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This page provides links to Civil Rights Movement Archive resources that have significant content related to the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and SNCC's role in the Freedom Struggle.

CRMA History Articles About SNCC-Related Events
Articles and Speeches
Original Documents
Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories
Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans
Films and Videos


Photo Album pages that include images related to SNCC.

The Sit-Ins — Off Campus and Into Movement

The Freedom Rides

Down to the Grassroots

Mississippi: Into the Storm

Georgia on My Mind

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

March on Washington

Freedom Summer

Selma, Lord, Selma

March to Montgomery

Before I'll Be a Slave..

Meredith Mississippi March (1966)


CRMA History Articles About SNCC-Related Events

CRMA history articles directly related to SNCC or about events in which SNCC played a leading role.


The Rising of the Bread


Sit-ins Sweep Across the South (1960-1964)

Nashville Student Movement (1960-1964)

Atlanta Sit-ins (Mar-Oct)

Nonviolent Action Group (NAG) Howard University

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Founded (April)


Rock Hill SC, "Jail-No-Bail" Sit-ins (Feb-Mar)

Tougaloo Nine and Jackson State Protest (Mar)

Freedom Rides (May-Nov)

Mississippi — the Eye of the Storm

Voter Education Project (VEP) (1961-1968)

Direct Action or Voter Registration? (Summer)

Voter Registration & Direct Action in McComb Mississippi (Aug-Oct)

Herbert Lee Murdered (Sept)

Albany GA, Movement (Oct 1961-Aug 1962)

Baton Rouge Student Protests (Dec 1961-Jan 1962)


Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) Formed in Mississippi

"Criminal Anarchy" in Louisiana (Feb)

Cambridge MD — 1962

Maryland Eastern Shore Project (Summer)

Diane Nash Defies the Mississippi Judicial System (April-May)

Cairo IL, Protests (SNCC) (June)

Mississippi Voter Registration — Greenwood

Greenwood Food Blockade (Winter)


Marching For Freedom in Greenwood (Feb-Mar)

Cambridge MD, Movement — 1963

The Mailman's March (Murder of William Moore) (April)

Voter Registration Movement Expands in Mississippi (Spring)

Danville VA, Movement (May-Aug)

Atrocity in Winona (June)

Selma — Breaking the Grip of Fear (Jan-June)

Struggle for the Vote Continues in Mississippi (July-Aug)

Americus GA Movement & "Seditious Conspiracy" (July-Aug)

Federal "Jury Tampering" Frameup in Albany GA (Aug)

Kennedys Appease the Segregationists (Aug)

March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom (Aug)

Freedom Day in Selma (Oct)

Freedom Ballot in Mississippi (Oct-Nov)

SNCC Meets Kenyan Freedom Fighter in Atlanta (Dec)


Atlanta Sit-ins & Mass Arrests (Dec-Feb)

Freedom Day in Hattiesburg (Jan)

Louis Allen Murdered (Jan)

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) Founded (April)

Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) (April)

Cambridge MD & the "White Backlash" (May)

Mississippi Freedom Summer Events (June-Aug)

The Selma Injunction (July)

Integrating Americus High School (Fall)

SNCC Delegation to Africa (Sept-Oct)

MFDP Congressional Challenge (Nov '64-Sept '65)

ASCS Elections — A Struggle for Economic Survival (Dec)


Selma Voting Rights Campaign (Jan-Mar)

Mississippi Freedom Labor Union (Jan)

Issaquena County School Boycott (Feb-May)

Cracking Lowndes County (Mar-Aug)

Jackson, Mississippi Protests (June)

Murder of Jonathan Daniels (Aug)

Natchez Mississippi — Freedom Movement vs Ku Klux Klan

ASCS Election Campaigns (Fall)

Poor Peoples Corporations, Cooperatives, & Quilting Bees


The Murder of Sammy Younge (Jan)

Vietnam and the Draft: Taking a Stand

Julian Bond Denied Seat in GA Legislature (Jan)

The Murder of Vernon Dahmer (Jan)

Lowndes County: Roar of the Panther

Meredith Mississippi March and Black Power (June)

ASCS Elections in Alabama — The Struggle Continues

1966 Alabama Elections


Stand Off in Prattville, Alabama (June)


Articles and Speeches

1950s-1960s era articles and speeches related to SNCC by freedom activists.

