Civil Rights Movement Documents
March on Washington, August 28, 1963

Proposed Plans for March. Organizational proposal for first March planning meeting on July 2, 1963. Possibly drafted by Bayard Rustin.

March on Washington: Organizing Manual No. 1, Cleveland Robinson, Bayard Rustin. MoW organizing committee. August 1963

March On Washington Organizing Manual No.2. Twelve-page manual distributed to groups around the nation who were recruiting and leading march contingents.

March On Washington Newsletter #2. Ten-page Newsletter distributed to organizations who were recruiting marchers and organizing contingents.

March on Washington, mobilization letter, Roy Wilkins, NAACP. July 30, 1963

Letter to President Kennedy requesting an appointment for civil rights leaders to meet with him on the day of the March. A Philip Randolph. August 13, 1963. (Request was granted.)

March on Washington: mobilization flyers, various organizations (4 examples). August 1963

March On Washington reminder, Unsigned, NAACP. August 23, 1963

Marshalls Manual for Bus, Train, and Plane Captains

We Demand an End to Police Brutality Now! flyer. Unsigned (possibly handed out at March on Washington)

Instructions for March Ushers

Halt Justice Department Persecution. SNCC petition distributed marchers opposing the Federal "Jury Tampering" Frameup in Albany GA.

Biographical Sketches of Women Being Honored for their Leadership

List of speakers & entertainers. (Does not include some unscheduled speakers/entertainers)

Program (Actual program, with statement, demands, & route map)

March organizing correspondence from Courtland Cox (SNCC):

Letter to Chicago Friends of SNCC re Organizing Materials, July 30, 1963

Letter to Stokely Carmichael re Funds for Chartering Busses, August 18, 1963

Memo to Bayard Rustin Listing Number of Busses From the South, August 22, 1963

Letter to Bayard Rustin re Freedom Trains, undated.

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