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1961Joan BrowningAlbany Freedom Ride Letters and Chronology (GA)  
62Unknown SNCC voter registration campaign (Albany GA)
11/3/62Unsigned Letter to folks re SNCC house in Albany
11/7/62Jack Chatfield Report on Terrell County
11/8/62Faith HolsaertReport on First Mass Meeting in Sumter County (GA)
11/18/62Faith Holsaert Letter From Albany GA
11/18/62John O'Neal Report of Weeks Activity, Nov 12-15 1963
12/1/62Betsy WycoffLetter to unknown, re Albany Movement
12/1/62Faith HolsaertBon Jour! Letter to friends
12/1/62John O'Neal Weekly Report (Southwest GA)
12/8/62Penny PatchLetter to Wiley Branton of VEP About Albany Georgia
1963?Faith Holsaert Letter to Madre and Cif re Albany election
1963UnsignedReport from Bronwood
1/8/63Faith Holsaert Letter to friends re bus and other news
1/15/63Charles Wingfield    The Lee County Movement, A Bid For Freedom (GA)
1/22/63Faith Holsaert Letter to friends re voters of Terrell
1/22/63Faith HolsaertDear Cif, re people
1/29/63Faith Holsaert Letter to friends re news from Albany
1/29/63Faith Holsaert Report from Albany
2/9/63Faith Holsaert Report from Albany
3/4/63P.Hall, Joyce, M.Gaines  Letters and a poem from Southwest Georgia
6/22/63Dennis Roberts   Letter to Ann re arrival in Albany and Albany Movement
63Dennis Roberts Journal (Southwest Georgia)
6/23/63?Dennis RobertsReport re violence against arrestees in Albany
6/27/63Dessie Mae Christian Letter about Joe Ann Christian re police brutality
8/10/63Miriam CohenLetter From Albany, GA
3/4/64UnsignedLetter to Wendy re moving up North
6/64Faith HolsaertDear Madre and Cif, (re: summer & Movement work)
6/28/64Faith HolsaertLetter to Madre and Clif, re Christian family
7/20/64Faith HolsaertLetter to Madre and Ciffie
11/12/64Dennis RobertsLetter to Steve re news from Albany and request
11/17/64Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re getting married to Wendy and other news
11/18/64Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re costs of mailing and Arthur Kinoy
11/20/64Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re visit to Chief's office in Albany
11/28/64Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re news from Albany and Americus
12/64Faith HolsaertDear Madre and Cif, (re: holidays & Movement work)
12/08/64Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re newsletter and trip to New Orleans
12/18/64Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re Congressional Chalenge
12/20/64Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re petition about changes in working conditions
12/27/64Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re interracial marriage in Americus
12/29/64Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re FSM and the Feuer article
1/02/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re fraud against illiterate woman
1/06/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Poverty Bill
1/10/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re school desegregation in Albany
1/16/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re civil rights conference
1/16/65Faith Holsaert?Dear Madre and Cif, (re: Movement Work)
2/06/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re attending SNCC conferences
2/07/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re trip to Wheeler County and New York
2/10/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re Poverty Bill, Civil Rights Commission conference
2/15/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re literature from SNCC conference
2/22/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re the Moltrie school suit
2/28/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re murder of Malcolm X and nursery school location
3/7/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re the Moltrie school suit
3/10/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Selma and march to Montgomery
3/11/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re King in Selma
3/14/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re application to Project Headstart and nursery school
3/16/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re the Moltrie school suit
3/21/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Freedom School in Cordele
4/4/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Burkes habeas and murder of Hosea Miller
4/8/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Freedom School and MFDP
4/17/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re SNCC, guns and non-violence
4/23/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Worth County School desegregation case
5/2/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re fishing and defending cases in Moltrie
5/16/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Mississippi staff meeting
5/19/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Wendy and the nursery school
5/29/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re vacation and police brutality case
5/30/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re article for the magazine Rights
6/6/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Worth County School desegregation case
6/20/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re Burkes case and nursery school
6/20/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re articles by Evans and Novack
6/27/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re Wendy and the Headstart program school
7/5/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re summer and violence
7/11/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re protests in Cordele
7/18/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re attack to Roberts's house
7/26/65Dennis RobertsLetter to friends re lately developements in South Georgia
8/1/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil re demonstrations in Americus
8/14/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re action to protect demonstrators
9/12/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re offer to be the director of research center
9/19/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re last newsletter
10/4/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re letter to the law students
10/17/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re kids arrested for boycotting school in Americus
11/1/65Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re moving into new office
11/25/65/Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re VDC march in Oakland
2/6/66Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re welfare cases
2/20/66Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re legal cases
4/24/66Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re school desegregation & future plans
4/24/66Dennis RobertsDear Ann, re book, movie & future
5/12/66Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re Lowndes County election & etc.
5/27/66Dennis RobertsLetter to Phil, re the "new SNCC" and NLG

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