Articles & Speeches Related to Major Events

Albany & SWGA Movement (1961-1964)

ASCS Elections (1965-1967)

Black Power (196196-1968)

Freedom Rides (1961)

Freedom Summer (1964)

Lowndes County, AL (1965-1967)

March on Washington (1963)

McComb Mississippi, Incidents & Events (1961-1965)

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (1963-1968)

Mississippi Freedom Movement (1955-1968)

Selma & March to Montgomery (1963-1965)

Sit-Ins of the 1960s (1960-196196)

SNCC Founding (1960)

Vietnam War & Military Draft (1965-1968)

Articles & Speeches On General Topics Related to SNCC
61-67SNCC Organizing Presence in Alabama: A Partial Timeline, Gwen Patton
1962Justice? Testimony of Ronnie Moore, Bob Moses, & Bob Zellner. Committee of Inquiry, 1962
1962The Southern Youth Movement, Julian BondFreedomways
1962Negro Youth's New March on Dixie, Ben Bagdikian, Saturday Evening Post. Re SNCC
1962Tennessee: How to Keep People From Voting , Jerry DeMuthGazette & Daily, York PA. December 8, 1962
1962Freedom Now — the SNCC Story, Charles McDew & Mike Miller
62-64Focus on Cambridge, Gloria RichardsonFreedomways
1963Race in the Land of Lincoln (Cairo IL), Jerry DeMuthCommonweal, April 5, 1963
1963Approximate Chronology of the Danville Movement, Danny Foss, SNCC
1963Danville, VA (Police violence). Louis Nasper, SNCCFreedomways
1963SNCC: The Battle-Scarred Youngsters, Howard ZinnThe Nation
1963Registration in Alabama, Howard ZinnNew Republic
1963Integration in the Deep South: Death Goes On, Miriam Cohen Glickman, SNCC
1963Speech to Annual SNCC Conference, Bayard Rustin. Washtington DC, 12/1/63
1963Difficult to Organizing the Poorest and the Wealthiest Among Negroes..., , John Perdew, SNCCI.F. Stone's Bi-Weekly, December 9 1963
1964Mandate From History: SNCC Takes Stock, Elizabeth Sutherland (Betita Martinez), SNCCNation magazine, January '64
1964Incident in Hattiesburg, Howard ZinnThe Nation
1964Speech by Mike Miller regarding SNCC and the Freedom Movement, February 1964
1964Address to West Coast Civil Right Conference, Bob Moses, COFO/SNCC. April 23, 1964
1964Revelation in Mississippi, Elizabeth Sutherland, (Betita Martinez) SNCCNational Guardian. August 8, 1964
1964Fannie Lou Hamer's Testimony at Democratic Convention
1964Black Belt, Alabama: Total Segregation, Jerry DeMuthCommonweal
1964Bob Moses Speech to National Guardian Dinner, November 1964
1964Notes From Mississippip, Jerry DeMuth, The Independent. October 1964
1964Notes From Mississippip, Jerry DeMuth, The Independent. November 1964
1964The Negro Vote: An Analysis, SNCC. (Re 1964 presidential vote in the South)
1964The Murder of Three Civil Rights Workers, the Atlantic City Convention, and the Congressional Challenge, Robert Moses, SNCC/COFO. November 1964
1964James Forman Speech to SNCC Staff Retreat, Waveland, Mississippi, Nov 6
1964The Mississippi Idea: Schools in Context, Howard Zinn, Nation Magazine, November 23 1964. SNCC reprint
1964The South And Civil Rights: More Than the FBI, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. York PA Gazette & Daily, December 8, 1964
1965Article about Negro alliances (begining may be missing), Bob Moses, SNCCPacific Scene February 1965
1965Address to Southern Student Organizing Committee, Stokely Carmichael, SNCC. March 21, 1965
1965Lawrence Guyot's Testimony for Congressional Challenge
1965Two for SNCC, Bob Moses & Stokely Carmichael interviewed by Robert Penn Warren
1965Selma's Future: The Unsolved Police Problem, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. York PA Gazette & Daily, April 6, 1965
1965Questions Raised by Bob Moses, SNCC 5th Anniversary. 1965
1965Violence In Alabama, Jerry DeMuth, SNCCFrontier, June 1965
1965The Los Angeles Rebellion of 1965, John Perdew, SNCC. August 1965
1965The Ins and Outs of SNCC, Nancy Stoller (grad student paper) Fall, 1965
1965Am I My Brothers Keeper?, Helen Howard (Vine City neighborhood, Atlanta)New South, November 1965
1966SNCC-1966, Stokely Carmichael, SNCC
1966Who is Qualified? Stokely Carmichael, SNCCNew Republic, January 8 1966
1966SNCC Charts a Course,, Stokely Carmichael, May 1966. Interviewed by William Price, National Guardian reprint
1966Justice Department Ignores Vote Law (re reluctance to enforce Voting Rights Act), Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. May 23, 1966
1967Speech at the University of Puerto Rico, Stokely Carmichael, January 25 1967
1967Speech at the University of Puerto Rico student body, Stokely Carmichael, January 28 1967
1967The Problem is Poverty, Don Jelinek, SNCC. (Re: racism in the U.S. Department of Agriculture and economic racism
1967Speech to Black Caucus of NCNP by James Forman, September 2nd. (National Conference for New Politics held in Chicago)
1967Journey to North Vietnam,, Diane Nash Bevel, SNCCFreedomways, 1967
1967Cooperation, Not Competition; Community, Not the Individual, SNCC. (Statement on education and the Black community)
1967Rock Bottom (re SNCC, the Movement & Black Power), James Forman, SNCC
1968?1967 High Tide of Black Resistance, James Forman. 27-page page SNCC pamphlet
1968Lessons of Laurel: Grassroots Organizing in the South, Bob Analavage & Dottie Zellner, SCEF
1969The Black Woman in the Civil Rights Struggle the Long View, Ella Baker, speech to Institute of the Black World in Atlanta
1970Developing Community Leadership, Ella Baker


