James Garrett

1962-66, CORE, SNCC, Louisiana, Mississippi, California
Current Residence:
814 59th St.
Oakland, CA 94608
Email: docgarrett@hotmail.com

From the Streets of L.A...
Interview by High School Students: VideoTranscript

the southern freedom movement began for me at birth. the civil rights movement was a high point. it helped to shape me and direct my energies, my contibution. but my world did not begin or end with the msp/sncc. i have continued to be involved in black struggles and struggles for human rights in the us, africa, asia, anywhere. the movement was not a phase for me, or a state of mind, or a spiritual interlude. the struggle was and remains a way of life. I cannot separate private life from public life (filled with positives and negatives). As baraka has written one offers the "sweet meats" and tries to neutralize the bitter, bullshit white parts. Much of the best of me, i have gleaned from the people i was trained by bob moses to organize. they gave as much as they got. as for my comrades, sisters, brothers/organizers even despite ourselves, i offer you my love. as long as i stand, i stand strong. garrett

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