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This section contains transcripts or videos of discussions and email dialogs by Movement activists about the Freedom Movement and current events. Because they often include contending viewpoints, these discussions provide a depth of insight into the Movement and the thinking of Movement activists that articles written by a single author from one point of view cannot provide.

Many of these discussions were held at Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement meetings. Other groups of Movement veterans are welcome to post their own discussion and email dialog transcripts in this section by sending them to (see Submissions Policy).

SNCC Anniversary Conference Discussions ~ 2000, 2010, 2021
Civil Rights and the Southern Freedom Movement — Video2024
Frank Cieciorka's, The Rape of Lady Liberty ~ A Discussion2023
Louisiana & the Freedom Movement Experience2021
The Presidential Election of 20202020
Questions From Teachers: A Discussion2020
The Black Freedom Movement Then and Now [Video only ]2020
The Freedom Movement's Effect on Us and Others2019
"Allies," a Discussion2019
Nonviolence in the Current Era2017
Reactions to Charlottesville — a Discussion2017
Charlottesville, Nonviolence, Black Bloc, & Antifa2017
Bearing Witness: De Young Museum Panel Discussion2017
Trump & the Election of 20162016
How the Freedom Movement Affected Our Lives2015
Remembering Julian Bond (1940-2015)2015
Our Families and the Freedom Movement2015
Lessons Learned in the Freedom Movement2015
Fear, Courage and Commitment2015
Voices of the 1965 Voting Rights Fight, panel discussion2015
The "N-word"2015
Remembering John Doar, an Email Discussion2014
50-Year Retrospective Discussions (Multiple Groups)2014
Women, SNCC, and Stokely2013
Remembering Medgar Evers & Community Role in Protecting Activists  2013
Hands on the Freedom Plow — Author Events2010
The Urban Uprisings and the Southern Freedom Movement2010
Charlie Cobb Discusses the Freedom Movement2009
The Importance of SNCC2008
Exchange: Three White Women Students at Spelman, 1962-1964    2007
The Black Panther Symbol2006
After the Movement2005
Selma & the March to Montgomery2005
Across the Racial Divide2006
Telling Our Stories2004
Jews, Religion, & the Movement2004
Women & Men in the Freedom Movement2004
The Mississippi Movement & the MFDP2004
What Did Our Families Think of Our Going South?   2004
Community Organizing2003
Local Folks and Civil Rights Workers2003
The Movement in Alabama2003
Discussion: Whites in SNCC, Email dialog.2003
Meet the Press Discussion, Carmichael, King, McKissick, Wilkins, etc1966
James Forman, Jimmy Rogers, Ruby Sales, Jennifer Lawson, SNCC1966
A General Discussion on Race & the Movement, Howard University1964
Rosa Parks & Others Discuss the Montgomery Bus Boycott1956

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