Danny Lyon

1961-66, SNCC
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SNCC staff photographer.

Danny Lyon is the author of a number of books including Like a Thief's Dream, he true story of the bank robber and convicted murderer. See Dektol Weblog for more information.

"Murderers", the new 30 min DVD by Danny Lyon is now available from bleakbeauty.com.

Made exclusively with murderers and friends in three states; New York, Arkansas, and New Mexico, this is a dark and profound work on one of the oldest of mankind's activities, murder. Moving and beautiful with the use of great music, the film is deeply disturbing. You may view a scene at this site: Murderers

Five Days Danny Lyon's new 60 minute DVD of the massive protests of August 2004, in NYC against the Republican National Convention is available from bleakbeauty.com.

On the last days of August, 2004 and the first days of September, New York City experienced the largest non-violent demonstrations directed against a political convention in American history. NYPD listed 120 separate protests. 1821 people were arrested. On a single day, half a million persons marched up Eighth Avenue towards the Republican National Convention in Madison Square Garden. Almost none of these protests reached the American people or the world via television.

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