Original Documents

Original Freedom Movement Documents Related to SNCC

Archive of SNCC Documents

SNCC Founding Conference Documents (1960)

Sit-In Documents (1960-1961)

Freedom Rides Documents (1961)

McComb & Pike Co. Mississippi Documents (1961-1965)

Albany & Southwest GA Movement (1962-1963)

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Documents (1963-1966)

Freedom Summer Projects (1964-1965)

Selma AL & March to Montgomery Documents (1963-1965)

SNCC Waveland Conference Documents (1964)

Lowndes County, AL Documents (1965-1967)

Black Power Documents (1965-1968)

SNCC Reports & Letters From the Field

Sunflower Co. & Ruleville Mississippi (1962-1965)

Southwest Georgia (1963-1966)

Selma Alabama (1963-1965)

Hattiesburg Mississippi (1964-1964)


Freedom Summer Letters & Reports (1964)

Arkansas Project (1964-1966)


Interviews, Stories, & Oral-Histories

Narratives and interviews by members of SNCC.

Anne Pearl AveryOral History Interview, by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC, the Albany and Alabama movement (2011)
Ella BakerInterview Excerpts, Emily Stoper (1966)
Marion BarryInterview, by Clay Carson (1972)
 Interview by "JM," (1965)
Randy BattleMemories of Stokely Carmichael, Georgia
 An Education; A Memory of Stokely Georgia
Freddie Greene BiddleInterview by Emilye Crosby, re SNCC & the Mississippi movement (2015)
Sam BlockInterview by Joe Sinsheimer re Greenwood, Mississippi
Julian BondInterview Excerpts (1966-67)
 Oral History (1999)
Charles BonnerOral History/Interview With Bettie Mae Fikes (2005)
 The First Sit-in & Birth of the Selma Movement
Ron BridgeforthStarkville & Oktibbeha County Mississippi
 To be Worthy of the Trust (2018)
H. Rap BrownInterview, Robert Allen, National Guardian (1968)
Joan BrowningReligion and Joining SNCC
Cathy CadeMy Family, the Movement, and Me (Albany, GA)
Stokely CarmichaelInterview by Robert Penn Warren (1964)
 Face the Nation Interview With Stokely Carmichael (1966)
Kathleen Neal CleaverInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC and the movement (2011)
Charlie CobbOral History
 Black Politics and the Establishment: (Interview)
Courtland CoxInterview for Eyes on the Prize
 Interview by Joseph Mosnier, re NAG, SNCC, the movement & 6th Pan-African Congress (2011)
Doris DerbyOral History Interview by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC, Albany GA, Free Southern Theater, Poor Peoples Corporation, & etc (2011)
Ivanhoe DonaldsonOral History (1966)
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Mississippi & Alabama) (1979)
 Oral History Interview about SNCC and Mississippi (2003)
Jim FormanSome Random Notes From the Leflore County Jail, 1963
 A Band of Brothers, A Circle of Trust (Atlanta), 1964
 Interview by Robert Penn Warren (1964)
 Interview by "JM," (1965)
 SNCC, Voter Registration & the Consequences (1988)
Hardy FryeNarrative (Mississippi & AL)
 Everyone Was a Leader Mississippi
 The People Were Great Mississippi
Betty GarmanInterview
Jimmy GarrettLessons Mississippi
 From the Streets of L.A... (2018)
Miriam GlickmanOral History (2012)
 Interview Excerpts (1966)
 A Jewish Woman in the Movement (2018)
Greene familyInterview re Greenwood Mississippi, by Clayborne Carson (1978)
Lawrence GuyotOral history (1966)
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize (1979)
 Interview by Joe Sinsheimer re SNCC & Mississippi movement (1999)
 Interview (2012)
