McComb Mississippi 1964
Incidents & Events

Determined to maintain its system of racial oppression and exploitation, the white power-structure in the South responded to the Freedom Movement with vicious repression and retaliation. Images of a burning Freedom Ride bus, Birmingham's fire hoses and snarling dogs, Selma's Bloody Sunday, and the assasinations of Movement figures have become familiar Movement icons. Less well know — but just as vicious and debilitating — was the daily harrassment, intimidation, violence, and state repression that occurred week after week, month after month, year after year, in every town, village, and rural area.

One such area, composed of Pike and Amite Counties Mississippi, was centered on the small town of McComb. Below are lists of incidents and events in the McComb area during 1964.

Civil Rights Incidents in McComb 1964 [PDF]

The 11 McComb Bombers [PDF]

Other Events in McComb, Mississippi Area [PDF]

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