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Freedom Ballot & Freedom Vote ~ MFDP, 1963-June 1964
MFDP & Democratic Convention Challenge, 1964
MFDP Congressional Challenge, 1964-1965
MFDP, 1965 & Later

Note: Over the course of 1964 and 1965, the work of the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) in Mississippi gradually evolved into MFDP work so see also COFO Documents.

Freedom Ballot & Freedom Vote ~ MFDP 1963-June 1964

See Freedom Ballot in MS for background.

Mississippi Voter Registration Report. Derived from court cases and Federal reports.
Aaron Henry Campaign announcement, Unsigned SNCC. 1963
The Freedom Ballot, fact sheet. Unsigned SNCC. 1963
Freedom Ballot Registration Form, undated (probably used during the Freedom Ballot campaign Oct-Nov 1963.
Freedom Registration Form, undated (possibly used during the '63 or '64 election campaigns.
Application for Work on the Freedom Vote. Possibly used to screen northern volunteers. Undated.
Negroes Vote for Freedom - Protest Disenfranchisement, NAACP Policy Directive 1, August 14, 1963
MS Freedom Primer #2 The Freedom Vote & the Right to Vote. Undated (possibly 1964)
Mississippi Vote for Freedom, NAACP Policy Directive 2, August 16, 1963
The Freedom Ballot for Governor (MS). Letter from Joan Bowman COFO
Excerpts From Campaign Literature, Paul Johnson for Governor (racist Dixiecrat candidate).
Freedom Candidates Mississippi, October, 1963.
Freedom Vote Platform, November 1963.
Governor's Race platform, Freedom Ballot campaign. Unsigned COFO. 1963
Rev. Edwin King, Freedom Ballot campaign background. Unsigned COFO. 1963
Freedom Candidates flyer, November 1963.
Freedom Ballot Instructions, COFO, Aaron Henry for Governor. November 1963.
Guidelines for District Managers, Freedom Ballot campaign. Unsigned COFO. 1963
MFDP attempt to participate in Democratic meeting, Vicksburg MS. Unsigned MFDP. June 1964
Report on attempts by Negroes to participate in Mississippi Democratic Party convention delegate caucuses, unsigned (presumed COFO or MFDP). June 16 1964
The Right to Vote, Summary of Relevant Federal Powers, unsigned, probably COFO or SNCC. Undated assumed 1964
Segregation, Harrasment, and Arrest for Negro Congressional Candidate, Unsigned (probably MFDP or COFO). 1964.

