Civil Rights Movement
Letters & Reports From Freedom Summer, 1964

Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida

Among Freedom Summer's strategic objectives were raising national awareness of southern realities, demanding Federal action, and mobilizing political support for the MFDP. Summer volunteers were urged to write frequent letters to family, friends, teachers, and ministers about the Freedom Movement and their experiences. Many volunteers arranged to have their letters published in local newspapers, school or church bulletins, or reproduced and distributed to informal networks.

Freedom Summer projects and volunteers were also supposed to send regular progress reports to movement headquarters. Some actually did so.

This was before the era of cheap photocopy machines, so letters and reports had to be retyped with carbon copies, or mimeographed from hand-typed stencils (often by parents who just days or weeks earlier had been desperately pleading with their daughters and sons not to to to Mississippi).
Letter & Reports Collections from Multiple Mississippi Locations
1964 Letters From Mississippi (collection)
Letters & Reports From Oxford OH Volunteer Training
 6/9Why I Am Going to Mississippi, Chude Allen
6/14  Note from Oxford training session (handwritten), Lucy Montgomery
6/18Letter to Tom Levin re medical support for Freedom Summer, Carol Rogoff, SNCC
6/18Letter re Orientation & Training, Mike Yarrow
6/16Letter re Freedom Summer training, William Hodes
6/22Nonviolence debate at Freedom Summer training, William Hodes
6/26Dear Parents and All (re CSG), Eugene Nelson
Letters & Reports From Batesville & Panola Co, MS
6/23Summer Volunteer Hit By Local White, unsigned COFO
6/25Confidential Report, SNCC Activities in Panola County, Claude Weaver, SNCC
6/26Sheriff Parades Police Dog at Court House, Unsigned, COFO
6/27Local, COFO Volunteer Receives High Parking Fine, Unsigned, COFO
6/28Statement re police harassment and traffic violations against R.J. Miles (PCVL), unsigned COFO
6/28Police Harassment — Traffic Violations, Unsigned, COFO
6/29White Citizen Harassment, unsigned COFO
6/29White Citizen Harassment of John Hardy & Joseph Murphy, Unsigned, COFO
6/29White Citizen Harassment of John Hardy & Joseph Murphy #2, unsigned, COFO
7/3Two Local Whites Chase, COFO Volunteers, Mike Smith, COFO(Batesville )
7/9Letter to Annell Ponder re Greenville community center, Vicki Halper, COFO
Letters & Reports From Canton & Madison Co, MS
1964Freedom Registration in the City of Canton, L. Foner?
1964Report re her secretarial experience for Mrs. Devine, Judy Hampton
1964Report about phones, Margaret Cunningham
6/6Project Report Valley View, Unsigned CORE/COFO
JulyGluckstadt: General Information & report, Unsigned COFO/CORE.
JulyReport: Southwestern area of Madison Co., . James Ohls, Mark Lepper and Sandra Watts, COFO/CORE
7/4Valley View weekly report, unsigned COFO
7/7Michael Piore, COFO, Federal Programs Project Weekly Report, Canton
7/8Rev. Alexander Harper, COFO, Canvasing report, Canton
7/11Incident Sheet - Volunteer delivering books for Freedom Library arrested in Madison Co. MS, unsigned COFO
7/11Arrest of Harry Malm in Canton MS., unsigned COFO
7/12Weekly Report, Valley View project (Madison Co) (). Unsigned COFO
7/15Freedom Schools in Rural Madison Co., Wood & Bishop
7/19Attempt to integrate white facilities, Valley View. Charlie Bromberg, COFO
7/26Weekly Report, Valley View project (Madison Co). Unsigned COFO
7/26Weekly Report, Pleasant Green project (Madison Co). Daniel Wood, COFO
8/25  Madison County Freedom School Reports, Jo Ann Ooiman
7/16Lettter From a Freedom School Teacher, Dorothy Teal
1964Report on Gluckstadt Freedom School threats, Arlene Bock, COFO
1964Letter to President Lyndon Johnson, Arlene Bock, COFO
Letters & Reports From Clarksdale & Coahoma Co, MS
7/2Clarksdale -- Rev. Rayford's Trial, unsigned, SNCC
