Civil Rights Movement Photographs
March on Washington for Jobs and Justice

August 28, 1963

"Freedom Now!"


Organizing the March


National march headquarters in Harlem, NYC.


March organizers Bayard Rustin and Cleveland Robinson.


The Rolling of the Busses


From the four corners of America
the busses begin rolling toward Washington


Betty Bollinger is woman with hand raised, man to left of her may be Neil Friedman, man to right of her is Matt Gventer.


Ben Clark, Chatham County Crusade for Voters, to left of banner


Marching for Jobs and Freedom!


CORE organizer Mateo "Flukie" Suarez, (in straw hat).



The leaders of the sponsoring organizations posing for photos as if at the head of the march. In fact, the people had already spontaneously started to march towards the Lincoln Memorial before they arrived.


Marvin Wilson, a young activist from Jackson MS. with others from the Mississippi movement.



Freedom Now! Freedom Now!


Joyce & Dorie Ladner, SNCC field secretaries, behind the stage at the Lincoln Memorial.


Josephine Baker rises to speak.

John Lewis speaks for the young protesters who
have ignited the Freedom Movement.


I have a dream today ...


Dorothy Height (NCNW) on the podium but not invited to speak.


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