Articles & Speeches
by Civil Rights Movement Veterans
The Mississippi Movement (1955-1968)


See also Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP)

Articles From CRMVets History & Timeline

Rev. George Wesley Lee Murdered (1955)
Lamar Smith Murdered (1955)
Emmett Till Murdered (1955)
Southern States Try to Destroy NAACP (1956-1964)
Mississippi Sovereignty Commission (1956)
Clyde Kennard Framed and Jailed in MS (1959)
Tougaloo Nine and Jackson State Protest (1961)
Freedom Rides (1961)
Voter Registration & Direct-Action in McComb MS (1961)
Herbert Lee Murdered (1961)
Christmas Boycott in Clarksdale MS (1961)
Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) Formed in Mississippi (1962)
Mississippi Voter Registration — Greenwood (1962)
James Meredith Desegregates 'Ole Miss (1962)
Greenwood Food Blockade (1962-63)
Jackson MS, Boycotts (1962-63)
Marching For Freedom in Greenwood (1962)
Voter Registration Movement Expands in Mississippi (1963)
Mass Action in Greensboro (1963)
Jackson Sit-in & Protests (1963)
Atrocity in Winona (1963)
Medgar Evers Assassination (1963)
Medgar's Funeral & End of Jackson Movement (1963)
Struggle for the Vote Continues in Mississippi (1963)
Free Southern Theater Founded (1963)
Struggle for Voting Rights in Mississippi ~ The Early Years.
MFDP Challenge to the Democratic Convention

Articles by Freedom Movement Veterans

Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964, Bruce Hartford. 2014. 108-page pamphlet.
Revolution in Mississippi, Tom Hayden. 1962. 30-page SDS pamphlet about the McComb Movement (incomplete)
Courage and Terror in Mississippi, Jack Minnis. Dissent, Summer 1963
We're Changing Our Lives: Report from Mississippi (incomplete), Martha Prescod. 1963
Mississippi Violence and Federal Power, William Kunstler. Mississippi Eyewitness, 1964
Ole Miss Prof. Hits State Voting Barrier, Prof. Russell Barrett. (Mississippi Free Press, April 1964)
Mississippi From Conversion to Coercion, Christopher Jencks. New Republic, 1964. (SNCC reprint)
'Criminal Syndicalism' in Mississippi, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. Texas Observer, November 13, 1964
Mississippi: 1961-1962, Bob Moses, Liberation, February 1965
Life in Mississippi, Fannie Lou Hamer. (Freedomways, Spring 1965)
Mississippi — State of the Union, Jack O'Dell. Freedomways, Spring 1965
With Our Minds Set on Freedom, Anthology of Writings From Mississippi, Donna Richards & others. Freedomways, Spring 1965
Mississippi and "The Establishment," Joanne Grant. Freedomways, 2nd Quarter 1965.
Portrait of Three Heroes (James Meredith, Medgar Evers, Clyde Kennard), Tom Dent, Free Southern Theater. Freedomways, 2nd Quarter, 1965/td>
Mississippi Legislature: Old Wine in New Bottles, John Perdew, SNCC. July 1965
Mississippi: A Colony of Standard Oil and Sears, Roebuck, John Perdew, SNCC. November 1965
Official Christian Leadership Not Doing Job in Mississippi, Malcolm Boyd and William Jacobs, Ave Maria Weekly, 1965. (Delta Ministry reprint)
Mississippi Election—1966 (Panola County), Jonathan Steinberg. Liberation March 1966
Politics of Necessity & Survival in Mississippi, Guyot & Thewell. Freedomways
Untitled detailed article describing SNCC's Mississippi voter registration campaign, 1961-1962, Bob Moses, SNCC. Liberation, January 1970
Got To Thinking...The Movement in Holmes Co, MS., Sue Sojourner.
Father Nathaniel and the Greenwood Movement, Paul T. Murray. Journal of Mississippi History, 2010

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