Civil Rights Movement Documents
From the Albany & Southwest Georgia Movements 1961-1964

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1957 Summary of Research on Library Situation, Atlanta, GA. Whitney Young, ACHR. 1957
1960 Mass meeting flyer (re sit-ins), SNCC. Atlanta, GA, October 1960
1961Proposal by SNCC and Program for Albany GA Meeting, November 15, 1961. Albany Movement
1961Dear Friend (memo to supporters re Christmas cards), Albany Movement. December 10, 1961
1962Albany: Special Report, Howard Zinn, SRC. January 8 1962
1962?Eyewitness in Albany , Charles Sherrod, SNCC. Undated (probably 1962)
1962Albany: Special Report, Howard Zinn, SRC. January 8 1962
1962 Minutes of SNCC Regional Meeting — Atlanta Georgia, March 24 1962
1962Albany Manifesto, Albany Movement, July 15, 1962.
1962 NAACP memo on Albany Georgia, Roy Wilkins, NAACP. July 31 1962.
1962Eyewitness in Albany, Charles Sherrod, SNCC. Undated (probably 1962)
1962The start of it all in Albany, Georgia, SNCC press release
1962 Weekly Report from Albany GA, John O'Neal, SNCC, December 1, 1962
1962The start of it all in Albany, Georgia, SNCC press release
1962Voter Registration Drive in Albany, Faith Holsaert, SNCC. December 1962
1962Bon Jour! The waters of Southwest Georgia, Unsigned, SNCC. December 1, 1962
1962Letter re SNCC and The Albany Movement, Betsy Wycoff, SNCC. December 1, 1962
63?Albany Movement flyer, date unknown.
1963 Revolution in Georgia draft presentation?, Unsigned SNCC. 1963
1963Albany Movement Mass Meeting Program, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated (probably 1963)
1963Student Voice, Albany GA, Vol I, No. 3, Spring 1963.
1963? Dear Friend, fund appeal letter, John Barnum Jr, Sumter County Movement (GA). Undated (probably 1963)
1963 Voting Rights Affidavits, Lee County, GA, SNCC.
1963Excerpts from Eleven Americus Affidavits, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated
1963 Student Voice, Albany Georgia, Summer '63. Vol I, No. 3
1963 Southeastern Georgia Crusade for Voters, Unsigned, SCLC. 1963
1963 Report on mass arrests & insurrection charges, Americus GA on August 8 1963, unsigned.
1963Appeal by Sumter County Movement of Americus GA, John L. Barnum, Jr. August 8 1963
1963Field Director Faces Death Penalty, copy of CORE press release, Americus, GA. August 22, 1963.
1963 Telegram to President Johnson re police shooting James Brown in Americus GA, John Lewis, SNCC. August 22 1963
1963SNCC petitions protesting federal frame-up of civil rights workers in Albany GA
Halt Justice Department Persecution — March on Washington version
To the Attorney General of the United States — later version
See Federal "Jury Tampering" Frameup in Albany GA for more information.
1963 Federal Prosecution & Civil Rights in Albany Georgia, unsigned SNCC. Undated (probably August or September of 1963)
1963 Letter to Don Harris' Father re Jailed Son, Julian Bond, SNCC
1963Affadavits from September protests, Americus GA
  Affidavit of Thomas McGrady Witness, 9/10/63
  Affidavit of Lena Turner Arrest, 9/10/63
  Affidavit of Lena Turner Witness , 9/10/63
  Affidavit of Lorine Sanders re arrest & jailing, 9/10/63
  James Williams re police brutality, 9/10/63
  Affidavit of Bobby Lee Jones, re arrests & jail conditions, 9/13/63
  Affidavit of Eliza Thomas re conditions in Leesburg stockade, 9/13/63
  Affidavit of Emma Jean Times re conditions in Leesburg stockade, 9/13/63
   Affidavit of Henrietta Fuller re conditions in Leesburg stockade, 9/13/63
  Affidavit of Lorena Barnum re conditions in Leesburg stockade, 9/13/63
  Affidavit of Robertina Freeman re conditions in Leesburg stockade, 9/13/63
1963Excerpts from Eleven Americus Affidavits, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated
1963Appeal for bail money and support, Americus GA. Joyce Barett. SNCC. September 16 1963
1963Americus Georgia, SNCC press release, 9/24/63
1963 Americus Georgia: SNCC Special Mailing, September 24 1963.
1963Action Memo on Americus Georgia, unsigned SNCC. (Undated, probably October 1963)
1963Walk Arrested in Georgia [Albany], December 1963. Unsigned CNVA
1963Flash From Albany GA, December 1963. Unsigned CNVA
1964The Meaning of Albany, January 1964. A.J. Muste, CNVA
1963Upside Down Justice - the Albany Case, National Committee for the Albany Defendants ~ SCEF. Undated, probably 1964.
1963Southwest Georgia Project Report/Proposals   Charles Sherrod, SNCC.
1963Americus and Baker County, (GA, SNCC Research, August 1963)
1963Rural registration (1st page missing), Unsigned, SNCC. Undated (possibly 1962 or '63)
1963Southwest Georgia Voter-Registration Project, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated (probably 1963)
1963Report on perjury sentence & SWGA work, (re federal frameup of civil rights workers). Joni Rabinowitz, SNCC. 12/27/63
1964King for congress, Unsigned. September 9 1964
1964 Atlanta Georgia (re SNCC- led protests). SNCC, 1963-64.
1964 King for Congress flyer (Georgia)
1965SNCC Fact Sheet Americus Georgia, undated (possibly summer of 1965)
1965 Southwest Georgia Project - Winter Report, SNCC. Undated 1965
1965 A [illegible] Looks at SNCC, McCree Harris, Albany GA. February 1965
1965 Southwest Georgia outreach report, Roy Shields, SNCC. February 1965
1965Letter to friends, re summer southern program. Faith Holsaert, SNCC
1965 Who Runs Southwest Georgia?, Unsigned, SNCC. April 17 1965
1965 Baker County & Americus Georgia, unsigned SNCC report. July 27 1965
1965 SNCC Update Report on Southwest Georgia and Mississippi, Margaret Lauren, SNCC. July 30 1965
1965 Americus and Baker Counties, GA
1965 Memo to Friends of SNCC (re arrests & violence Natchez MS and Baker County GA), October 6 1965
1966 Statement of Julian Bond on being denied his seat in the Georgia Legislature, January 10 1966.
1966 Georgia Legislature Refuses to Seat Freedom Worker (Julian Bond), re Vietnam War opposition. Unsigned, SNCC. January 11, 1966
1966 Research report: Crisp County GA, unsigned, SNCC. April, 1966
1966 Statement re police violence in Atlanta GA, Stokely Carmichael, SNCC. September 8 1966
1966 Dear Friend, campaign letter to constituents, September. Julian Bond, candidate, Georgia Assembly.
1969 The Southwest Georgia Project for Community Education (proposal), Charles Sherrod, Willie Anderson, Robert McClary. SNCC. June 1969

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