Civil Rights Movement
Letters & Field Reports From
Canton & Meridian, MS

Madison & Lauderdale Counties

1/24/64David Dennis, COREReport on Arrest in Canton
2/4/64Edward Hollander, CORELetter to Robert Kennedy, re violence in Canton
2/04/64Edward Hollander, COREReport on Defendants in Canton
2/22/64Andrew Green, CORE/COFOCamden update Madison Co. MS
2/24/64Martha JonesReport Camden, Mississipi, rural organizing and contact list
1964NCC MinistersThe Ministers' Report, re 10 day experience in Canton MS
2/64Arthur Thomas, NCCReport to the Commmission on Canton, Mississippi
2/29/64Huber Klemme, NCCA Report of a Visit to Canton Mississippi, February 26-29, 1964
2/29/64A. Garnett Day, NCCReport on the Commission to Canton, Mississippi
3/02/64Edward Hollander, COREReport on Canton Freedom Day
3/4/64T.E. Simar, NCCMemorandum on a Three Day Visit to Canton, Mississippi, COFO & United Christian Missionary Society
3/4/64T.W. Simer, NCCA memorandum on a Three Day Visit to Canton, Mississippi
3/9/64Edward Heininger, UCCFExpense Account for Trip to Canton, Mississippi
3/9/64Edward Hollander, COREWeekly Report on Canton
3/10/64Unsigned, CORECanton Weekly Report
3/22/64Unsigned, CORECanton Weekly Report
3/25/64Rita Schwerner, COREWeekly Report
4/13/64Rita Schwerner, COREWeekly report
4/20/64Rita Schwerner, COREWeekly report
2/22/64 Andrew Green CORE/COFO Report on Camden, Madison Co. MS 
4/25/64 Unsigned CORE Food & clothing report, Madison Co. MS 
4/25/64Unsigned COFOValley View supplies needs Madison Co. MS
4/27/64Rita Schwerner, COREWeekly report
4/28/64Unsigned COFOWeekly Report: Canton Project Madison Co. MS
4/28/64 Unsigned CORE/COFO Canton Project Report 2/28 - 4/28, Madison Co. MS 
5/13/64Ed Hollander, CORE An Impromptu Report on Recent Events in Canton
5/14/64Ed Hollander, CORELetter re CORE Meridian project community center
5/14/64unsigned CORECORE Community Center in Meridian Mississippi
5/16/64Rita Schwerener, COREMeridian Mississippi report
1964Judy Hampton, COFOReport re her secretarial experience for Mrs. Devine, Canton MS
1964Margaret Cunningham, COFOReport about phones, Canton MS
1964L. Foner? COFO?Freedom Registration in the City of Canton
6/6/64Rita Schwerener, COREMeridian Mississippi report
6/10/64Richard Haley, CORELetter to Mickey and Rita Schwerner, Meridian MS
See also Freedom Summer Letters & Reports From Canton & Madison Co
6/29/64Unsigned CORE/COFOCanton Mississippi preparations for Freedom Summer
6/64Unsiged, CORE/COFOOutline of Committee Work, Madison County Movement
7/64Gilman & OoimanFreedom School Plans, Pleasant Green, Madison Co.
7/64Unsigned, COFOGluckstadt General Information
7/64Unsigned VR workersNote to Rudy [Lombard] re meeting, undated (July '64?)
7/64Unsigned, COFOMoss Point-Pascagoula report
7/6/64 Leiber & Steward (COFO)Communications and Transportation, Madison Co, memo to George Raymond (CORE)
7/7/64Natalie Tompkins Dear George, note to George Raymond (CORE) re request from Rankin Co.
