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CORE's North Florida Project

[The North Florida Education Project was CORE's voter registration and community organizing effort in the heavily Black counties of northern Florida just below the state borders with Georgia and Alabama.]
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Report on the March on Tallahassee, Patricia Due, CORE. 4/1/64
North Florida Summer Registration Project, unsigned. 4/64
Report on voter education/registration project in North Florida, Patricia Due. 4/27/64
Summer Project Emphasis, CORE Florida Staff. 5/64?
Letter re funding of Florida summer project, Patricia Due, CORE. 5/7/64
Staff Qualifications, Regulations, and Conduct, Patricia Stephens Due, Field Secretary. 7/64
Field report, Madison County, Mike Geison, Bruce Huston, CORE. 8/1/64
Weekly Report, CORE Florida Task Force, Judy Benninger. 8/5/64
Developments of VEP & CORE in Florida, Patricia Stephens Due. 8/14/64
Developments of VEP & CORE in Florida, Patricia Due, CORE. 8/14/64
Project Business, Patricia Stephens Due, Field Secretary. 8/22/64
Progress Report , Judy Benninger, 8/23/64
Field report, re Daytona Beach, Ronnie Moore. 9/64
A Brief Survey of the North Florida Project, David McVoy, CORE. 10/3/64
Letter to Richard Haley, Elton Cox, CORE. 10/20/64
Dear Ministers of Northern Florida, Elton Cox, CORE. 10/27/64
Get Out and Vote Freedom Rally program, Florida CORE. 10/28/64
CORE/NFCEP Staff Meeting Agenda, Elton Cox, CORE. 10/29/64
Freedom Rally, Florida CORE. 10/30/64
Election Report From Gadsden County FL, David McVoy. 11/5/1964
CORE Staff List, North FL Citizenship Education Project, Spiver Gordon, 11/64
Progress report for Gadsden County Florida, David McVoy, 11/16/64
Field report for Chattahoochee area, Stuart Wechsler. 11/23/64
Field report for Field Report for Madison County, Sadie Jones. 11/18/64
NFCEP Field Report, Spiver Gordon, CORE Field Secty. 11/25/64
Progress Report for Havana Florida, Arlene Bock, David Dukes, CORE. 11/27/64
Voter registration in Liberty County, Spiver Gordon, CORE. 12/64
Field report for Chattahoochee & Liberty County, FL, Stuart Wechsler. 12/12/64
CORE Field Reports From Florida, Stuart Wechsler. 12/12/64
Progress Report for Havana Florida, Arlene Bock, David Dukes. 12/14/64
Survey of Project Needs, Spiver Gordon. 1/15/65
Field Report for Gadsden County, Stuart Wechsler. 2/16/65
Progress report, Jefferson & Madison County FL, David Dukes, 2/28/65
Field Report for Gadsden County , Stuart Wechsler. 2/28/65
Field Report for Liberty and Gadsden Counties, Stuart Wechsler. 3/15/65
North Florida Citizen Education Project History, Ed Hollander, CORE Southern Regional Office. 3/65
CORE field report, Tallahassee, Le Faucette, 3/15/65
Field Report, Jefferson & Madison Counties, David Dukes. 4/15/65
Field Report for April 15-30, 1965, Spiver Gordon, Florida Field Director. 4/30/65
Field Report for Gadsden County, Stuart Weschler. 4/30/65

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