Civil Rights Movement Documents
Freedom Movement Press Releases
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Instructions, Press Lists,

Press Contact Lists
1964 SNCC SNCC press lists & contacts, SNCC Communications Dept. Summer 1964 (14pages)
1964SNCC Press contacts in Mississippi who covered the summer project Mary King, SNCC. Three pages formatted as mailing labels. August 31. 1964
Press Release Instructions
60? 61?SNCC News Report Form, unsigned SNCC. Undated (possibly between 1960-later 1962)
62? 63?SNCC SNCC News Report Form, unsigned SNCC. Undated (probably between late 1962 and late 1963)
62? 63?SNCC Some Instructions on Press Coverage, Reporting to the Atlanta SNCC Office. Unsigned SNCC. Undated (probably between late 1962 and late 1963)
9/1/55NAACP Lynching of School Boy Laid to White Supremacy Drive in Mississippi (Emmett Till).
4/27/58RCNLVoting Restrictions in Mississippi, Aaron Henry RCNL, Albert Powell MPVL
9/15/58YMIS Students to Demonstrate in Washington for Integrated Schools
9/19/58YMIS Statement by A. Phillip Randolph at Youth March Rally
9/23/58YMIS Attempted assasination of Dr. King, A. Phillip Randolph
1959NAACP 50th Anniversary Membership Campaign, New Orleans, LA
2/6/61SNCCRock Hill SC Sit-in Press Release.
11/10/61CORE Three Freedom Riders in Lynch Jail, Poplarville, MS
11/1/61NSA Civil Rights Bulletin, Letter from Magnolia Jail, Law against desegregation activity sought.
11/22/61SNCCThe start of it all in Albany, Georgia
1962?USNSAPress Releases
Letter from Magnolia jail
Law Against Desegragation Activity Sought
5/22/62SCEF Press release re Diane Nash prison sentence, Jackson MS
9/10/62SNCCNightriders Bomb, Shoot Registration Worker
11/9/62CORE 47 Restaurants to Serve Negroes. MD & DE
8/23/62SNCCDemonstrators picket in Cairo, Illinois
9/27/62SNCCCairo, Illinois Police Use Tear Gas
12/23/62SNCC Shot Fired into Home of John Salter, Tougaloo College, MS.
12/7/62SNCC Voter Registration Leader in Sumpter County GA Left Homeless After Home Destroyed by Fire
12/23/62SNCC Jackson/Tougaloo MS shooting
1963?SNCC Illiterate Whites Vote Negroes are Barred (Sunflower County MS)
1/3/63SNCC Police repression in Sasser County GA
1/9/63.SNCC SNCC Field Secretary Arrested for "Vagrancy" While Walking on Campus Montgomery, AL. (Bob Zellner busted for visiting his alma mater.)
2/10/63 Racial tensions in Somerville TN (Fayette Co.)
3/1/63SNCC SNCC Field Sect'y Blasted in Greenwood Mississippi (Jimmy Travis shooting).
4/16/63SNCCDOJ protects negroes right to vote
4/10/63SNCCHundreds of Students Gather at SNCC Easter Conference
4/31/63SNCC Field Workers Arrested at Albany GA City Hall
5/28/63SNCC Testimony at House Hearing on Civil Rights Bills
6/3/63SNCC 58 Arrested in Itta Bena Serving Time in City Farm (MS)
6/21/63SNCC Direct Action Begins in Clarksdale
6/25/63SNCC Press releases
SNCC Asks Sanders to Protect Six in Albany Church
10 Jailed in Greenwood, 5 Shot Near Canton, Miss
63?CNACCambridge Direct Action (Sit-in arrests)
7/63SNCC Letter to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights re MS, Bob Moses
7/3/63SNCC Ring of Killers in Mississippi
7/8/63SNCCFolk Artists, Local Citizens Attend SNCC Folk Festival in Mississippi
7/9/63SNCCJustice Departament Sues to Release Negroes Imprisoned After Vote Meeting
7/9/63SNCCCNAC Demonstrations Resume in Cambridge MD against civil rights referendum
7/9/63SNCCSix Students Arrested in Greenville, Mississippi
7/11/63SNCCCNAC pickets restaurant in Cambridge MD, after arrests
7/16/63SNCC press releases
NAACP Miss. Youths Picket Barnett
New Freedom Uniform in Albany
7/18/63SNCC CNAC Head Answers Kennedy Criticism
7/23/63SNCC Cambridge Movement Wins
7/30/63SNCC56 Arrested Trying to Present Clarksdale Petition
7/30/63SNCCSNCC Chairman Makes Appeal For 68 in Parchman State Penitenciary
8/2/63SNCCPress releases
5 Jailed in Clarksdale Sit-In; NAACP Head Made to Haul Garbage
Bail Reaches $40,00 in Delta Vote Cases
8/3/63NAACP Selected Sections of NAACP Press Release on the Freedom Vote Campaign, MS.