7/17/64Bob Gore(?), CORECOFO Project in Meridian, Mississippi,
1964Annie Moody, COFOReport from Canton
1964Unsigned COFO/CORETentative Plan for organization in Valley View
8/64?Ohls, Lepper & WattsReport re Madison Co. activities, undated (possibly July or August '64)
8/11/64Rev. Felix Danford LionReport on the activities of an NCC counsellor
8/25/64Jo Ann Ooiman, COREMadison County Freedom School Reports
9/64UnsignedMeridian Community Center report, Sept, 1964
9/6/64Devine & Rainone, COFOCanton Project Political Programs Report, MS
9/6/64Mary Ann Shupenko, COFOCanton office manager report, MS
9/7/64Mary Ann Shupenko, COFO/COREReport on office administration, Madison Co. MS
9/10/64Unsigned, COFOCanton COFO, Two Week's Report
9/12/64Unsigned COFO/CORECanton COFO Two-Week Report MS
9/12/64Eric Orr, COFOWeekly Report, Madison Co. MS
9/12/64Eartiss J. Crawford, COFOWeekly Report, Madison Co. MS
9/13/64Unsigned, COFOValley View Two Week Report, Madison Co. MS
9/13/64Sandra Watts, COREMeridian COFO Weekly Report
9/15/64Mary Ann Shupenko, COFO/COREWeekly office report Canton, Madison Co. MS
9/16/64Mrs. Annie Devine, COFOProject report, Canton-Madison
9/16/64Mrs. Annie Devine, COFOWeekly Report Political Programs Madison Co. MS
9/16/64Mary Ann Shupenko, COFOLetter to Mr. Haley re petition to Madison County School Board
9/19/64Eric Orr, COFOWeekly Report, Madison Co. MS
9/20/64Unsigned, COFO/CORE Valley View Weekly Report, Sept. 14-20. Madison Co. MS
9/21/64Arlene Bock, COFO/COREWeekly Report, Sept 18-21, Canton & Madison Co, MS
9/23/64Nancy Jervis, COFO/COREDaily Report - Sept 20-23, Canton, MS
9/24/64Judy Hampton, COFO/COREDaily Report, Sept 20-24, Madison Co. MS
9/24/64Eric Orr, COFO/COREWeekly Report federal programs), Madison Co. MS
9/25/64Sandra Watts, COREMeridian Project Report, Sept 14-25, 1964
9/27/64Charles Prickett, COFO/CORELife and Loves of Charles Prickett weekly report, Madison Co. MS
9/27/64Phil Sharp, COFODaily Report, Madison Co. MS
9/27/64Arlene Bock, COFO/COREWeekly Report, Madison Co. MS
9/27/64Tom Ramsey? COFOWeekly Report, Madison Co. MS
9/28/64Mary Ann Shupenko, COREDaily Report, Madison Co. MS
9/28/64Mary Ann Shupenko, COREOffice Management: Legal, Comm. & Finances, Madison Co. MS
9/28/64Nancy Jervis, COFO/COREWeekly Report, Madison Co. MS
9/28/64Unsigned COFO/COREWeekly Report from Valley View, Madison Co. MS
10/4/64Eartiss J. Crawford, COFO Weekly Report, Federal programs Madison Co. MS
10/4/64Unsigned, CORE/COFOFederal programs Madison Co. MS
10/4/64Arlene Bock, CORE/COFO Weekly Report , Madison Co. MS
10/4/64Judy Hampton, CORE/COFODaily Reports 9/27-9/30, Madison Co. MS
10/5/64Jo Ann Ooiman, COREIndividual Report & Freedom School, Canton MS
10/5/64Phil Sharp, COFODaily Reports, Canton MS, Sept 28-Oct 5
10/5/64Nancy Jervis? COFODaily Reports, Canton MS, Sept 28-Oct 5
10/5/64Mary Jo Shupenko, COFOIncident Summary, Canton/Madison Co. MS.
