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Southern Freedom Movement Documents 1951-1968
Documents Listed by Kind
Submissions Policy

This section contains original documents and materials created or distributed by Freedom Movement organizations during 1951-1968.

See also:

Preserving Our History, What to do With Your Freedom Movement Papers
List of Repositories, Oral Histories, and Document Archives
History & Timeline: 1951-1968 — Descriptions of Movement events.
Our Words — Articles & speeches by Movement veterans written at the time.
Letters & Reports From the Field — By Movement veterans.
Discussions — Transcripts of group discussions by veterans.
Our Stories — Memories, narratives & interviews of Movement veterans.
Our Thoughts — Analyses and commentaries by Movement veterans.

Freedom Movement Document Lists (1951-1968):
Listed by Kind Listed by Organization
 Political & Strategy
 Organizing Materials
 WATS Reports
 Movement Research & Analysis
 Reports, Minutes & Plans
 Other Internal Organizational
 Government/Institutional Reports
 Literacy Tests
 Miscellaneous & Uncatagorizable  
 White Racist, Segregationist, & Hate
 Economic Justice Organizations
 Other Movement & Unknown
 Government & Institutional
Separate Document Collections
Albany GA Movement (61-63)
ASCS Elections (64-67)
Birmingham Movement (56-66)
Black Power (65-68)
Citizenship Schools (54-??)
Freedom Rides (61)
Freedom Summer (64)
Freedom Schools (64-65)
Grenada MS Movement (66)
Jackson, MS Movement (61-65)
Lowndes County, AL (65-67)
March on Washington (63)
MFDP Congressional Challenge (64-65)
Montgomery Bus Boycott (55-56)
Poor People's Campaign (67-68)
Poverty & Economic Justice (64-68)
School Desegregation (54-68)
SCLC's SCOPE Project (65-66)
Selma & March to Montgomery (63-65)
Sit-Ins of 60s (60-61)
SNCC Founding Conference (60)
SNCC Waveland Conference (64)
Southern Student Org. Committee (64-68)
Vietnam War Opposition (65-68)
List of Document Repositories & Locations of Movement Veterans' Papers
Most of these documents are in PDF format.

** Freedom Movement Publications **

National & Multi-State Publications

  Student Voice & SNCC Newsletters
  Life With Lyndon in the Great Society, Jack Minnis, SNCC
  The Movement Friends of SNCC Newspaper 1965-70
  CORE-Lator, CORE newsletter
  SCLC Newsletters & Press Releases
  Southern Courier, Southern Freedom Movement weekly newspaper
  SSOC Newsletters
 Pins of the Freedom Movement
 Record Albums of the Freedom Movement

State-Wide Publications

63-64COFO Newsletters, Mississippi
1965Arkansas Voice, SNCC.
1965Delta Ministry Newsletter, October, 1965
1967Mississippi Newsletter, Freedom Information Service (multiple issues).
1966Carolina Contrast, August 20, 1966. SC, Voter Education Project

Local Publications

'56-'62  Montgomery Improvement Association Newsletters, AL. Sample issues 1956-1962
1961ACMHR Newsletter, July, 1961.
1962-65Coahoma County NAACP Newsletter, MS. Sample issues 1962-1965
1963 Fayette County Workcamps Newsletter, Virgie Hortenstein. May
News From Fayette County Workcamps, Virgie Hortenstein. Dec.
(See Fayette County Tent City for Evicted Voters for background.)
1964New Orleans NAACP Newsletter, January
1964-68   Freedom Train, Benton County, MS
1965Highlander Workshop News, Tennessee, November
1965The Campus Digest, March 20, 1965. Tuskegee Institute student newspaper reports on the March 10 protest in Montgomery.
1965Liberty Bell, Gulfport MS
1965Henry County Freedom Banner, September 1965.
(SCLC's SCOPE Project in Alabama)
65?The Activist, Tuskegee Institute Advancement League (TIAL). 1965? 30-page magazine. (Note that cover and a couple of pages are missing.)
1965 Highlander Workshop News, Tennessee, November

