Civil Rights Movement
Letters & Field Reports
Meridian & Madison County MS

3/25/64 Weekly Report, Rita Schwerner, CORE
4/13/64 Weekly report, Rita Schwerner. CORE
4/20/64 Weekly report, Rita Schwerner. CORE
4/27/64 Weekly report, Rita Schwerner. CORE
05/13/64 An Impromptu Report on Recent Events in Canton (MS), Ed Hollander, CORE
5/14/64 Letter re CORE Meridian project community center (MS), Ed Hollander, CORE
5/14/64 CORE Community Center in Meridian Mississippi, unsigned CORE
5/16/64 Meridian Mississippi report Rita Schwerener, CORE
6/6/64 Meridian Mississippi report, Rita Schwerener, CORE
6/10/64 Letter to Mickey and Rita Schwerner, Meridian MS, Richard Haley, CORE
7/17/64 COFO Project in Meridian, Mississippi, Bob Gore(?), CORE
9/13/64 Meridian COFO Weekly Report, Sept 7-13, 1964. Sandra Watts
9/25/64 Meridian Project Report, Sept 14-25, 1964. Sandra Watts
10/9/64 Meridian Project Report, Sept 26-Oct 9, 1964. Preston Ponder, Sandra Watts
  Meridian Report of Political Programs, Sept 26-Oct 9, 1964. Joe Morse
  Meridian Community Center report, Sept, 1964. Unsigned
10/16/64 Meridian Project Report, Oct 10-16, 1964. Unsigned
11/8/64 Project Report, Oct 17-Nov 8, 1964, Sandra Watts, CORE/COFO
11/8/64Report on staff meeting in Meridian MS, Richard Jewett, CORE/COFO
  Political Report, Oct 17-Nov 8, 1964, Joe Morse, CORE/COFO
  Freedom School Report, Oct 17-Nov 8, 1964, Gail Falk, CORE/COFO
11/10/64 Detailed report from Meridian MS, Luke Cabat (MFP-SU)
11/29/64Joe Morse, Sandy Watts arrested, Ed Hollander, CORE/COFO
12/13/64 Meridian Project Report, November 10-December 13, Sandra Watts, CORE/COFO
  Meridian Project Political Report, November 10-December 13, Joe Morse, CORE/COFO
UndatedObservations and Recommendations (possibly regarding Meridian MS CORE project), T.A. Lassiter, CORE?
1/13/65 Letter to Meridian COFO office, Richard Haley, CORE
1/13/65 Meridian Project Report, December 15-January 13 1965, George Smith, Pinky Slote, CORE/COFO
2/11/65 Meridian Project Report, CORE/COFO staff. January 13-February 11, 1965
2/15/65 Letter to George Smith re Meridian CORE/COFO project, Richard Haley, CORE. February 15, 1965
2/18/65 Letter to Richard Haley, Judy Wright, CORE
2/23/65 Correspondence re missing pay check, Richard Haley & Judy Wright, CORE
2/24/65 Letter to George Smith re credit card, Edwin Day, CORE
3/18/65 Letter to James Farmer re OEO discrimination in Meridian, Eric Weinberger, CORE
4/65 Correspondence re OEO discrimination in Meridian Richard Haley & Eric Weinberger, CORE
4/5/65 Letter to Eric Weinberger re Office of Economic Opportunity in Meridian, Richard Haley, CORE
4/26/65 Letter to Greg Kaslo re funding and support, Richard Haley, CORE
5/15/65 Letter re Meridian Project status, Catherine Crowell, CORE.
4/27/65 Letter to Eric Weinberger re OEO discrimination in Meridian, Richard Haley, CORE
6/15/65 Meridian Project Report, Catherine Crowell, George Smith, Dora Carter, Agnes Smith, Joe Morse, Sandra Watts, CORE

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