Interview & Materials Release Forms
for Freedom Movement Veterans

Example agreements

Some interviewers and archives are asking us to sign agreements and release forms that amount to a "(sharecropper contract" for the digital age because they unilaterally seize all rights to everything for the institution and explicitly exclude Movement veterans and their heirs from being able to make any use of their own words and materials — forever. This is unacceptable.


We are being asked us to contribute our time and knowledge. Therefore we have both a moral and a legal right to reject "sharecropper" contracts and negotiate equitable terms. Read the contract and if you don't like it, ask for changes or replace it with a better one such as the examples provided below.

The Civil Rights Movement Archives website (CRMVet) and SNCC Legacy Project (SLP) urge Freedom Movement veterans to ask that release forms and donation agreements incorporate the following principles:

Example Agreements

The example agreements below incorporate these principles. They can be downloaded and modified for use or provide ideas and resources for negotiating a better agreement for yourself.

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