Fannie Lou HamerInterview: Winona, Mississippi, 1963 Mississippi
 Testimony at Democratic Convention (1964)
 Interview: Life in Mississippi (1965)
 Oral History, interview by the Romaines (1966)
Bill HansenArkansas SNCC field reports Arkansas Historical Quarterly (1962)
Don HarrisOral History, SW Georgia
Faith HolsaertInterview re SW Georgia (1991)
 Oral history interview re Cambridge MD & SW Georgia, with Jean Smith-Young (1993)
 Oral history interview, re Cambridge MD & SW Georgia (1994)
 Interview by high school students re Cambridge MD & SW Georgia (2012)
Stu House"Inciting to Riot" in Selma
Phil HutchingsInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re NAG, SNCC, & the movement (2011)
Don JelinekInterview re Mississippi movement and legal work, by Rachel Reinhard, Mississippi (2004)
 Oral History re Misissippi & Alabama (2005)
 The Two Cows a Mississippi story
Timothy JenkinsInterview, by "JM," (1965)
 Interview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC and the movement (2015)
Frankye A JohnsonInterview by Emilye Crosby re Mississippi Movement (2015)
June JohnsonThe Person Who Influenced Me Most (Bob Moses)
 Interview by Joe Sinsheimer re Greenwood Movement (1987)
Lonnie KingInterview, by Emilye Crosby, re Atlanta movement & SNCC (2013)
Mary KingOral History Interview, interviewed by Sara Boyte (1973)
 SNCC: Born of the Sit-Ins, Dedicated to Action (1988)
Dorie LadnerI Just Had a Fire! Oral-history interview by Emilye Crosby (2013?)
Dorie & Joyce LadnerInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC & Mississippi movement (2011)
Joyce LadnerRemembrance of Women in the Freedom Movement (1988)
 Interview by Joe Sinsheimer re Hattiesburg & Mississippi Movement (1987)
Bernard Lafayette Remembrance of Selma Alabama — 1963 (1988)
Jennifer LawsonInterview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC & the movement (2015)
John LewisOral History/Interview, by Emily Stoper (1967)
 Interview/Oral-History, by Bass & Devries (1973)
Peter de LissovoyAlbany GA in 1963 (Southwest GA)
Worth LongInterview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC & religion in the movement (2015)
Staughton & Alice LyndInterview by Joe Sinsheimer re Freedom Summer & SNCC (1987)
Sam MahoneInterview, by Hasan Jeffries re Albany GA (2013)
Bob MantsDon't Stick Your Nose in Other Folks Business re Georgia & Alabama (1988)
Betita MartinezLiz is Betita: A SNCC Memory (2010)
Charles McDewRemembrances of SNCC, (1988)
 Interview by Joseph Mosniew re SNCC, South Carolina & Mississippi (2011)
Charles McLaurinInterview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC & the movement (2015)
Mike MillerOral History Interview by Sheila Michaels (1999)
Jack MinnisSelected Entries From the Diary of Jack Minnis, SNCC
Bob MosesOral history by "JM" 1963 (MS)
 Narrative transcript from June 20, 1963 [incomplete]
 Interview by Robert Penn Warren, 1964
 Oral history, by Anne Romaine, 1966
 Interview by Clayborne Carson, 1982
 Interview by John Dittmer, 1983
 Interview by Joe Sinsheimer. 1984
 Interview by Joe Sinsheimer re the 1963 Freedom Ballot in MS
 Interview, by Joe Sinsheimer re SNCC field work. (Mississippi), 1984
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize, 1986
 Panel Discussion, with C.C. Bryant re McComb MS. 1986)
Daphne MuseA SNCC Education (TN, DC)
Diane Nash Interview for Eyes on the Prize (1985)
Martha Prescod NoonanInterview by John Dittmer, re SNCC in Albany and elsewhere (2013)
