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Selma & Black Belt Voting Rights Campaign
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Selma — Cracking the Wall of Fear (1963)

Freedom Day in Selma (1963)

The Selma Injunction (1964)

Selma Voting Rights Campaign (

The March to Montgomery 1965)

Murder and Character Assasination of Viola Liuzzo 1965)

Our God is Marching On! Martin Luther King's speech to marchers in Montgomery, March 25, 1965.

Selma & Montgomery: Personal Memories of Freedom Movement Veterans

Charles Bonner & Betty Fikes

Bruce Hartford

John Jackson

Bernard Lafayette

Eric Lerner

John Lewis

Bob Mants

Gwen Patton

Wazir Peacock

Jimmy Rogers

Ruby Sales

Jean Wiley

Articles by Freedom Movement Veterans

Remembrance of Selma — 1963, Bernard Lafayette (A Circle of Trust)

Black Belt, Alabama: Total Segregation, Jerry DeMuth. August, 1964 (Commonweal)

Brown Uniforms in Selma, Alabama, Jerry DeMuth, August, 1964. (Original publication unidentified.)

Giant Step on Freedom Road, Norman Hill, March, 1965 (New America)

When We Get the Vote, Wallace Will Get Religion, Bell Chivigny, April, 1965 (Village Voice)

Demonstrations and the Necessity Thereof, Sammy Young, TIAL. 1965

Other Articles

The South at War: Five Battles of Selma, Warren Hinckle and David Welsh. Ramparts Magazine, June 1965. [Large file]


Selma & the March to Montgomery

The Movement in Alabama

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