10/6/64Unsigned, CORE/COFOWeekly report, Canton MS, 9/30- 10/6
10/9/64Preston Ponder, Sandra WattsMeridian Project Report, Sept 26-Oct 9, 1964
10/11/64 Phil Sharp, COFO Daily Reports, Canton MS 
10/64Joe MorseMeridian Report of Political Programs, Sept 26-Oct 9, 1964
10/10/64Arlene Bock, COFOWeekly report, MS
10/11/64Myrtis Jean Evans, COFOWeekly report, Rankin Co. MS (handwritten)
10/11/64Phil Sharp, COFODaily Reports, Canton MS
10/11/64Tom Ramsay, COFOWeekly reports, Canton MS
10/11/64Elayne Delott, COFOWeekly reports, Canton MS
10/12/64Charles Prickett, COFOWeekly Report, Canton MS
10/12/64Judy Hampton, COFO/COREWeekly Report, Canton MS
10/12/64Unsigned, COFO/COREWeekly Report, Valley View, MS
10/12/64Jo Ann Ooiman, COREIndividual Report Canton MS
10/15/64Mary Ann Shupenko, CORELetter to Richard Haley re gas receipts Canton MS
10/16/64UnsignedMeridian Project Report, Oct 10-16, 1964
10/18/64 Karen Duncan, COFO Daily Report, Oct 12 - Oct 18. Madison Co. MS. 
10/18/64 Judi Hampton, CORE/COFO Daily Report, Oct 13 - Oct 18. Madison Co. MS. 
10/20/64USDANote to Greg Kaslo directing him to contact Rev. Meadows re Overall Economic Development Program report, Clarke Co. MS
10/20/64 Joann Ooiman, CORE Letter to Mr. Ryshpan thanking him for adopting her as a civil rights worker (Handwritten) 
10/64Greg Kaslo, COFONote to Rev. W.L. Meadows requesting Overall Economic Development Program report, undated 1964 (probably October 20-22) Clarke Co. MS
10/24/64Heber Ladner, MSNote from Mississippi Secty of State responding to inquiry by Greg Laslo, Clarke Co. MS
10/25/64Greg Kaslo, COFOClarke County Project Report Oct 18-24
10/25/64 Richard Jewett, CORE Weekly Report, Meridian MS 
10/27/64 Phil Sharp, COFO Daily Report, Madison Co. MS 
11/1/64 Richard Jewett, CORE Weekly Report, Meridian MS 
11/8/64Sandra Watts, CORE/COFOProject Report, Oct 17-Nov 8, 1964
11/8/64Richard Jewett, CORE/COFOReport on staff meeting in Meridian
11/64Joe Morse, CORE/COFOPolitical Report, Oct 17-Nov 8, 1964
11/64Gail Falk, CORE/COFOFreedom School Report, Oct 17-Nov 8, 1964
11/10/64Luke Cabat, MFP-SUDetailed report from Meridian MS
11/15/64Richard Jewett, CORE/COFOWeekly Report, Madison County MS
11/20/64George Raymond, CORELetter to Richard Haley re Madison County Farmer's League
11/64Phil Sharp, COFOInformation on Valley View
11/23/64 Sandra Watts, COFO Meridian Report MS 
11/29/64Ed Hollander, CORE/COFOJoe Morse, Sandy Watts arrested
12/13/64Sandra Watts, CORE/COFOMeridian Project Report, November 10-December 13
12/19/64George Raymond, CORELetter to Richard Haley re Madison Co. Cooperative
12/64Joe Morse, CORE/COFOMeridian Project Political Report, November 10-December 13
1964Tom ManoffLetter to Annell Ponder re Canton MS matters
64? 65?T.A. Lassiter, CORE?Observations and Recommendations (possibly regarding Meridian MS CORE project)
64? 65?Mary Shupenko, COREReport From Madison & Rankin Counties
1965 Freeman Cocroft, COFO Note requesting permission to return to Meridian MS project (handwritten) 
1/65George Raymond, CORECanton MS Report
1/10/65Andrew Green, COFOValley View Weekly Report, Madison Co. MS
1/13/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to Meridian COFO office
1/13/65Smith & Slote, CORE/COFOMeridian Project Report, December 15-January 13 1965
1/22/65Andrew GreenWeekly report from Valley View area of Madison Co. MS
1/26/65Andrew Green, COFOReport on Billy Nobel surveillance, Valley View, MS.
