Linda Wetmore Halpern
(Linda Wetmore)

1964, SNCC, Mississippi
1214 Milvia St.
Berkeley, CA 94709
Phone: 510-528-3946

The Shooting of Silas McGhee
Interview by High School Students, 2020  PDF transcriptVideo

"Yours in the struggle" is the way I signed off on every letter I wrote for years after returning from the hot, intense Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964 where I worked as a SNCC volunteer in Greenwood, Mississippi. In my own way, I have continued that struggle by teaching through a social justice lens in the public school systems of Newark, NJ and Oakland, CA for the past forty years, minus a few years spent teaching in West Africa, the West Indies, and Costa Rica. Currently, I coach/mentor new teachers beginning their careers in Oakland Unified Schools. Unfortunately, the struggle endures; and, unfortunately, I don't know if we will prevail; I only know that "we", as Ella Baker so aptly put it, "who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes."


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