Example of an Unacceptable "Sharecropper" Agreement

I__________________ (Interviewee/Interviewer) herein permanently give, convey, and assign my oral history interview to the [INSTITUTION_NAME] (hereafter INST), which is currently in possession of my interview. In so doing, I understand that my interview (or oral memoir) will be made available to researchers and may be quoted from, published, or broadcast in any medium that the INST shall deem appropriate. In making this gift I fully understand that I am conveying all legal title and literary property rights which I have or may be deemed to have in my interview as well as all my rights, title, and interest in any copyright which may be secured under the laws now or late in force and effect in the United States of America. My conveyance of copyright encompasses the exclusive rights of: reproduction, distribution, preparation, and derivative works, public performance, public display as well as all renewals and extensions.