8/6/63SNCC Delta Negroes To Make Vote Attempts in August 6 Democratic Primary
8/8/63SNCC Ballots Filed By Negro Citizens Declared Invalid in Mississippi; 3 Field Secy's Arrested in Rulevile
8/09/63SNCCThree SNCC Workers Arrested In Americus
8/14/63SNCC Protest Brutality in Americus Ask Justice Dept. Action (GA)
8/14/63SNCCSNCC Head Protests Brutality In Americus
8/20/63SNCC Mississippi Rights Fighters Lose Jobs; 45 Out Of Bond in Ita Bena
8/22/63CORE Field Director Faces Death Penalty in Americus GA
8/23/63SNCC Charleston SC arrests
9/4/63SNCC Press releases, Americus GA
19 Convicted for July Demonstration
Boycotts Get Community Support
Four Still Held on Capitol Charge
9/16/63SNCC Press releases
SNCC Worker Conviction Upheld in Mississippi; Gets 90 days and $100 Fine
Negro Runs for Mayor of Albany, Georgia
9/16/63SNCC 90 Negroes Arrested in Selma Ala Protest Demonstration (re voting rights)
9/20/63SNCC Senator Saltonstall Asks for Probe of SNCC Worker's Arrest, Americus, GA.
9/21/63SNCC Two Held by Hattiesburg Police, MS.
9/21/63SNCC Local High School Students Arrested in New Orleans, LA.
9/24/63SNCCAmericus GA Press releases
SNCC Worker Arrested on Capital Charges
More Arrested - Jail Treatment
By-Stander's Leg Broken By Police
Bound Over to November Court
Remain In Jail
Facts Compiled From
Letter of Ralph Allen from the Sumpter County Jail
Some Facts on the Basis for Federal Action
9/63SNCC Air Force Refuses to Place Selma Off Limits, AL.
10/63SNCC Danville Halts Trial Transfers
10/63SNCCTwo Run in Mississippi Freedom Vote
10/63SNCCHenry-King Campaign Raises "Real Issues", SNCC
10/01/63SNCC SNCC Congratulates Senator on Speech About Americus
10/01/63SNCC Release Denied Three Held on Charges Carrying Death Penalty
10/2/63Local News release re white violence & voter registration, Fayette Co. TN
10/2/63SNCC Federal Court Rejects Plea From Mississippi Negroes
10/2/63SNCC Albany Six Seek Change of Venue in Federal Indictments
10/02/63SNCC Press releases
Arkansas SNCC Registers Over 1300
Pine Bluff Negro Runs for Alderman
10/02/63SNCC Cambridge Voters Defeat City Charter Amendment for Open Public Facilities
10/02/63SNCC Justice Department Official Denies "No Brutality" Report
10/02/63SNCC SNCC Chairman and Dick Gregory's Wife Convicted
10/02/63SNCC Federal Court Rejects Plea From Mississippi Negroes
10/02/63SNCC Dallas County Police Halt Vote Activity
10/07/63SNCC Press releases
Kennedy Gets Protest on Jailing of Three Workers
SNCC Protests Jim-Crow Toilets at Federal Building Site
10/07/63SNCC COFO Maps Vote Fight: Henry "Runs" for Governor in Freedom Ballot Campaign
10/7/63SNCC COFO Maps Vote Fight: Henry "Runs" For Governor
10/8/63SNCC Two Beaten, Three Jailed as Selma Negroes Try to Register to Vote
10/18/63LDEF Legal Defense Fund Lawyers Advance Americus Cases, GA
11/2/63 COFOStatement on Events in Jackson Miss (Freedom Vote)
11/19/63SNCC 3 SNCC Workers, 30 Others Held in Helena, Arkansas
11/19/63SNCC SNCC Wedding Stirs Arkansas Officials
11/20/63SNCC Minister Held in Atlanta Jail
11/22/63SNCC Baldwin and Rustin to Address SNCC Conference
12/08/63SNCC Nightriders Bomb, Shoot Registration Worker
12/11/63SNCCRights Workers Sentenced To Two Years
63? 64?SNCCBios of SNCC leaders prepared by Communications staff for press releases and speaking engagements. Undated, probably 1963 or 1964
   Julian Bond
James Forman
Prathia Hall
William Hansen
Donald Harris
John Lewis
Robert P. Moses
Reginald Robinson
1964SNCC Chairman John Lewis,
1964NAACP New Orleans Police Handling of Arrestees, undated. LA
1/6/64SNCC Agreement Settles Atlanta Sit-Ins GA.
