Civil Rights Movement
Letters & Field Reports
From Sunflower County & Ruleville Mississippi

9/21/62Letter to President John F. Kennedy voting threatsCharles R. McLaurin (SNCC)
11/62Economy of Ruleville, Mississippi (re Food Blockade)Cobb & McLaurin, SNCC
12/04/62Ruleville and Drew reportUnsigned (SNCC)
12/18/62Letter to Jim, Sunflower CountyCharles McLaurin, SNCC
1/63Update from Sunflower CountyUnsigned (SNCC)
1964Ruleville threats and shootings for registering to vote  Charles Cobb (SNCC)
2/18/64   Report by Phone From Leflore County re RulevilleCharlie Cobb, SNCC
2/64Report From Sunflower CountyCharles McLaurin, SNCC
2/19/64Report From Sunflower CountyCharles McLaurin, SNCC
9/64?Report on Sunflower CountyJohn Harris, SNCC
64?Dear Alicia, undated from Sunflower Co.Linda Kaplow, COFO
1964M.C. Perry Charged with Distrubing the PeaceC.A. Frerichs (SNCC)
8/64Harrassment in Sunflower CountyLeonard Edward (COFO? SNCC?)
1/12/65 Sunflower County — Activity Report, Unknown, COFO
2/65Ruleville Report—Sunflower County Linda Davis. SNCC

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