SNCC Anniversary Conferences
Unedited Transcripts

60th (2021), 50th (2010), 40th (2000)

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was founded over the Easter weekend in April of 1960 at Shaw University in Raleigh NC.


SNCC 60th Anniversary Conference
Held remotely online October 2021

The SNCC 60th Anniversary Conference was originally planned as a 2020 in-person event in Washington DC, But it had to be postponed due to the Covid pandemic. It was converted from an in-person event to an online remote-event and held in October 2021.

Panels & Workshops

SNCC 60th #2: The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party ~ Video

SNCC 60th #3: Lowndes County Freedom Party (LCFP) ~ Video

SNCC 60th #4 ~ Making Our Way Into Political Office To Make Change ~ Video

SNCC 60th #5 ~ Organizing The Black Community To Vote ~ Video

SNCC 60th #7 ~ Attorneys General and District Attorneys ~ Video

SNCC 60th #9 ~ Criminal Justice ~ Effecting Change ~ Video

SNCC 60th #10 ~ Changing The Mission Of The Criminal Justice System ~ Video

SNCC 60th #11 Economic Power And Economic Security ~ Video

SNCC 60th #12 Education for Self Determination ~ Video

SNCC 60th #13 The Artist as Activist ~ Video

SNCC 60th #14 Affordable Housing, safe neighborhoods ~ Video

SNCC 60th #15 The Importance of Land; Food Insecurity ~ Video

SNCC 60th #17 The Path Forward, ~ Video

SNCC 60th #18 HBCUs and Africana Studies Programs, Video

SNCC 60th #19 ~ Black-Brown Movement Building ~ Video

SNCC 60th #20 ~ Where Do We Go From Here? ~ Video

SNCC 60th #21 ~ Telling And Teaching The SNCC Story ~ Video

SNCC 60th #22 ~ Building Political Alliances and Coalitions ~ Video

SNCC 60th #23 ~ Controlling Local, State and Federal Budgets ~ Video

SNCC 60th #24 ~ A Salute to Past and Upcoming Generations ~ Video

Small Group Discussion Transcripts
Transcripts of eight small group discussions by Freedom Movement veterans evaluating the Movement and assessing how it affected them.


SNCC 50th Anniversary Reunion & Conference
Shaw University, Raleigh NC, April 2010

SNCC's 50th Anniversary Reunion & Conference was held in April 2010 at Shaw University, Raleigh NC.

SNCC 50th #1: Opening Plenary ~ Video

SNCC 50th #2: Early Student Movement Philosophy and Activism ~ Video

SNCC 50th #3: From Student Activist to Field Organizers ~ Video

SNCC 50th #4: SNCC Builds an Organization ~ Video

SNCC 50th #5: The Raleigh Civil Rights Movement ~ Video

SNCC 50th #6: Luncheon Keynote: Rev James Lawson ~ Video

SNCC 50th #7: The Societal Response to SNCC ~ Video

SNCC 50th #8 ~ Up South: We Raised Money, We Raised Hell ~ Video

SNCC 50th #9 ~ More than a Hamburger ~ Video

SNCC 50th #10 Moving on Mississippi ~ We Had to be Strong Video

SNCC 50th #11 Alabama ~ Turning To Ourselves ~ Video

SNCC 50th #12 Southwest Georgia—Do You Want To Be Free ~ Video

SNCC 50th #13 Arkansas, Cambridge MD, Danville VA, Everybody Say Freedom ~ Video

SNCC 50th #14 ~ The Impact and Influence of SNCC on American Society 1960-1968 ~ Video

SNCC 50th #15 ~ What was SNCC and how did it evolve? ~ Video

SNCC 50th #16 ~ Political Impact of SNCC 1964-1984 ~ Video

SNCC 50th #17 ~ Luncheon Keynote - Harry Belafonte Rev. David Forbes ~ Video

SNCC 50th #18 ~ Ella Baker's Roots: Give People Light... ~ Video

SNCC 50th #20 ~ Black Power Black Education and Pan Africanism ~ Video

SNCC 50th #21 ~ The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party ~ Video