1/6/64SNCC Chapel Hill Demonstrators Face Violence NC.
1/9/64SNCC Sheriff Won't Halt Negro Vote Tries, Holmes County, MS.
1/10/64SNCC High School Students Sit-In Are Suspended, Atlanta, GA.
1/10/64SNCC McComb MS: Nightriders Shoot into Negro Homes
1/11/64SNCC SNCC Atlanta "Open City" Drive Begins, GA
1/11/64SNCC High Court Refuses Plea From Mississippi Registrar, Hattiesburg, MS.
1/16/64SNCC Press Releases
Federal-State Showdown Will Aid Mississippi Voters
Danville Law Called "Ludicrous" in Court
Trespass Law Called Unconstitutional
1/16/64SNCC Press releases
Vote Records in Senator Eastland's Home Opened For Inspection (Greenville MS)
Sheriff Says Force Will Halt Racial Demonstrations (Selma, AL)
Dobbs Houses Open in Texas, Tennessee (Memphis, TN)
1/16/64SNCC Atlanta "Open City" Drive Continues, GA.
1/16/64SNCC SNCC Supports Multi-City School Boycott (northern cities)
1/17/64SNCC Albany Minister Faces Job Loss, GA.
1/20/64 COFO Negro Students Attempt Library Desegregation, Columbus MS
1/23/64SNCC Dick Gregory to Arrive, Atlanta SNCC Head Announced, GA.
2/64SNCC Press Releases
Musial Cancels Jim Crow Date (Jackson MS)
Integration Try Fails, Students May Return to Jim-Crow School (Greenville, MS)
2/1/64SNCCSNCC press releases:
Rights Demonstrators Enjoined in Hattiesburg Vote Drive
SNCC Worker Convicted on Contributing Charges
2/1/64SNCCSNCC press releases:
No Clues Found in Negro's Murder
Greenwood Race Cases Set
2/17/64SNCC Press releases
Judge Refuses to Accept $5,000 Cash to Free Elderly Minister (Atlanta, GA)
Pine Bluff Eatery Integrates (AR)
2/17/64SNCC Albany Movement Leaders Faces Perjury Charges, GA
2/17/64SNCC SNCC Asks Stan Musial to Cancel MS Date
2/17/64SNCC Press releases
Selma Rights Workers Convicted
Two Negroes Qualify for Selma City Council Posts
Ten Tons of Food Arrive in Ruleville, Miss
2/20/64SNCC White Girl Gets 12 Months, $1,000 Fine in Sit-In Case, Atlanta, GA.
2/20/64SNCC KKK Whip Negro Man, Natchez, MS.
2/20/64SNCC Press releases
High Court Hears SNCC Workers Case (Dion Diamond)
Court Asked to Halt Police Harrassment of Kneel-Ins (Jacksonville, FL)
2/20/64SNCC Press releases
Rights Workers to Appeal (Selma, Alabama)
Eleven Still Held in Canton Jail (Canton, Mississippi)
2/21/64SNCC Over 100 Ministers Aid Mississippi Vote Drive, Hatiesburg MS.
2/26/64SNCC Pine Bluff Protests May Continue, AR (Dick Gregory)
2/26/64SNCC Albany Movement Leader Found Guilty on Perjury Charges, GA.
2/28/64SNCC Artists Asked to Halt Jim Crow Dates in Mississippi, Jackson MS.
3/3/64SNCC Reverand Jones Released From Jail, Atlanta GA.
