March on Washington Demands

  1. Comprehensive and effective civil rights legislation from the present Congress — without compromise or filibuster — to guarantee all Americans:
         Access to all public accommodations
         Decent housing
         Adequate and integrated education
         The right to vote
  2. Withholding of Federal funds from all programs in which discrimination exists.

  3. Desegregation of all school districts in 1963.

  4. Enforcement of the Fourteenth Amendment — reducing Congressional representation of states where citizens are disfranchised.

  5. A new Executive Order banning discrimination in all housing supported by federal funds.

  6. Authority for the Attorney General to institute injunctive suits when any Constitutional right is violated.

  7. A massive federal program to train and place all unemployed workers — Negro and white — on meaningful and dignified jobs at decent wages.

  8. A national minimum wage act that will give all Americans a decent standard of living. (Government surveys show that anything less than $2.00 an hour fails to do this.).

  9. [The minimum wage at the time of the march was $1.15/hour. After adjusting for inflation, $1.15 in 1963 is equal to $8.78 in 2013. Today in 2013, the federal minimum wage is only $7.25, significantly lower than what it was 50 years ago. After adjusting for inflation, the $2.00/hour minimum wage called for in the March demands would be equal to a minimum wage of $15.27 today, more than twice what it actually is.]
  10. A broadened Fair Labor Standards Act to include all areas of employment which are presently excluded.

  11. A federal Fair Employment Practices Act barring discrimination by federal, state, and municipal governments, and by employers, contractors, employment agencies, and trade unions.

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