Civil Rights Movement Documents
Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCFO) 1965-68

[Organized by SNCC, the Lowndes County Freedom Organization was an independent political and movement organization in the Black Belt of Alabama. In elections it was known as the Black Panther Party.]

1965 Lowndes County, AL, SNCC Research Report
1965 Lowndes County Tent City, SNCC. December 29 1965.
1965 Report on Lowndes County tent city, Fay Bellamy. December 30, 1965
1965 Lowndes County Voters Seek to Invalidate Elections. SNCC press release, December 31, 1965.
65-66?Voting primer, Unsigned LCFO. Undated (probably 1965 or '66)
1966?Support the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, brochure. Unsigned LCFO. Undated (probably 1966)
1966?One Man, One Vote. 10-page pamphlet explaining independent political action in Lowndes County. Later 1965 or early 1966.
1966 Alabama's Emerging Political Party and Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCFO), unsigned SNCC. 4/28/66.
1966 To the Editors memo encouraging news coverage and scrutiny of May primary elections in Alabama, Julian Bond, SNCC Communications Dept. May 3, 1966
1966 Telephone interview with Courtland Cox re May 1966 elections
1966LCFO Political Education Primer. Multi-page pamphlet in comic-book format explaining county political offices, their importance, and the LCFO candidates.
1966 Coroner (Alabama County), SNCC Research. May 26 1966
1966? Black Power and its Challenges, Berkeley conference. Unsigned. Undated (Probably 1966)
1967Lowndes County Freedom Organization, Jack Minnis.
66? 67? Us Colored People, Lowndes County Freedom Organization. 10-page comic book about voting and political organizing. Early draft,   Later draft.

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