3/9/64NAACP Crises Involving Role of Law is Seen by Rights Legal Chief (re 1963 "Ink Fund" report)
3/12/64CORE Arrest Library Sit-Inner — Though There is no Library for Negroes, Clinton, LA.
3/64SNCC Three Negroes Run for Congress From Miss.
3/64SNCC Gregory to Make SNCC Benefit Tour
3/20/64SNCCMississippi Summer Project Launched
3/20/64SNCC Press releases:
Ask Removal of Biased Federal Judge (re Judge Harold Cox)
Jim Crow Hiring Ended in Georgia Plant
SNCC Workers Cover South in Bias Fight
3/20/64SNCC Press releases:
Alabama's Negro Woman in Congress Race "To Win"
College Profs Asked to Cancel Jim Crow Mississippi Appearance
3/20/64SNCC Press releases:
Seven Face Jail Terms in Florida Jail
Pittsburgh Symphony to Seek Anti-Bias Contract
3/20/64SNCC Greenwood Freedom Day Set Greenwood, MS.
3/20/64SNCCSNCC press releases:
Greenwood Freedom Day Set
Fact Sheet on LeFlore County, Mississippi
3/31/64SNCC Fact Sheet - Greenwood, Lefore County Mississipp, chronology of events 1962-1964
4/64SNCCPress releases:
Hattiesburg, Miss. Vote Push Continues
SNCC Asks Probe of Terminal Jim Crow
4/1/64SNCC Arrest of Vote Workers Protested, Greenwood MS
4/64SNCCPolice Fire Over Protesting Students
4/1/64SNCC U.S. Asked to Withdraw From Jim Crow Mississippi Meeting
4/1/64SNCC Russell Challenged on Vote Fraud
4/1/64SNCC Mississippi Negro Candidate Has Strong Rights Platform (Mrs. Hamer)
4/2/64SNCC Mississippi Legislature Curbs Civil Rights Picketing
4/3/64SNCC Little Rock School Boycott Postponed
4/?/64SNCC Negro Lawyer Runs for Congress Seat From Georgia
4/?/64SNCC Government, Teachers, Cancel Segregated Mississippi Engagements
4/64SNCC Six Negroes Qualify in Deep South States
4/9/64SNCC2nd Greenwood Mississippi Freedom Day Set
4/10/64SNCC Negro Woman Qualifies for Mississippi Senate Seat (re Victoria Gray)
4/10/64SNCC Free Southern Theatre Starts
4/13/64DMStatement from Ministers Outside the Hattiesburg Jail
4/17/64SNCC Proposed "Stall-In" of Motor Vehicles on Road to World Fair
4/19/64SNCC Statement of the Executive Committee re NY World Fair "stall-in
4/25/64SNCC John Lewis statement re J. Edgar Hoover
4/30/64SNCC Pres releases
SNCC Charges Hoover, FBI, Aid Racists
Eleven Negroes Enter North Carolina Races
4/30/64SNCC Pres releases
"Don't Appoint Racist," Johnson Asked
TV Stations Charged with Jim Crow
SNCC S.W. Georgia Project to Expand
4/30/64SNCC Pres releases
SNCC Worker Serves 60 Days in Louisiana
SNCC's Forman May Tour Africa
Try to Integrate Holiday on Ice: Put in Cooler
4/30/64SNCC Negro Candidate Scores Segregated Medical Care
4/30/64SNCC Mississippi Readies Laws for "Freedom Summer"
04/30/64SNCC Press releases
SNCC Protests Georgia "Police Terror"
Negro Tries for Southside Virginia Office
04/30/64SNCC Press releases
Youth Says Vote Work Cost His Job
Negro Candidates Challenge Anti-Picket Law
04/30/64SNCC Press releases
SNCC Asks Students to "Mail-in" for Protection
Tennesse Students Protest Jim Crow Athletics
4/30/64SNCCNegro Candidate Scores Segregated Medical Care
5/4/64COFO Six Civil Rights Workers Accused of Stealing Books, Greenwood, MS.
5/15/64SNCCJohn Lewis statement: Passage of Genocide Bill in Mississippi
5/16/64SNCCSNCC Worker Reports Reign of Terror in Mississippi (re Natchez)
5/17/64SCEF Upside-down justice, Albany GA
5/21/64SCEF Lawrence Guyot's request for federal judges, MS.
