Articles & Speeches
by Civil Rights Movement Veterans
March on Washington, August 28, 1963


Articles From CRMVets History & Timeline

The March on Washington, Bruce Hartford.

History and Description of the March (History & Timeline)

March Program & Speeches

March on Washington Demands

List of speakers & entertainers. (Does not include some unscheduled speakers/entertainers)

Program (Program, with statement, demands, & route map)

Original Speech of John Lewis —  Speech of John Lewis as Given

I Have a Dream, speech by Martin Luther King, August 28, 1963

Address to the March on Washington by Josephine Baker

Pledge (Read by A. Phillip Randolp and affirmed by the mass of marchers. Later mailed to civil rights supporters.)

Articles by Freedom Movement Veterans

The Meaning of the March on Washington, Bayard Rustin, 1963.

The Detroit March & March on Washington, SCLC reprint. Author & date unknown.

Seeds of Liberation "...the First Wave", Dave Delinger, Liberation magazine. Editorial, September 1963

August 28—Anniversary of Dream Reborn, editors, Freedomways. 3rd Quarter, 1965

The Rolling of the Busses, Bruce Hartford. 2012.

Memories of the March

Louis Armmand: It Was the Apogee of People's Aspirations
Kay Boyle: No Other Place to Be
Courtland Cox: 60th Anniversary Remembrance of the March on Washington
Fatima Cortez: Any Kind of Revolution is About Change
James Garrett: An 'I Was There Moment'
Joanne Gavin: You Couldn't Help But be Awestruck by the Crowd
Nan Grogan: The March: It Was Like a Glacier Moving Down the Avenue
Bruce Hartford: Nothing But Busses
Joyce Ladner: The March on Washington
Avon Rollins Sr: August 28th 1963 — the March on Washington
Danny Schechter: Remembering the March on Washington in 1963
Peter Sussman: The March: A View From the Crowd
Monte Wasch: One of the Most Electrifying Moments I've Ever Had
Bob Zellner: The March on Washington

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