Acronyms Used on This Website

ASCSAgriculture Stabilization & Conservation Service
ACMHRAlabama Christian Movement for Human Rights
AFSCAmerican Friends Service Committee
APRIA. Phillip Randolph Institute
CDGMChild Development Group of Mississippi
CFMChicago Freedom Movement
CIGBaltimore Civic Interest Group
COAHRCommittee on Appeal for Human Rights
COFO Council of Federated Organizations
CORECongress of Racial Equality
CRCCivil Rights Congress
DMDelta Ministry
FISFreedom Information Service
FORFellowship of Reconciliation
FoSFriends of SNCC
HRECHighlander Research & Education Center
Inc FundNAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund
LCDCLawyers Constitutional Defense Committee
LCFOLowndes County Freedom Organization
MCHRMedical Committee for Human Rights
MFDP Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
MFLUMississippi Freedom Labor Union
MIAMontgomery Improvement Association
NAACPNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAGNonviolent Action Group
NNLCNational Negro Labor Council
NPSNational Park Service
NSFNational Sharecroppers Fund
NSMNashville Student Movement
PPCPoor People's Campaign
RCNLRegional Council of Negro Leadership
SCEFSouthern Conference Education Fund
SCLCSouthern Christian Leadership Conference
SCOPESummer Community Organizing Political Education project
SIMStudent Interracial Ministry
SNCCStudent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
SRCSouthern Regional Council
SRRPSouthern Rural Research Project
SSOCSouthern Student Organizing Committee
USCCR   U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
VEPVoter Education Project

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