Silas NormanRemembrance of SNCC, Selma, and Alabama
Gwen PattonInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re Tuskeegee & Montgomery movement (2011)
Wazir PeacockOral History interview by Bruce Hartford re Mississippi & Alabama (2001)
 Freedom Summer interview by Bruce Hartford (2014)
 Interview by Joe Sinsheimer re SNCC in MS (1985)
Perdew & BattleEvents in Dawson and Americus, Georgia (2005)
Alan ReichIn the New York SNCC Office
Gloria RichardsonInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re Cambridge MD Movement (2011)
Judy RichardsonOral History, interview about SNCC by Jean Wiley (2007)
 Interview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC & the movement (2016)
Betty Garman RobinsonInterview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC & the movement (2015)
Reggie RobinsonInterview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC, Maryland, & the movement (2015)
Jimmy RogersOral History Interview by Bruce Hartford (2001)
Avon Rollins Sr.Interview by high school stuends (2012)
Larry RubinAn Oral History, interview by Gloria Clark (2001)
Ruby Nell SalesOral History Interview about SNCC & Lowndes County by Bruce Hartford & Jean Wiley (2005)
 Interview by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC & Lowndes Co. AL, (2011)
Mendy SamsteinOral history, interview about SNCC by Anne Romaine (1966 or 1967)
Cleveland SellersInterview by Joe Sinsheimer, about civil rights activism (1985)
 Oral History interview by Gloria Clark (2003)
 Interview by John Dittmer, re NAACP, NAG, & SNCC (2013)
Charles Sherrod Interview for Eyes on the Prize re Albany Movement (1985)
 Interview by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC & Albany Movement (2011)
Euvester SimpsonInterview by John Dittmer, re SNCC, COFO & MFDP (2013)
Michael SimmonsDisturbing the Peace (1995)
 Arkansas Roots and Consciousness (2009)
 Letter to Dwight Williams (2018)
Zoharah SimmonsInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC, Laurel MS, & the movement (2011)
Frank Smith (SNCC)Interview, re Freedom Movement (1986)
Jean Wheeler Smith SNCC Women (1988)
Sam SmithSNCC in Washington DC (2015)
Jane Stembridge Interview by Emily Stoper (1966 or 67)
Nancy StollerArkansas 1965 (2015)
 Interview by Emilye Crosby, re NAG, SNCC, MFDP & Washington DC (2013)
Walter TillowOral History interview by Anne Romaine, re Tennessee & Mississippi (1966)
 Interview by David Cline re SNCC & Georgia (2011)
Brenda TravisOral History interview by Peacock, Wiley & Hartford re McComb MS & SNCC
Rick TuttleThe Brutal Winona, Mississippi Jail Beatings (2010)
 Interviewprovocateur by David Cline re Greenwood, Savannah, & etc (2013)
Eugene TuritzInterview re SNCC & Mississippi work, 1965
Maria VarelaInterview by David Cline re SNCC and the Chicano movement (2016)
Rita Walker Meeting the Freedom Workers (1964)
Hollis WatkinsIn the Middle of the Iceberg, Mississippi (1988)
 Interviewed by Joe Sinsheimer re SNCC & Mississippi (1985)
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize (MS)
Jean WileyOral History interview by Bruce Hartford (2001)
Junius WilliamsInterview by Joseph Mosnier re SNCC & the Movement (2011)
Carrie Lamar YoungInterview by Joseph Mosnier re SNCC & Arkansas movement (2011)
Luis ZapataInterview by Emilye Crosby, re SNCC, COFO, MFLU & the movement, 2013
Bob Zellner50 Years of Poor People's Organizing: An Interview (2020)
Dorothy ZellnerInterview by Emilye Crosby re SNCC & the movement (2015)


Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans

Post-1960s commentaries, thoughts, and analyses by Movement veterans regarding SNCC.

SNCC, Fifty Years LaterMarian Wright Edelman (2010)
SNCC's LegacyCurtis Muhammad (2010)
In the Attics of My MindCasey Hayden (2010)
SNCC at 50Charlie Cobb (2010)
I Owe a Debt of Gratitude to the Civil Rights Movement  Daphne Muse (2010)
SNCC Truth Telling TimeTim Jenkins (2010)
Letter to My Adolescent SonJean Wiley (2010)
Address to Freedom Summer 50th CommemorationJulian Bond (2014)
The Mississippi Summer Project 50th Anniversary ReunionMike Miller (2014)
Fannie Lou Hamer & the Democratic PartyMarsha Rose Joyner (2014)
Mississippi Movement Set Example for Female LeadersJoyce Ladner (2014)
Letter to the Family of Charles SherrodCourtland Cox (2014)
We the People (Freedom Summer 50th Commemoration)Bob Moses (2014)
The Way We Were: The SNCC Teenagers Who Changed America  Judy Richardson (2015)
Memories of JulianJudy Richardson (2015)
Julian Bond Neither Gone Nor ForgottenTim Jenkins (2015)
Testimony to the Democratic Platform Committee on
Voting as a Constitution Right
Robert (Bob) Moses, SLP, SNCC (2016)
Remembrances of Mrs. Hamer on her 100th BirthdayMany friends (2017)
A Funeral Sermon for Charles F. McDewTimothy Jenkins (2018)
To Our Brother, John LewisSNCC Legacy Project (2020)
Voter Suppression in Minority CommunitiesStatement by John Lewis (2020)
Voter Suppression in Minority CommunitiesTimothy Jenkins testimony (2020)
Eulogy for John LewisRev. James Lawson (2020)
"More Than a Hamburger"Courtland Cox (2021)
Jane Stembridge – A SNCC Origin StoryMaria Varela (2021)



