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This page provides links to Civil Rights Movement Archive resources that have significant content related to Rosa Parks and her role in the Freedom Struggle.

CRMA History Articles Related to Rosa Parks
Speeches and Articles Related to Rosa Parks
Original Documents Related to Rosa Parks
Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories
Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans
Film, Video and Audio


Photo Album pages that include images of Rosa Parks:

Freedom Movement Art

Freedom Movement Postage Stamps

In the Circle of Trust


CRMA History Articles Related to Rosa Parks

Montgomery Bus Boycott (Dec 1955-Dec 1956)


Articles & Speeches

Speeches and articles related to Rosa Parks by Freedom activists in the 1950s-1960s.

Rosa Parks Discusses the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Highlander Folk School, March, 1956.



Original Freedom Movement Documents By or Related to Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks' Workshop Notes ~ Highlander Center (Summer, 1955)

Minutes, Montgomery NAACP, by Rosa Parks, Secretary.

January 9, 1955: handwritten), as transcribed.

August 14, 1955: handwritten, as transcribed.

December 13, 1955: handwritten, as transcribed.

Rosa Parks Arrest Report, December 1 1955. Montgomery Police Dept.


Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories

Interviews, narratives & stories regarding Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks interview inteview by Don Jelinek, 1977

Rosa Parks interview for Eyes on the Prize, 1985

Viewing Rosa Parks, by Jo Freeman


Commentaries & Analyses

Post-1960s commentaries, thoughts, and analyses by Movement veterans regarding ///

Our Week with Rosa Parks, Daphne Muse, 2013



Discussions, panels, and email threads including or about Rosa Parks by Freedom Movement Veterans

Rosa Parks & Others Discuss the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Highlander Folk School, March, 1956.


Film, Video, & Audio

Films & documentaries, videos, and audio recordings related to Rosa Parks

Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks, by Teaching Tolerance. Short documentary about the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

The Rosa Parks Story, Chotzen/Jenner Productions, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). 93-minute dramatization about Rosa Parks and the 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. YouTube Live Stream

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