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Documents From the Sit-Ins, 1960-61

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Sit-In Background & Context
The Greensboro Sit-Ins, 1960
Sit-ins Sweep Across the South, 1960-1964
Durham Sit-ins and Protests, 1960-61
Charlotte-Rock Hill Sit-ins, 1960
Nashville Student Movement, 1960-1964
Tallahassee Students Gassed & Arrested, 1960
Richmond Desegregation Campaign, 1960
Mass Arrest of Student Protesters, Orangeburg, SC., 1960
Montgomery Sit-ins Suppressed, 1960
Alabama Attacks Black Leaders, 1960-1964
Baltimore Sit-ins & Protests, 1960
Atlanta Sit-ins, 1960
Nonviolent Action Group, (NAG) Howard University
Savannah Sit-ins & Boycott, 1960-62
Baton Rouge Sit-ins & Student Strike, 1960
New Orleans Merchant Boycotts & Sit-ins, 1960-1963
Jacksonville Sit-ins & 'Ax-Handle Saturday', 1960
Rock Hill SC, "Jail-No-Bail" Sit-ins, 1961
Tougaloo Nine and Jackson State Protest, 1961
Desegregate Route 40 Project, 1961
Baton Rouge Student Protests, 1961-1962

Documents From the 1960s Sit-Ins

An Appeal for Human Rights, Atlanta students. 1960. See Atlanta Sit-ins for background.)

Sit-ins: A Chronological Listing of the Cities In Which Demonstrations Have Occurred, February 1 - March 31, 1960, authors unknown.

Notes: Chronology of Student Sit-Ins and Freedom Rides, 1960-1961, Howard Zinn.

CORE reprint: New York Times sit-in stories, Claude Sitton, Bernard Stengren, NY Times. February, 1960.

Civil Rights Newsletter Unsigned, April 13, 1960.

A Follow Up Report on the Student Protest Movement After Two Months, SRC, April 1960.

Expanded Racial Defense Policy, NAACP. Call for consumer boycotts in response to sit-ins.

The Meaning of the Sit-Ins, Roy Wilkins, NAACP. 12-page pamphlet.

Mass meeting flyer (re sit-ins), SNCC. Atlanta, GA, October, 1960.

Heed Their Rising Voices, The New York Times advertisment which led to the New York Times v Sullivan case that re-defined the 1st Amendment. See Montgomery Sit-ins Suppressed and Alabama Attacks Black Leaders for background.

Sit-Ins: The Students Report CORE pamphlet. 1960.

Rock Hill SC Sit-in Press Release, February 6, 1961. Ed King, SNCC. See Rock Hill SC, "Jail-No-Bail" Sit-ins for background info.

Support letter to all "sit- in" students in jail in York County Jail, SC., National Union of Ghana Students. March 8, 1961.

Voice of the Movement, Student Central Committee, Nashville Christian Leadership Conference. July 16, 1961

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