Civil Rights Movement
Letters & Field Reports
From Sunflower County & Ruleville Mississippi
SNCC/COFO/MFDP 1962-1965

See also Freedom Summer Letters & Reports From Ruleville & Sunflower Co
62? 63?Unsigned SNCCThis is Sunflower County, Mississippi
9/21/62Charles McLaurin   Letter to President John F. Kennedy voting threats
11/62Cobb & McLaurin Economy of Ruleville, Mississippi (re Food Blockade)
12/04/62Unsigned SNCC Ruleville and Drew report
12/18/62Charles McLaurin Letter to Jim, Sunflower County
1/63Unsigned, SNCC Update from Sunflower County
1964Charles Cobb Ruleville threats and shootings for registering to vote
2/18/64  Charlie Cobb Report by Phone From Leflore County re Ruleville
2/64Charles McLaurin Report From Sunflower County
2/19/64Charles McLaurin Report From Sunflower County
9/64?John Harris Report on Sunflower County
64?Linda Kaplow Dear Alicia, undated from Sunflower Co.
1964C.A. Frerichs M.C. Perry Charged with Distrubing the Peace
JuneArriving in , first days, & fear., Mike Yarrow
1964Unsigned, COFOChristopher Hexter bogus trial notes for obstructing traffic
6/28/64Jerry Tecklin, COFOSunflower and Bolivar counties update #1
7/1/64Wally Roberts, SNCCLetter home
7/2/64Mike YarrowExperiences of a Summer Volunteer #1
7/7/64Jerry Tecklin, COFOSunflower and Bolivar counties update #2
7/11/64Mike YarrowExperiences of a Summer Volunteer #2
7/18/64Mike YarrowAccount of Arrest and Jail
7/19/64Jerry Tecklin, COFOSunflower and Bolivar counties update #3
7/27/64Mike YarrowExperiences of a Summer Volunteer #3
7/31/64Allan Levine & Charles Andrews, DMReport with suggestions concerning the Ruleville project
8/64Leonard EdwardsHarrassment in Sunflower County
1/12/65Unknown, COFOSunflower County—Activity Report
1965Unsigned SNCCA Brief Summary of Incidents in Sunflower County Mississippi, June 1964 - April 1965. SNCC/COFO
3/07/65Karen Koonan, SNCCNote to Alicia Kaplow, re arrests, fire bombings & rebuilding of freedom school in Indianola MS
4/10/65Fed. Dist. CourtVoting rights injunction Sunflower County MS, Federal District Court Northern Mississippi. April 10, 1965.
4/25/65Charles Hills, Jackson Clarion-LedgerAid For New Registered Negroes Is Being Sought, SNCC reprint
5/65John HarrisAppeal to friends and supporters of Sunflower County Freedom Movement
5/7/65Margaret Lauren, SNCCLetter about Sunflower voting rights injunction, to Friends of SNCC
5/10/65UnsignedSunflower County Report, significant events April 13-May 9
1/5/66 Otis Brown Jr, MFDP Letter to Lucy Montgomery re Indianola communicty center and permit problems, (MS)
1/22/66 Lucy Montgomery Reply to Otis Brown re Indianola community center, (MS)
1/27/66 Otis Brown Jr, MFDP Thank you note to Lucy Montgomery re Sunflower County struggle (handwritten) (MS)
2/7/66 Otis Brown Jr, MFDP Dear friend, handwritten note about struggle in Sunflower County and effort to build a community center. (MS)
5/3/66 Otis Brown Jr, MFDP Dear Mrs. Kenneth, letter re new court-ordered elections in Sunflower County (MS)
8/19/66 Mrs. Kenneth Montgomery Reply to Otis Brown and donation for Sunflower Co. community center
9/14/66 Otis Brown Jr. MFDP Dear Friends, report on resistance to school integration and the War on Poverty CAP program in Sunflower Co.
12/01/66 Mrs. Kenneth Montgomery Dear Friend Who Never Gives Up message to Otis Brown, Black Power, and donation

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