5/26/64SNCC Whites Organize to Oppose Mississippi Summer Project
5/27/64SNCCMississippi Sumer Project to Begin in July
5/27/64SNCCMississippi Voters Could Choose Negro Candidates
5/27/64SNCC Police Continue Harassment of Rights Workers (MS)
5/27/64CORE Press release re voting rights in Louisiana
6/64COFO Negro First in Eastland's Back Yard, Inianola, MS.
1964COFO Press release re violence and intimidation in Mississippi
6/4/64CORE Arrest 55 on Second Freedom Day (Canton MS)
UndatedCOFO Sunflower County, MS
6/64COFO Negro First in Eastland's Back Yard, Indianola, MS.
6/24/64COFO Negro Community Hit by Coke Bottles, Ruleville, MS
6/24/64COFO Registrar Accepts Negroes at Indianola, Sunflower County, MS.
6/25/64   Parents of Freedom Summer participants on their visit to DC about Chaney-Schwerner-Goodman lynching and federal inaction against violence.
6/25/64 COFO Molotov Cocktail Hits Negro Church, Ruleville, MS.
6/25/64COFOPolice harassment trial of NAACP leader Reverend J.D. Rayford, Clarksdale MS
6/26/64SNCCChronology of Contacts With Federal Goverment, re Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman
6/27/64MFDPSeven CA Congressmen support MFDP Resolution
6/27/64SNCC Mississippi State Patrolman Kills Negro, Doddsville, MS
7/1/64SNCC Ruleville Project Meets ATAC, Ruleville, MS
7/1/64SNCC Negro Fired for Housing Rights Workers, Ruleville, MS.
7/1/64CORE Press release re "Freedom Registration and Registrars" in Louisiana, July 1, 1964
7/1/64SNCCNegro Fired for Housing Rights Workers
7/3/64SNCC Four Congressmen Join Civil Rights Rally, Ruleville, MS.
7/4/64SNCC Ruleville Freedom School Opens, MS.
7/5/64SNCC Ruleville Police Arrest Segregationist, MS.
7/7/64SNCC SNCC Workers Call Police Bluff, Ruleville, MS.
7/07/64COFO Press release re shootings in Moss Point, Mississippi
7/8/64SNCC SNCC Worker Thrown Out of Voter Registration Office, Ruleville, MS.
7/9/64SNCC Library Bars SNCC Workers, Indianola, MS.
7/9/64SNCC Northern States Back Attempt to Unseat Mississippi Democratic Delagates, Unsigned
7/9/64SNCC Bombing Won't Halt SNCC Drive, McComb, MS.
7/9/64CORE Press release re civil rights testing in Monroe LA, July 9, 1964
7/9/64SNCC No Negroes on Jury, so Court Frees White SNCC Worker
7/64CORE Format of Concluding Activities of Summer Project, Richard Haley. Lousiana.
7/16/64SNCCDrew Police Arrest 25 More
7/18/64 SNCC SNCC Worker Sues Wallace for $200,000, Bob Zellner.
7/20/64MFDP Letters to Democratic convention delegates
7/21/64CORE Press release: 15 Arrested in CORE Library Test in Monroe LA, July 21, 1964
7/21/64MFDPMFDP rallies, Unsigned MFDP. July 21, 1964
7/23/64CORE CORE Meets Resistance Testing Civil Rights Act in Louisiana, New Orleans, LS.
7/27/64MFDP Statement of the MFDP on Compromise Proposals
7/27/64MFDP Press release re statement on "concialiatory suggestion"
7/28/64SNCC Mississippi Church Burnings Continue
8/64COFOFor Release Upon Receipt, fill-in-the-blanks type press release to be used by projects and individuals to build local support for the Atlantic City convention challenge. Undated (probably early August)
8/64MFDPStatement re MS state's resolution re national Democrtatic convention
8/15/64MFDPLaurence Guyot letter re convention challenge
8/27/64CORERound-the-Clock Vigil Supports Freedom Delegation
8/7/64SNCCJames Chaney independent autopsy
8/8/64COFOCOFO summer project to continue
8/14/64SNCCPres Releases
SNCC Film "We'll Never Turn Back" is Released
Atlanta Project Aids Striking Car Wash Workers
8/25/64MFDPDemocratic Convention challenge, Edith Green resolution.
