Civil Rights Movement Documents
Selma Alabama and the March to Montgomery

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1963 — SNCC Field Reports, Organizing Materials & Publications:
February 15, 1963, Bernard & Colia Lafayette
February, 1963, James Austin
April 6, 1963, Colia Lafayette
August 19, 1963 Report on Selma Mass Meeting, Wilson Brown
Selma Alabama: Special Report, September 26, 1963
Selma Report: Bogue Chitto Area, Avery Lee Williams, November 6
Selma Report: Plantersville, Rev. Thomas Brown, November 6
Selma Report: Orrville, Rev. Thomas Brown? November 7
Selma Report: November 9, 1963, Bruce Gordon

1964 — SNCC Field Reports, Organizing Materials & Publications:
Selma: Report on People Fired for Trying to Register to Vote, January 2, 1964
Selma, Special Report, January 6, 1964
April Field Report of Bogue Chitto, Sardis and Selma, AL, B.L. Tucker
June 28 Project Report. John Love

1965 — SNCC Field Reports, Organizing Materials & Publications:
SNCC Special Report, undated, 1965.
Perry County Alabama Report, February 1st. SNCC.
Fact Sheet, Alabama events, Jan 15-Feb 4, 1965, Tom Brown
The Alabama Struggle, SNCC. Early February. (Campus flyer?)
Special Report Selma, Marion, Black Belt Alabama, February 4, 1965
SNCC ~ The General Condition of the Alabama Negro. 28-page report/analysis.
SNCC Action Memo: Selma and Marion, Alabama, Betty Garman. February 5, 1965
Support Action on Selma and Marion, Alabama, Probably February
Selma, Marion, Students Move, SNCC Campus Report, Feb 9, 1965
The Alabama Struggle, SNCC. Early February. (Campus flyer?)
Emergency News Bulletin re Selma AL, Betty Garman, SNCC. February 10 1965
Support Action on Selma and Marion, Alabama, SNCC. Probably February. (Northern support)
The Stench of Freedom, Selma. Ralph Featherstone, SNCC. February 20, 1965
Justice Department Activity in Alabama, unsigned SNCC. February 25 1965
Memo to Friends of SNCC re death of Jimmie Lee Jackson, Betty Garman, SNCC. February 26 1965
Memo to Friends of SNCC re Hammermill Paper Co re Selma Alabama. "Betty Garman & John Perdew, SNCC. Undated (probably February or March 1965)
To the Justice Department and U.S. Congress, University Friends of SNCC. Undated 1965 (probably Feb. or Mar.)
The General Condition of the Alabama Negro. SNCC report/analysis. March 1965
Selma, Alabama (report), Silas Norman & John Love. Early March (just before "Bloody Sunday")
SNCC Bulletin: Information on Today's Brutality in Selma, March 7, 1965
"Bloody Sunday" Bulletin & McSurney WATS Report, SNCC Press Release. March 7, 1965
Bloody Sunday incidents and response, Unsigned, SNCC. March 8, 1965
To Friends of SNCC Re Selma Alabama, Betty Garman, SNCC. March 11, 1965
Letter to John Lewis re proposed Selma plant, John DeVitt, president, Hammermill Paper Co. March 13, 1965
Reply to letter from Hammermill Paper company about Selma plant, John Lewis, SNCC. March 25, 1965
A Few Recent Deaths in Alabama, Unsigned, SNCC. March 14, 1965
COFO News: Notes From Selma, unsigned COFO. Undated, mid-March, 1965
SNCC Report on "Bloody Sunday," March 7, 1965
Who is Responsible for Alabama Police Brutality, March 8, 1965. SNCC Report.
Role of the Federal Government in the Deep South, SNCC? Undated presumed March
Memo to Atlanta SNCC re Selma, Howard Zinn. March 16, 1965.
The Campus Digest, Tuskegee Institute, March 20, 1965.
Example flyers from the Selma Voting Rights Campaign: PDF collectionHTML version (with notes)
We Demand, support leaflet. Committee for the Right to Vote in Selma Alabama (Madison WI?). March 1965.
SNCC: The New Voting Bill: Rhetoric and Reality, March 23
Marching Through Selma, special supplement The Movement newspaper (FoS). Undated March
Hammermill Boycott, Unsigned SNCC research. March 31, 1965

SCLC & Other Organizations, 1965:

Dear Friend, fund appeal related to voting-rights. Martin Luther King, SCLC, February 1965 (during the Selma voting rights campaign)
Flyer: Freedom Day #2 February 22, 1965
In a Land Where Murder is Respectable, SCLC Brochure. Alabama. (Undated)
Contact (Selma), Charles Fager, SCLC. 2/65.
Meeting For Future Action in Selma, SCLC March on Montgomery. Unsigned SCLC. March 23, 1965
Last Day of the Selma-Montgomery March, Rev. Dr. Janet Wolfe. March 29, 1965
Four letters from Selma, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. April-May
Letter re CORE and Selma & March to Montgomery, Randy Glenn, CORE. April 2, 1965
Letter re Selma & Montgomery protests, Unsigned. SCEF? April 2, 1965
Selma song lyrics, (collected by Bruce Hartford) March
Proposal for action for visit by newspaper editors, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. Undated 1965 (possibly May or early June)
Selma Alabama: Operation Plan for picketing, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. May 22 1965
Selma Alabama: Report on picket team arrests, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. May 22 1965
Selma Alabama: Proposed Action for Friday-Saturday, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. May 28-29, 1965
Selma Alabama: Demonstration Plan Bruce Hartford, SCLC. June 4-5 1965
To Secure Civil Rights in Alabama..., Spring, 1965
Let There Be Understanding of the Call to Boycott in Alabama, Spring, 1965


President Johnson and the Right to Vote, P.J. Warshall, Committee on Selma. Undated, probably March 1965

Operation Freedom Helps in Selma, Rev. Maurice McCrackin, OFC. April 1965

The Story ofSelma: the Other Side of the Coin, Dallas County Alabama Chamber of Commerce. April 6, 1965 (Racist, anti-voting rights pamphlet.)


Meal card
Voting Rights Campaign, 1965


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