7/21Les Johnson Arrested, Clarksdale, MS. Yvonne Klein, COFO
7/25Report From Clarksdale No. 1, Fraser Thomason, DM
7/30Report from Clarksdale No. 3, Fraser & Loris Thomason (DM?)
7/31Report From Clarksdale No. 5, Frazen Thomason, DM
8/5Report Clarksdale No. 7. Fraser Thomson, DM
Letters & Reports From Cleveland & Bolivar Co, MS
6/28Sunflower and Bolivar counties update #1, Jerry Tecklin, COFO
7/7Sunflower and Bolivar counties update #2, Jerry Tecklin, COFO
7/13Report—Terror in Shaw , Wally Roberts, SNCC
7/19Sunflower and Bolivar counties update #3, Jerry Tecklin, COFO
7/23 Report on work as minister-counsellor, Shaw project, George Phelps, DM
AugReport: Arrested for Leafletting, Wally Roberts
9/2Report: Observations Regarding Cleveland , Robert Hall & Robert Gregg
Letters & Reports From Columbus & Lowndes Co, MS
7/8Report on Trip to Columbus, Lowndes Co, Don Elliott, COFO,
7/14Civil Right arrests and trials, Columbus. Unsigned, COFO
7/30The District One Project July 17-30, W.M. Weber, DM
8/04Columbus activities. Mike Higson, COFO
8/14Bi-Weekly Report, Richard Wheelock? COFO?
Letters & Reports From Greenville & Washington Co, MS
6/23Political and racial situation, unsigned COFO
6/29Suspicious cars, Unsigned, COFO
6/30Greenville research report, Unsigned, COFO
6/30Weekly Report to Jackson, Unsigned COFO
7/5Incident of July 5th, Greenville. Unsigned COFO
7/9Report on visit to Sheriff of Washington County, Greenville. Louis Grant, COFO?
7/12Weekly report: Greenville, . Unsigned COFO
8/28Letter From Irene & Everett MacNair
Letters & Reports From Greenwood & Itta Bena, LeFlore Co, MS
6/26FBI Investigation and Arrests in Itta Bena, Unsigned
7/27Report on mob violence against SNCC workers. Betty Garman & Julian Bond
Letters & Reports From Hattiesburg & Forrest Co, MS
 Report & Evaluation Forms, Summer 1964
6/29 SNCC staff worker Pete Stoner arrested and beaten, Hattiesburg MS, unsigned, SNCC
7/11Report to Greenwood and Atlanta; re: Hattiesburg, T. Shaw, DM
7/23 Report on work as minister-counsellor, Shaw project, George Phelps, DM
7/24Report from Hattiesburg. Beech, Cameron, COFO
7/26Report from Hattiesburg, T. Shaw, Delta Ministry?
8/3Report from Hattiesburg, Beech & Cameron, COFO
8/10Report to Greenwood and Atlanta; re: Hattiesburg, T. Shaw, DM
8/11Report from Hattiesburg, Beech & Cameron, DM/COFO
Letters & Reports From Holly Springs & Marshall Co, MS
JulyThree Letters & Reports From a Freedom School Teacher, Chude Allen
7/8Letter re the freedom project, Gitta Perl
7/8Letter re leave of absence, David W. Trimble
7/12Weekly report, Kathleen Dahl
7/13Letter re end of service, Gitta Perl
7/19Weekly report, Eugene Hunn
7/19Weekly report, Ruth Koening
7/26Weekly report, Ruth Koening
7/26Weekly report, Eugene Hunn
7/26Letter regarding research & information, Mary Jennings
8/2Weekly report, Eugene Hunn
8/2Report on visit to Welfare Office, Eugene Hunn
8/5Field report from Holly Springs. Harriet Tanzman, COFO
8/9Weekly report, Eugene Hunn
8/19Letter re Frank Caccatori (Frank Cieciorka), Karin Kunstler
10/22   Letter re news from San Francisco, Sandy
Letters & Reports From Jackson & Hinds Co, MS
6/30Incident Sheet - Volunteers arrested by Jackson police, Unsigned, COFO
7/2Dear Jack, letter re MFDP. Signature illegible  
Letters & Reports From Moss Point & Pascagoula, Jackson Co, MS
1964Report From Moss Point-Pascagoula, undated
6/24 Kirschenbaum and Ridenour arrested Unsigned, COFO
6/25 Moss Point report, June 23-25, Unsigned, COFO
6/25Daily Report, Unsigned COFO (Moss Point)
6/30Report from Moss Point , Unsigned, 6/17-30
6/25Report from Moss Point , Unsigned, 6/23-25
 Memorandum: Report From Moss Point, unsigned Undated (believed to be 6/24 1964)
6/25Report from Moss Point , Unsigned,
JulyMoss Point-Pascagoula, harassment, unsigned COFO
7/7Special Report July 6 and 7 re shooting at Moss Point mass meeting, unsigned COFO