1/31/65Andrew Green, COFOWeekly Report on Madison County activities, MS
2/65Sandra Watts, CORECanton Project Report
2/3/65Andrew Green, COFOWeely Report Valley View
2/7/65Unsigned, CORECanton Project Report
2/8/65 Canton CORE Canton Project January 25-February 8 1965, MS 
2/11/65CORE/COFO staffMeridian Project Report, January 13-February 11, 1965
2/15/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to George Smith re Meridian CORE/COFO project
2/18/65Judy Wright, CORELetter to Richard Haley
2/18/65Lee, COFOWeekly Report from Valley View Office
2/22/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to George Raymond, re Canton Project report
2/23/65Haley & Wright, CORECorrespondence re missing pay check
2/24/65Edwin Day, CORELetter to George Smith re credit card
2/24/65Unsigned, COFO/COREReport from the Valley View Office in Madison County re planned student strike and Mississippi Student Union (MSU)
2/28/65unsigned COFO/COREPublic Accommodations Testing, Canton
2/28/65David Dukes, COREProgress report, Jefferson & Madison County FL,
3/18/65Eric Weinberger, CORELetter to James Farmer re OEO discrimination in Meridian
3/20/65 Unsigned CORE/COFO Canton Project Personnel Report, MS 
3/22/65 Unsigned COFO Staff Meeting Madison County COFO, MS 
3/27/65Sandra WattsMadison County Activities
4/65Unsigned CORE/COFOCanton MS Project Financial Report, undated (probably April 1965)
4/65Haley & Weinberger, CORECorrespondence re OEO discrimination in Meridian
4/2/65Unsigned, COFO/COREStaff discussions memo, Canton, MS
4/5/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to Eric Weinberger re Office of Economic Opportunity in Meridian
4/15/65 David Dukes, CORE Field Report, Jefferson & Madison Counties FL 
4/26/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to Greg Kaslo re funding and support
5/65Unsigned, COFO/CORECanton Mississippi report, early May 1965
5/15/65Catherine Crowell, CORELetter re Meridian Project status,
4/65Unsigned CORE/COFOCanton MS Project Financial Report, undated (probably April 1965)
4/27/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to Eric Weinberger re OEO discrimination in Meridian
5/65Unsigned, COFO/CORECanton Mississippi report, early May 1965
6/65Andrew Green, COREReport From Valley View Office
6/2/65Bill Forsyth, CORE/COFOReport for Madison County
6/15/65Many staff members, COREMeridian Project Report
7/17/65Charney Bromberg, CORE Report on attempt to integrate the white public park in Canton MS
8/6/65Rick Saling, COFO/COREValley View Weekly Report, MS
8/20/65Kenner Christiansen, COFOWeekly Report, Valley View, August 14-20. MS
8/22/65Rick Saling, COFOWeekly Report, Valley View, August 15-22. MS
8/27/65 Christiansen & Green, COFO Weekly Report from Valley View MS 
8/28/65 Unsigned, COFO Report from Valley View MS 
8/29/65 Rick Saling, COFO Weekly Report from Valley View MS 
9/5/65 Rick Saling, COFO Valley View weekly activities (Madison Co. MS). Aug 30-Sept 5 
9/5/65 Unsigned, COFO Weekly Report From the Valley View Office in Madison County MS 
9/12/65 Rick Saling, COFO Valley View Weekly Report (Madison Co. MS), Sept 6-Sept 12 
9/19/65 Rick Saling, COFO Valley View Weekly Report (Madison Co. MS), Sept 13-Sept 19 
9/26/65 Rick Saling, COFO Valley View Weekly Report (Madison Co. MS), Sept 20-Sept 26 
10/25/65 Madison Parish Voters League Dear Sir re employment to Negros LA 

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