you can use for a small fee. If you wish, you can send us the receipt and if we use the material you sent we'll reimburse you for the scanning cost.

When scanning, if the original document is faded, please enhance the contrast with the scanner controls.

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