8/25/64MFDPDemocratic convention fight to seat MFDP
8/29/64SNCCMississippi Summer Project Ends: Mississippi Freedom Drive Begins
9/3/64COREStatement from parents of Canton Negro students
9/11/64 SNCC Federal Protection Urged In McComb
9/17/64MFDPStatement of thanks for convention challenge supporters
10/8/64CORE Record Month in Lousiana Voter Campaign
10/14/64SNCCNegroes Refused Place on Ballot
10/18/64SNCCOver 50 Mississippi Bombing and Burning Incidents
10/18/64SNCC SNCC Chairman Visits African States
10/19/64COFO Mass Meeting in McComb.
10/27/64SNCC Mississippi Freedom Democrats Plan Seating Challenge
10/27/64SNCC U.S. Gives $30,000 to Mississippi Murder Town (Philadelphia MS)
10/27/64SNCC "Freedom Vote" Volunteers Arrive in Mississippi
10/27/64SNCC SNCC Head at Zambia Independence Celebration (Lusaka Zambia)
10/30/64MFDPTelegram to Democratic chairman protesting campaign intimidation
11/2/64MFDP Fact Sheet: 1964 Freedom Vote Campaign, Oct 30-Nov 2, 1964.
11/4/64COFO Freedom Vote Tallies
11/27/65SNCC McComb Mississippi (re bombings).
11/27/64SNCC Press releases
Virginia College Rights Conference Set for Hampton
Ole Miss Students Warned: No Guns
Mississippi Could Get $3 Million from U.S. Government
11/27/64SNCC Press releases
SNCC Worker Faces Georgia Murder Charge
Alabama Judge Denies Consolidation Move on Justice Dept., SNCC Suits
SNCC Has Two New Books on Rights
11/27/64SNCC"Democratic" Outlawed for Freedom Party
64? 65?SNCCMiss. Farmers Report Increased Intimidation. Undated, possibly late 1964 or early 1965
????SNCC Press releases
Miss. "Freedom School" Players to Act in NY
SNCC Worker Asks Federal Judge to Disqualify Himself
11/27/64SNCC MS Congressman Wants One Party Government.
11/29/64SNCC Charges Dropped Against Two Held in '63 Shooting of Rights Worker.
11/29/64SNCC Mississippi Woman's Home Fired On, Greenwood MS.
11/29/64SNCC Poverty Funds in NE Mississippi Headed by Segregationist Lawmaker
11/29/64SNCC Press Releases
Mississippi Legislator Denounces Two-Party Government
Byron De La Beckwith's Son Held in Pig Theft
12/2/64SNCC Selma AL & Jackson MS (re U.S. Post Office & poverty-related deaths).
12/3/64SNCC November's Incidents Include Arresting Children, Killing Dogs, Burning Churches.
12/3/64SNCCRequest to suspend poverty fund award
12/5/64SNCCDiscrimination Charged as Negroes Win Mississippi Farming Elections
12/5/64SNCC Itta Bena MS, re college band and Rose Parade.
12/5/64SNCC Murder charges against Americus civil rights activists dropped.
12/5/64SNCCU.S. Govt. Gives $1,500,000 to Mississippi
12/10/64SNCC SNCC COFO meeting in Hattiesburg (includes history of COFO)
12/10/64SNCC Press release re discrimination prevents the election of Negroes in Mississippi
12/10/64SNCCASCS election outcomes to be contested
12/10/64SNCCDA in civil rigthts murder case is White Citizens Council member
12/11/64SNCCSNCC asks GSA to suspend contract with Scripto pen due to job discrimination.
12/15/64SNCC SNCC Workers Shot At.
12/17/64SNCC Mississippi Sheriffs Told to Back Sheriff Rainey
12/28/64COFO Rights Worker Beaten by Police in Hattiesburg: Officer Threatens to Kill Him
1965?COREPress release: Civil Rights Scholarships Memorialize Elanor Roosevelt
1965SNCC Alabama Emergency Fund
1965SNCC More About SNCC
1/3/65MFDP MFDP Plans for Taking of Evidence on Negro Disenfranchisement in Mississippi (Congressional Challenge)
1/4/65COFO Begining of a new day, Sunflower Co. MS.