MFDP & Democratic Convention Challenge, 1964

MFDP brochure, 1964
Proposal for MFDP Convention Challenge, Democratic Convention, Atlantic City.
Two letters sent to Bob Moses, Joseph Rauh. June 1964
Organizing for Freedom Registration, COFO/MFDP. Undated (probably June 1964)
Memo re Freedom Registration, Dona, COFO. Undated (probably June or July 1964)
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party pamphlet (Michigan), Unsigned MFDP. Summer 1964
Mississippi Faces Challenge (Michagan), Unsigned MFDP. Summer 1964
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party ... (strategic analyses). Undated, proably summer 1964
Challenge of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (white-paper)
MFDP convention challenge considerations, unsigned MFDP. Summer 1964
Memo re Democratic Convention Challenge, unsigned COFO. undated 1964.
Precinct Conventions, undated flyer. COFO.
Precinct and County Meetings, undated (possibly summer 1964)
Memo to All Staff 2nd Congressional District re Freedom Democratic Party, Stokely Carmichael, SNCC/COFO. July 1964.
Precinct Meetings, MFDP. July 24 1964
Flyer, MFDP County Convention Meeting, Holmes County, MS, Summer 1964.
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP). Facts & Background, 1964.
Mississippi: How Negro Democrats Fared: a Summary View, June 2, 1964 Democratic Primary election.
Mississippi: How Negro Democrats Fared June 2, 1964 Democratic Primary election.
Voting rights denial affidavits, Holly Springs, MS. June 2, Democratic Primary election.
Flyer explaining the MFDP, Summer, 1964.
Working Draft: Challenge of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Summer, '64
For Your Information, memo regarding Demoratic Convention challenge. Summer 1964. MFDP
Challenge of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (white-paper)
MFDP Freedom Candidates, Summer 1964.
Memo re Second District MFDP Convention, MS Stokely Carmichael, SNCC.
Letter to Democratic Convention Delegates, Ella Baker. MFDP. July 20, 1964
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (24-page backgrounder), Summer 1964
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Delegates to 1964 Democratic Convention
Brief Submitted by the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party to the Credentials Committee of the Democratic Party Convention, August 1964. Joseph Rauh, Eleanor Holmes, H. Miles Jaffe.
A Primer For the Delegates to the Democratic National Convention, MFDP
Resolution Recommended to the Democratic National Committee (requiring support for the nominees), Democratic Party. 1964
State Democratic Party Resolutions In Favor of Seating the MFDP Delegation at the Atlantic City Democratic Convention, 1964.
Letter to President Johnson re Mississippi violence, federal inaction, and MFDP, John Lewis, SNCC. August 19 1964. ~ Response to John Lewis letter, Lee White, White House. August 20 1964
Memo to summer volunteers re MFDP convention challenge, Betty Garman, SNCC. Undated (presumed August 1964)
Statement of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party on Arrival in Atlantic City, August 21 1964
Fannie Lou Hamer's Testimony at Democratic Convention
Seat the MFDP, flyer passed out at Democratic Convention, August, Atlantic City, NJ.
Telegram to President Johnson re MFDP Democratic Convention Challenge, Martin Luther King, SCLC. August 24 1964
Draft speech for MFDP in Atlantic City (not given, page missing) Unsigned. August 1964
The Challenge: It's History, unsigned (possibly church-related), undated (probably late 1964 or early 1965).
MS Freedom Primer #1 The Convention Challenge & the Freedom Vote.
Position Paper, Aaron Henry (issued after convention challenge). August 29, 1964.