Discussions, panels, and email threads about SNCC by Freedom Movement Veterans

James Forman, Jimmy Rogers, Ruby Sales, Jennifer Lawson, SNCC1966
Discussion: Whites in SNCC, Email dialog.2003
Women & Men in the Freedom Movement2004
The Black Panther Symbol2006
The Importance of SNCC2008
Charlie Cobb Discusses the Freedom Movement2009
Women, SNCC, and Stokely2013


Films and Videos

Films & Documentaries Related to SNCC

Courtland Cox, by Julian Bond Oral History Project (American University). SNCC leader Courtland Cox describes his early Freedom Movement involvement and his work with Julian Bond.

Dirt and Deeds in Mississippi, by California Newsreel, 2015. Weaves together interviews with civil rights activists, archival film footage, and original historical research to portray a key period of civil rights history leading up to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Dream Deferred. SNCC, 1964. Produced for Freedom Summer (also available from Prime).

Fannie Lou Hamer's America, by From the Heart Productions. Documentary told through the public speeches, personal interviews, and powerful songs of the fearless Mississippi sharecropper-turned-human-rights-activist.

Freedom On My Mind, California Newsreel, 1994. The story of the Mississippi freedom movement in the early 1960s when a handful of young activists changed history.

Freedom Song (TNT Movie). Fictional account of the Movement in Mississippi in the early '60s. Closely based on actual events in McComb, 1961. Well researched, and powerfully presented. Danny Glover stars. Live stream (BMETV)

Freedom Summer, Firelight Films. Documentary narrating events of the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer. Live stream (YouTube)

Julian Bond: Reflections From the Frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement, Heritage Film Project. Documentary about African American social activist and leader in the Civil Rights Movement, Julian Bond. Live stream Kanopy (Library Login Required)

Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964: Memory, Legacy & the Way Forward, by Civil Rights History Project Collection (LoC & NMAAHC). 4 hour discussion of the 1964 Freedom Summer project by Bob Moses, Dorie Ladner, Joyce Ladner and Charlie Cobb. 2014.

No Place to Sit-In, Jennifer Lawson & Charlie Cobb. On SNCC's community organizing in the rural South. 2020.

Organizing Lowndes County: Then & Now, April 2017. Roundtable discussion with Jennifer Lawson, Courtland Cox and Catherine Flowers.

SNCC a film by SNCC photographer Danny Lyon.  Live stream (Vimeo)

SNCC Anniversary Conference. Video record of the conference speeches, presentations, freedom singing, and panel discussions. 38 DVDs available individually or as a collection. Can be obtained from: California Newsreel.

SNCC & Freedom Summer, Freedom School series by SpadeWork Community. 2 hour discussion with Zoharah Simmons and Charles Payne. 2021.

Streets Of Greenwood, by Jack Willis and Ed Emshwiller, 1962. Documentary about SNCC's voter registration efforts in Greenwood MS. 20 minutes.

Interview, Personal & Group Videos by or About SNCC Activists

Anne Pearl Avery, 90-min oral ahistory Interview, by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC and the Albany and AL movement, 2011.

Freddie Greene Biddle, 90-min interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC & the Mississippi movement. 2015.

Kathleen Neal Cleaver, two-hour interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC, the movement, and the Black Panther Party. 2011.

Courtland Cox, 104-min interview by Joseph Mosnier about NAG, SNCC, the movement & 6th Pan-African Congress, 2011.

Connie Curry, 100-min interview about SNCC and the Atlanta student movement.

Doris Derby, 111-min oral history interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC, Albany GA, Free Southern Theater, Poor Peoples Corporation, & etc. 2011.

Betty Garman, oral history two and three-quarter hour interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC & the movement. 2015.

Jesse Hill, one-hour interview about 1950s voter registration in Atlanta, student movement, and SNCC. 2005.