1/6/65SNCCStatement On The War in Vietnam
1/9/65SNCCSNCC Expands Arkansas Vote Work
1/9/65SNCC Eight Mississippi Freedom Days Held, SNCC Worker Fred Mangrum Beaten
1/9/65SNCC Mississippi Aid Projects Repair Centers Rebuild Burned Church
1/9/65SNCCPress releases
SNCC Workers Shot At
Student Voice Tells MFPD Story
Mississippi Negro Condition Explored
1/9/65SNCC Scripto's $½ Million Contracts Under Investigation
1/9/65SNCC SNCC Alabama Drive Enters 3rd Year
1/9/65SNCC SNCC Worker Asks That Selma be "Off Limits" for Airmen
1/11/65SNCC Statement From SNCC in Support of Bond
1/15/65SNCC Selma Freedom Day Set
1/15/65SNCC Pres Releases:
Rights Cases Returned to State
FDP Hearing Postponed
SNCC Staff numbers
1/15/65SNCC Press release re Gov. Wallace airbase speech, Selma AL
1/15/65SNCC Three Indicted for Beating SNCC Worker, Greenwood MS
1/16/65 COFO Indictment of 18 Accused Murderers, federal charges brought against the killers of Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman. [Document misdated]
1/22/65SNCC Mississippi Got $4.5 Million from U.S (re Civil Defense)
2/4/65SNCC Special Report Selma, Marion, Black Belt Alabama
2/27/65SNCC SNCC Announces 1965 Plans, Atlanta GA
3/7/65SNCC "Bloody Sunday" Bulletin & McSurney WATS Report
3/15/65CORE Summary of Events in Jonesboro, LA. (school protests). March 8-16, 1965
3/16/1965MultiPress release from CORE, COFO, & SNCC re Federal Protection of civil rights activities in the South
3/23/65SCLC SCLC Meeting for Future Action in Selma (AL), 3/23/65
3/25/1965LBJPresident Johnson statement on protecting the Constitution and peoples' constitutional rights, press release
4/1/65CORE Freedom Day March in Mississippi, Contrast to Last Year's. Canton, MS.
4/2/65CORE CORE "Shows Cause" to Governor McKeithen; Urges Action
4/16/65  Statement on Student March on Washington opposing the Vietnam War, Bayard Rustin, Norman Thomas and others
5/17/65SCLCStatement by Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King on MFDP Congressional Challenge
5/17/65SNCCStatement by John Lewis, on MFDP Congressional Challenge
5/17/65COREPress Release: Statement by James Farmer
5/17/65MFDPPress Release: Statement by Lawrence Guyot
6/3/65CORE Freedom March Through Rankin County MS.
1965MFDP Statement on the appointment of J.P. Coleman as federal judge, Victoria Gray, MFDP. Undated (probably June 1965)
6/13/65MFDPPress Release: MFDP Candidate Addresses Student Lobby
6/14/1965SRSNew Crisis in Mississippi, re voting-rights for nonwhites. Southern Reporting Service (SRS)
6/17/65MFDPPress Release: Summer Volunteers go on a Hunger Strike
7/4/65CORE Press release re violence in Ferriday LA
7/15/65CORE Bogalusa Lousiana Protest Escalates
7/16/65SNCCOrganizing migrant farm workers in Maryland
7/17/65SNCCMinimum wage hearings Washington, D.C.,
7/21/65SNCCSNCC press releases composit:
Two Churches Fire-bombed
Freedom School is Big Success
MFLU Branches Out
Negro Homes Raided in Arkansas
Folk Festival in Mississippi
7/22/65CORE U.S. Action Against Police & Klan Follows Assaults on Pickets, Bogalusa LA
7/22/65CORE Denver Columnist Publicizes CORE's Summer Slum Campaign, CO.
7/31/65MFDP MFDP and Vietnam, Lawrence Guyot
7/31/65SNCCPres Release: Amite County
7/31/65SNCC Americus Shooting GA
7/31/65SNCCMaid Strike: Join Freedom Union
8/1/65SNCCClarification of MFDP statement & position on Vietnam War
8/6/65LDMLoyal Democrats of Mississippi elect convention delegatges
8/30/65CORE CORE Registers Over 4,000 Voters, Canton & Madison Co. MS
8/31/65NAACP Re: Voter Registration in New Orleans
9/3/65MFDPLabor, Civil Rights, and Religious Leaders Call on Congress
9/9/65MFDPHouse Committee Schedules Hearings on Mississippi Cases
9/9/65MFDPRepublican House members block motion to dismiss Congressional challenge
9/10/65MFDPCivil Rights Movement Mobilizes Against Move to Dismiss Challenges
9/12/65NCCStatement re dismissal of MFDP congresstional challenge
10/5/65SNCCPolice Brutality In Parchman Reported by demonstrators from Natchez. MS.
