Civil Rights Movement
Reports & Letters
SNCC Arkansas Project

Arkansas Voice, SNCC.
Nov 62 Arkansas field report, William Hansen, SNCC
3/15/65 SNCC Field Report - Helena Project Arlene Wigoren
3/22/65 Report on Demonstrations at the Capitol Club, Little Rock, AR. Arlene Wilgoren, SNCC
3/30/65 SNCC Field Report, Phillips County Arkansas, March 22-30, Howard Himmelbaum, Stanley Tillman, SNCC
4/3/65 SNCC Arkansas Summer Project, Arlene Wilgoren, SNCC. April 3 1965
Spring '65   SNCC Arkansas Project Report, Spring 1965
1965 Arkansas Summer Project application form, Roger Barkley, volunteer
1965 SNCC Arkansas Summer Project Dear Applicant letter. Undated 1965
Aug '65 Personal Report From the Arkansas Project, Myrtle Glascoe
10/5/65 Special Report - Fraud in the 1965 Arkansas School Board Elections
Sept '65 An Open Letter From Representatives of the Forrest City Arkansas Movement, Forrest City SNCC, Students for Action Committee.
Oct '65 Memo on Proposed Temporary Educational Program for Forrest City Arkansas, SNCC, Students for Action Committee.

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