7/7Special Report re shooting, follow up Moss Point, unsigned COFO
7/8Report from Moss Point , Unsigned,
7/11Statement: violation of Civil Rights Act in Moss Point ()
7/13Report from Moss Point , Unsigned, 7/9-13
7/13Voter registration, courthouse report, Mosspoint, Mary Ellickson, COFO
7/13Report on courthouse visit, Mosspoint, Marianne McKay, COFO
7/16Harrassment of COFO workers by Moss Point police, Howard Kirschenbaum, COFO
7/17Moss Point membership meeting. Sally Belfrage, COFO
7/20Report from Moss Point , Unsigned, 7/17-20
7/21Report from Moss Point #1, Unsigned, 7/15-21
7/21Report from Moss Point #2, Unsigned
7/21Moss Point weekly report of court proceedings and meetings, Unsigned, COFO
7/26Report from Moss Point , Unsigned
8/6Report about bomb attack by 12-year old COFO worker Biloxi. Lodie Robinson, COFO
8/14Ocean Springs report, re violence, threats, and retaliation, Alan Verson, COFO
Letters & Reports From Ruleville & Sunflower Co, MS
JuneArriving in , first days, & fear., Mike Yarrow
1964Christopher Hexter bogus trial notes for obstructing traffic, Unsigned, COFO
6/28Sunflower and Bolivar counties update #1, Jerry Tecklin, COFO
7/1Letter home, Wally Roberts
7/2Experiences of a Summer Volunteer #1, Mike Yarrow
7/7Sunflower and Bolivar counties update #2, Jerry Tecklin, COFO
7/11Experiences of a Summer Volunteer #2, Mike Yarrow
7/18Account of Arrest and Jail, Mike Yarrow
7/19Sunflower and Bolivar counties update #3, Jerry Tecklin, COFO
7/27Experiences of a Summer Volunteer #3, Mike Yarrow
7/31Report with suggestions concerning the Ruleville project, Allan Levine & Charles Andrews, DM
Letters & Reports From Yazoo Co. MS
7/9Incident Sheet - Arrest of folk singer Roger Johnson in Bentonia MS, unsigned COFO
Letters & Reports From Florida.
6/22All-Day, CORE Conference, Dunnellon Florida, Judy Benninger, CORE
8/5Weekly Report, CORE Florida Task Force, Judy Benninger, CORE
Letters & Reports From Louisiana.
6/13Dear People, letter re journey South & CORE training, Plaquimines, LA, Peggy Ewan (Meg Redden)
Misc. & Other Letters & Reports
5/31Letter From Jim Boebel, about Freedom Summer
1964Report From Amite County, Marshall Ganz, COFO
JulyMemo re Second District MFDP Convention, undated. Stokely Carmichael, SNCC
7/7Federal Programs Project Weekly Report, Michael Piore, COFO, Canton
7/7Freedom School at Asbury Church, Unsigned COFO, [Handwritten report]
7/13Letter to Amzie Moore re support for, COFO, Rep. Don Edwards
7/16Lettter From a Freedom School Teacher, Dorothy Teal. Carthage .
7/16Courthouse Situation Issaquena Co. Muriel, COFO
7/18Communication & Transportation letter, Sara Lieber & Ruth Steward, COFO/CORE
7/21Letter to Steve Blum re community center at Biloxi, Annell Ponder, SCLC
1964Report on Freedom School, Cedar Grove (Newton County), Prickett, Nelson, Tompkins, COFO
1964Report on Freedom Democratic Party work toward educational meetings, Mabel Metzer, MFDP
7/22Report on meeting with Joe _____, (handwritten), Wesley A_______
7/22Report on meeting with Ralph Wisedess?, (handwritten), Wesley A_______
7/23Report on meeting with Rev. S_____ Mason?, (handwritten)
7/24Memo to George (Raymond?), re request for speaker in Rankin Co. , Natalie Tompkins, COFO
7/24Report from Mississippi NAACP Headquarters, re Dr. King speaking tour & other topics, Lee Ball
7/25Report of Visit to Mississippi, July 19-25. A. Stauffer Curry, DM
7/31Report from Starkville, unsigned
8/8Mississippi Summer Project – Experiences and Observations, July 26-August 8. Albert Ronander
8/8Report on the Summer Project. Alvin Pam
8/24Letter re funding community centers, Kaufman, Levine, Lodge
Letters & Reports From New York, NY
7/4To Mrs. Hodes re Newsletter, Kay Raphael, parents group
7/20Notes on parents meeting with James Forman, Steve Schwerner, Unsigned COFO? SNCC?
2/9Meeting of Miss. Project Parent's Committee, Unsigned

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