Phil Hutchings, 164-min interview by Joseph Mosnier about NAG, SNCC, & the movement. 2011.

Timothy Jenkins, 140-min interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC and the movement. 2015.

James Oscar Jones,-hour and a half interview by Joseph Mosnier about Little Rock school desegregation, SNCC, & Arkansas movement. 2011.

Dorie & Joyce Ladner, two-hour interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC & Mississippi movement. 2011.

Jennifer Lawson, four-hour interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC, NCNW, the movement, and Tanzania. 2015.

Worth Long, two and a half-hour interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC & religion in the movement. 2015.

Charles McDew, 82-min interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC, South Carolina, Mississippi & the movement. 2011.

Charles McLaurin, four and a half-hour interview by Emilye Crosby about Mississippi, the Freedom Rides, SNCC & the movement. 2015.

Martha Prescod Norman Noonan, 93-min interview by about SDS, SNCC in Albany, the March on Washington, Freedom Summer, and Black Power. 2013.

Johnny Parham, one and a half-hour interview by Carole Merritt about the Atlanta Student Movement, SNCC, and segregation.

Fay Bellamy Powell, 2.5-hour oral history interview.

Willie B. Wazir Peacock: Stand for Freedom, 1hour, 23 minutes.
The story of Willie Peacock, one of the original SNCC field secretaries organzing in the Mississippi Delta. (YouTube video.)
     Excerpt emphasizing courage 7:13 minutes
     Excerpt on organizing 5:41 minutes
     Excerpt on the shooting in Greenwood 5:16 minutes

Bernice Johnson Reagon, 44-minute interview conducted for Eyes on the Prize re Albany Movement, by Blackside, 1986.

Gloria Richardson, 90-minute interview by Joseph Mosnier about C-NAC and Cambridge MD Movement. 2011.

Judy Richardson, three and a half hour oral history interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC & the movement. 2015.

Willie Ricks Part 1 and Part 2 interviewd by Carole Merritt about his involvement in the Movement and SNCC.

Cleveland Sellers, 108-minute interview by John Dittmer about NAACP, NAG, SNCC, & movement in SC and MS. 2013.

Charles Sherrod, 20-minute interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC & Albany movement. 2011.

Shirley Miller Sherrod, 104-minute interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC & the movement in Baker Co. GA. 2011.

Zoharah Simmons, 97-minute interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC, Laurel MS, & the movement. 2011.

Euvester Simpson, 95-minute interview by John Dittmer about SNCC, COFO, MFDP and the movement in rural MS. 2013.

Ekwueme Michael Thelwell, three-hour oral history interview by Emilye Crosby about NAG, SNCC, MFDP & Washington DC. 2013.

Walter Tillow, interview by David Cline about Fayette Co. SNCC, Freedom Summer & the labor and civil rights movements. 2011.

Lisa Anderson Todd, 169-minute interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC & MFDP. 2013.

Rick Tuttle, two-hour interview by David Cline about Greenwood, Savannah, & etc. 2013.

Hollis Watkins, 72-minute interview by Julian Bond oral history Project. 2019.

Junius Williams, 174-minute interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC, the March to Montgomery & the Movement. 2011.

Maria Varela, 100-minute interview by David Cline about SNCC and the Chicano movement. 2016.

Maria Varela, Time to Get Ready, 70-minute lecture. Univeristy of Georgia, 2020.

Carrie Lamar Young, two-hour interview by Joseph Mosnier about SNCC & Arkansas movement. 2011.

Luis Zapata, two-hour interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC, COFO, MFLU & the movement. 2013.

Dorothy Zellner, Conversations With, by Jewish Voice Peace-NYC. One-hour interview about her work with SNCC including Freedom Summer 1964 and with CORE and SCEF. 2020.

Dorothy Zellner, three-hour interview by Emilye Crosby about SNCC & the movement. 2015.

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