Eugene Turitz

Introduction to 1965 Interviews, Eugene Turitz

I came across these two interviews in late 2018 when preparing for meeting with students at Berkeley High School. They were surprising to find as I had no recollection of having done them. In many ways it is good that no one else has seemed to have seen them as their contents would have been more appropriate for an internal conversation about the movement than for a general discussion.

Today, while there may be many disagreements about what is said in these interviews, I believe that there is a usefulness in having such an assessment of what took place at that time. I also realize that there can be negative reactions to the arrogance and "whiteness" of some of the criticisms. I do think that much of the basis for those viewpoints expressed was in the very fundamentals of what we all were learning from the organizers in SNCC and how important those were. They have continued to be the basis of much of the work that I went on doing then and am still doing now.

I am sorry to say that I do not remember what the opening question was or how that lead to the discussion of what was going on in Hattiesburg.


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