SNCC 50th #22 ~ Women Leaders and Organizers–You Can Do This ~ Video

SNCC 50th #23 ~ The Black Church and Black Struggle ~ Video

SNCC 50th #24 ~ Highlander, SSOC and Organizing in the White Community:, We Knew That We Were Not Free ~ Video

SNCC 50th #25 ~ SNCC and the Black Arts Movement:, We Had to Change the Conversation ~ A.B. Spellman, Amiri Baraka, Haki Madhubuti, Jamila Jones, John O'Neal Video

SNCC 50th #26 ~ Plenary, Joyce Ladner, traces her roots in the tiny Black community of Palmers Crossing to civil rights activism ~ Video

SNCC 50th #27 ~ SNCC Children Speak, Maisha Moses, James Forman, Jr., Tarik Smith, Sabina Zuqiga Varela, Zora Cobb, Hollis Watkins, Jr. ~ Video

SNCC 50th #28 ~ Luncheon Keynote: Congressman John Lewis (including the famous "chickens" story) ~ Video

SNCC 50th #29 ~ Luncheon Keynote: US Attorney General Eric Holder, from the sit-ins to President Obama ~ Video

SNCC 50th #30 ~ The Young Peoples Project ~ Video

SNCC 50th #31 ~ The Cradle to Prison Pipeline, Benetta Standly, Crystal Mattison, Carmen Perez, Carrie Richburg ~ [TBA]

SNCC 50th #32 ~ Actions For A New World, Ash-Lee Henderson, Jonathan Lewis, Djuan Coleon, Ace Washington, Marilyn Shaw ~ [TBA]

SNCC 50th #33 ~ Special Program - Dick Gregory ~ [TBA]

SNCC 50th #34 ~ Plenary - In Remembrance of Ella Baker, Howard Zinn, and James Forman Charles Sherrod, Dr. Carolyn Brockington, Constancia 'Dinky' Romilly, Vincent Harding ~ [TBA]

SNCC 50th #35 ~ Dinner Keynote - Danny Glover, The Real Costs Lie Ahead ~ [TBA]

SNCC 50th #36 ~ Freedom Concert, ot 8 Brass Band, SNCC Freedom Singers, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Guy Carawan, Len Chandler, Harry Belafonte, more... ~ [TBA]

SNCC 50th #37 ~ Plenary - Bob Moses, We the People, ~ [TBA]

SNCC 50th #38 ~ Closing Program - Bernice Johnson Reagon, Solidarity of Past, Present and Future ~ [TBA]


SNCC 40th Anniversary Reunion & Conference
Shaw University, Raleigh NC, April 2000

SNCC's 40th Anniversary Reunion & Conference was held in April 2000 at Shaw University, Raleigh NC.

SNCC 40th #1: Conference welcome and remembrance of Ms. Ella Baker, ~ Video

SNCC 40th #2: Remembrance of Ms. Ella Baker, continued ~ Video

SNCC 40th #3: Ella Baker discussion continued and general discussion, ~ Video

SNCC 40th #4: Workshop discussing strategies and tactics of organizing, ~ Video

SNCC 40th #5: The role of struggle in the development of a democratic society, ~ Video

SNCC 40th #6: Remembrances of the first meeting organizing SNCC, ~ Video

SNCC 40th #7: Remembrance of Ms. Ella Baker by Ann Braden, ~ Video

SNCC 40th #8 ~ Ms. Ella Baker's role in the founding of SNCC ~ Video

SNCC 40th #9 ~ Chuck McDew's remembrances; Ella Baker as mentor (Ladner) ~ Video

SNCC 40th #10 and #11 ~ Installation of a historic marker for SNCC in Raleigh, NC ~ Video

SNCC 40th #12 ~ The legacy of Ms. Ella Baker, ~ Video

SNCC 40th #13 ~ Welcoming remarks; history of SNCC ~ Video

SNCC 40th #14 ~ Baker award: The Algebra Project; Jamil Al-Amin ~ Video

SNCC 40th #15 ~ Workshop on strategies and tactics for organizing ~ Video

SNCC 40th #16 ~ The Importance of Building Alliances ~ Video


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