11/20/65SNCC Cotton Workers Form Labor Union.
12/19/65CORE Violence Continues in Ferriday LA.
12/29/65SNCC Lowndes County Tent City
12/31/65SNCCTwo Shootings in Lowndes County the First Night of Tent City, Alabama
1966?SCLC Dr. King Announces New Civil Rights Action
1/4/66SNCC Murdered: Sammy Younge, Tuskegee AL
1/1/66SNCCLowndes County (LCFO) seeks election injunction in federal court
1/9/66SNCCSNCC support of Adam Clayton Powell
1/9/66MFDP Draft press release re denial and suppression of voting rights in Mississippi, Clifton R. Whitley, candidate for U.S. Senate.
1/24/66SNCCJulian Bond to speak at Harlem Rally
3/24/66SNCC SNCC press releases:
Department of Justice refuses to send voter registrars to Georgia
Bill Hansen SNCC worker arrested in Little Rock
3/27/66SNCC 1000 Negroes in Lowndes County Alabama hear Julian Bond
4/4/66SNCCJulian Bond election challenged again, Atlanta GA
4/8/66SNCCCordele GA School Protests
4/66?SNCCBlack candidates in Alabama elections May 1966 re primaries and independent parties.
4/28/66SNCCAlabama's Emerging Political Party
4/28/66SNCCLowndes County Freedom Organization puts Dept. of Justice on notice
4/28/66SNCCPress Prelease
SNCC Asks Investigation of Killing/Beating of Vietnam Bound Negro GI
SNCC Confab Set for Atlanta
5/16/66SNCC Re May conference & election of Stokely Carmichal
6/8/66SCEFShuttlesworth Asks LBJ to send federal voting registrars to Mississippi
6/8/66SCEF Retirement of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Birmingham AL
9/9/66SNCCStokely Carmichael arrested in Atlanta
9/10/66SNCC Vine City Council press release re attacks against SNCC, Atlanta GA
10/28/66SCLCGrenada school children attacked MS.
1/9/66MFDPPress release re continuing problems & issues in Mississippi and America, Clifton Whitley (MFDP senatorial candidate)
1966?SNCCPublication of Perspectives on the Atlanta Rebellion
????SCLC Ralph Abernathy on SCLC Programs
1967(SNCC)Johnne Wilson Statement re conviction and sentencing for protesting draft and Vietnam War
1967SNCCEastman Kodak is Out of Focus, re employment discrimination. Undated 1967.
1/17/67SCLC Dr. Abernathy Appeals to New Governor of Alabama
1/17/67SCLC Alabama Denial of Federal Poverty Assistance
1/27/67SNCCJoint Statement of SNCC and the Movement for Puerto Rican Independence
1/27/67SCLC Violence in Grenada Mississippi
2/1/67SCLC Socialism for the Rich, Free Enterprise for the Poor
3/3/67SNCCRepression against student protesters in Orangeburg SC
3/7/67SNCCSeven SNCC Workers Indicted, re anti-Vietnam War & draft protests
3/27/67SNCCThomas Wansley: a Black Brother "Lynched!"
3/27/67SNCCU.S. Supreme Court redistricting case is "smart racism," Jerry DeMuth
4/10/67SNCC Black Students in Nashville Victims of Police Set-Up
6/1/67SNCC Black Liberation Center Bombing, Newark, NJ
6/13/67SNCC Statement by H. Rap Brown on Prattville Alabama Situation
6/13/67(SNCC)Statement to Afro-Asian Missions to the United Nations
8/20/67SNCC Message from Chairman H. Rap Brown re anti-colonial struggles in Africa
8/27/67SNCC Dear Brother Tambo, statement of support for armed struggle in southern Africa
2/22/68SNCCH. Rap Brown prison hunger fast to protest arrest
3/11/68SNCCH. Rap Brown protest fast
6/17/68SNCCSNCC Reorganizes
9/8/66SNCCMarion Barry statement on police shooting

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