MFDP Congressional Challenge, 1964-1965

Precinct and County Meetings for FDP, Unsigned, MFDP. June 1964
Report on possibility of Mississippi Congressional Challenge, Jack Minnis, SNCC. July 9, 1964
Emergency Memorandum, Bob Moses, Dona, Casey, Dick Jewett, COFO. July 19 1964
Proposal to COFO to challenge the seating of the MDP, Unsigned, COFO. August 1964
To All Friends of the MFDP, MFDP. Undated, possibly September or October 1964
Statistics of Negro and White Voter Registration in the Five Congressional Districts of Mississippi, U.S. v Mississippi Federal Court Case
To All Mississippi Summer Project Volunteers, call for volunteers re Freedom Vote, Robert Weil. October, 1964
Running Summary of Incidents During the Freedom Vote Campaign, Oct 18-Nov 2, 1964.
Mississippi Freedom Vote Press Releases, MFDP. Oct 30 - Nov 2, 1964
Now With Your Hand Pull the Lever Down, MFDP. Undated (probably fall 1964)
Challenge of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (white-paper)
MS Freedom Primer #3 The Right to Vote & the Congressional Challenge.
Report of Meeting of November 18 1964 re Details of Congressional Challenge, Mike Thelwell, SNCC
If Only Neshoba County Were In The Congo, SNCC reprint from I.F. Stone's Weekly. December 14 1964
Fact Sheet on the Congressional Challenge, unsigned SNCC. December 4 1964
Memo on History of Contested Elections Statute and Race ..., unsigned MFDP attornies. December 12 1964
Memorandum on the Legal Validity and Propriety of the MFDP Challenge to Mississippi Congressmen, Kinoy, Kunstler, Smith, Higgs, Stavis, MFDP attornies. December 12 1964
Memo on Challenge to Seating of Mississippi Congressional Delegation, Mark Howe, Harvard Univ. December 12 1964
I'm Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, Fannie Lou Hamer. December 22 1964.
Student Involvement in the Challenge, Courtland Cox, SNCC. Undated probably late 1964 or early 1965
Congressional Challenge Fact Sheet, MFDP. Undated (probably late 1964 or early 1965)
We Want the Vote, unsigned SNCC brochure. Undated (probably early 1965)
MFDP Petition, unsigned MFDP. Undated (probably late '64 or early '65)
Affadavits, MFDP Congressional Challenge, 1964
Letter to ACLU lawyers re legal help needed in Mississippi, unsigned ACLU. January 1965
MFDP Plans for Taking of Evidence on Negro Disenfranchisement in Mississippi, unsigned MFDP. January 3 1965
Approximate Time Table of the Statutory Challenge, unsigned MFDP lawyer. January 8 1965
Letter to Bay Area lawyers re legal help for Congressional Challenge, unsigned, Bay Area Friends of SNCC. January 9 1965
The Challenge: It's History, unsigned (possibly church-related), undated (probably 1965).
Testimony of Lawrence Guyot, 1965.
Public testimony regarding the Congressional Challenge, Fannie Lou Hamer, Annie Devine, Victoria Jackson Gray, MFDP. April 3 1965
Deposition of Mrs. Elizabeth Allen. Example deposition, 1965.
The Congressional Challenge, MFDP. 1965
A Message from Mississippi, re MFDP Congressional Challenge. May 1965
Report on the Congressional Challenge, MFDP. July 7 1965. (Progress report.)
Call to Action, MFDP Congressional Challenge, Lawrence Guyot, MFDP. August 4 1965.
Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) Supports the Challenge of the MFDP, September 1965.
Memo to Friends of SNCC re Congressional Challenge, Unsigned SNCC. September 15 1965
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Steve Max, SDS Political Education Project. 1965
MS Freedom Primer #3 The Right to Vote & the Congressional Challenge.
See also Mississippi Congressional Challenge Articles by Movement Veterans

MFDP, 1965 & Later

Concerning Mayor's Races in Mississippi, Unsigned MFDP
Mississippi Political Handbook, MFDP. Undated (1964?)
Handout from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, undated. (Re current activities & poll taxes)
MFDP Newsletter #2, April 4, 1965
MFDP bulletin re new & fair elections amendment, MFDP. Undated (assumed 1965).
MFDP, explanatory flyer from mid-1965.
McComb MFDP Statement Against the Vietnam War
Tapes from Freedom School Workshop, unsigned, SNCC or MFDP. March 27-April 7, 1965
MFDP and Viet Nam, Lawrence Guyot, MFDP. July 31 1965
Program of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Undated (1965? 1966?).
Dear FDP Member, Natchez MS flyer re Africa. Bill Ware, SNCC. December 30, 1965
MFDP Keylist Mailing #5, MFDP. January 3, 1966
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Key List, unsigned MFDP. January 5, 1966
Counties Participating in All Needy Surplus Food Program, Unsigned MFDP. February 1966
Warehousemen job description (for employement program), Unsigned MFDP. February 1966
Vote Totals for Freedom Movement Candiates, Democratic Primaries 1962-1966. By county. Freedom Information Service.
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party information, Unsigned, MFDP. Undated (possibly 1966)
What You Should Know About Poll Taxes, Unsigned, MFDP. Undated (probably 1966).
The ABC's of Voting, Unsigned MFDP. Undated (probably June 1966)
Holmes County Freedom Democratic Party Executive Members Handbook, Sue-Henry Lorenzi, MFDP, August 1966
Help Unseat Eastland and Abernathy, MFDP
The Power of Your Vote, Edwards MFDP Black and White Hummer. January 25, 1967
The Power of Your Vote, unsigned MFDP pamphlet. Undated (possibly 1967)
MFDP Newsletter, Sunflower County, October 1, 1967
Attention: Help Elect a Negro Sheriff, MFDP, Holmes County MS

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