*** Freedom Movement Political & Strategy Documents ***

1954What Negroes Want Now, Walter White, NAACP.
(Post-Brown interview)
1957Statement to the South and the Nation.
(See SCLC Founded for background.)
1957?Looking Forward, the Montgomery Improvement Association.
Pamphlet outlining MIA's 10-point political program.
1959Presidential Delegation Statement
(See Youth March for Integrated Schools for background.)
1960A Call for Immediate Mass Action! A. Phillip Randolph
1960An Appeal for Human Rights, Atlanta students.
(See Atlanta Sit-ins for background.)
1960  Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Founding Statement.
Bigger Than a Hamburger, Ella Baker.
(See SNCC Founded for background.)
1960Sit-Ins: The Students Report CORE pamphlet
(See Sit-ins Sweep Across the South for background)
1963Birmingham Manifesto, ACMHR, April 3rd
(See Birmingham — the Children's Crusade for background.)
1963Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King.
(See Birmingham — the Children's Crusade for background.)
1963I Have a Dream speech, Martin Luther King.
We March Today..., John Lewis.
(See March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom for background.)
1963The Meaning of Black Nationalism, Goron Carey, CORE. Winter 1963
1964Freedom Summer Orientation Briefing, Dr. Vincent Harding
(See Mississippi Summer Project for background.)
1964Platform: Mississippi Freedom School Convention, Student Delegates.
(See Freedom Schools for background.)
1964Fannie Lou Hamer's Testimony at Democratic Convention
(See MFDP Challenge to Democratic Convention for background.)
1964We Will Not Stop Demonstrating! Jack Weinberg, CORE
1964SNCC Position Paper (Regarding women in the Movement)
1964I'm Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, Fannie Lou Hamer.
1965Lawrence Guyot's Testimony for Congressional Challenge
(See MFDP Congressional Challenge for background.)
1965Looking Forward: From Protest to Politics, Bayard Rustin.
1965Role of the Community Organizer, Howard Romaine.
(Virgina Students Civil Rights Committee, first half of 1965.)
1965Background Paper: White House Planning Conference, Bayard Rustin.
1965Dr. King's 1st Statement on Vietnam, August '65.
65? 66?Program of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Undated.
1966SNCC Statement on White House Conference
1966Sex and Caste, by Casey Hayden & Mary King, as published in Liberation
1966Stresses of the White Female Worker in CRM, Dr. Alvin Poussaint
1966?What Would it Profit a Man to Have the Vote and Not be Able to Control it?, Courtland Cox
1966Draft Manifesto of the James Meredith March for Freedom in Mississippi, June 1966. By March leaders.
(See Meredith Mississippi March Against Fear for background.)
1966First SNCC Statement on Vietnam
1966The Basis of Black Power, SNCC position paper, Spring 1966.
1966NAACP Letter to Supporters re Black Power, Roy Wilkins
(See Black Power for background.)
1966Statement on Poverty, Black Power, and Political Power, Martin Luther King.
1967SNCC Statement on Apartheid, Racial Discrimination, & Colonialism
1967Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, Martin Luther King
Address to Anti-War Marchers, Martin Luther King
1967The Other America, Martin Luther King
1967Who Are the Real Outlaws?, H. Rap Brown
1967Speech to Black Caucus of NCNP by James Forman, Sept.
1967Statement of James Forman to UN General Assembly, Nov. 17
67? 68? 1967 High Tide of Black Resistance, James Forman. 27-page pamphlet.
1968Economic Bill of Rights, SCLC ~ Martin Luther King
1968I Have Been to the Mountain Top, Martin Luther King
1968Program: Martin Luther King Funeral,

** Freedom Movement Organizing Materials From Groups **
Jump to: 1950s, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

1950s Organizing Materials
???? A B Cs of Mass Pressure, NAACP. 1940s or early 1950s. 17-page manuual on building issue campaigns.
????NAACP Discrimination Complaint Form
(Undated, possibly from the late 1940s or early 1950s)
1954-196?SCLC Citizenship Schools 1962-196?, (Multiple documents)
1955-56 Montgomery Bus Boycott, (Multiple documents & articles)
1955NAACP Press Release on the Lynching of Emmett Till, Sept. 1, 1955
(See Emmett Till Lynched for background.)
1956Program: MIA Mass Meeting, September 24, 1956
1957 Integration Crises in the South, Roy Wilkins, NAACP. Speech delivered in Charlotte NC, October, 1957.
1958SCLC Crusade for Citizenship,
1958A First Step Towards School Integration, Ann Holden, Nashville CORE.
1959Letter to Student Leaders re Youth March for Integrated Schools, February 13, 1959.
(See Second Youth March for Integrated Schools — Washington, DC for background.)
1959Why We March
See Youth March for Integrated Schools for background.)
1959The Single Issue in the Robert Williams Case. NAACP's self-justification for suspending Robert Williams.
(See Robert Williams & Armed Self-Defense in Monroe NC for background.)
1959 50th Anniversary Membership Campaign, Press Release, New Orleans NAACP
1960 Organizing Materials
1960Expanded Racial Defense Policy, NAACP. Call for consumer boycotts in response to sit-ins.
(See Sit-ins Sweep Across the South for background.)
1960Heed Their Rising Voices, The New York Times advertisment which led to the New York Times v Sullivan case that re-defined the 1st Amendment.
(See Montgomery Sit-ins Suppressed for background.)
1960?SCLC, Brochure describing SCLC officers and staff. 1960? 1961?
1960Documents from the SNCC Founding Conference
1960The Meaning of the Sit-Ins, Roy Wilkins, NAACP. 12-page pamphlet.
(See Sit-ins Sweep Across the South for background.)
1960 The Street Where You Live, NAACP. 16-page comic book urging voter registration and political action.
1961 Organizing Materials
1961Toward the Beloved Community - Story of the Nashville Christian Leadership Conference, 11-page pamphlet covering history and directory of NCLC from 1958-1961.
(See Nashville Student Movementfor background.)
1961 Report on Visit to Fayette and Haywood Counties Tennessee, Anderson, Nelson & McKrackin. Peacemakers
(See Fayette County Tent City for Evicted Votersfor background.)
1961 A Call for Help, Operation Freedom (Fayette/Harwood Counties, TN)
(See Fayette County Tent City for Evicted Votersfor background.)
1961Freedom Rides Documents & Articles (Multiple Documents)
(See Freedom Ridesfor background.)
1961-62CORE Route 40 Campaign Flyer.
(See Desegregate Route 40 Project for background)
1961It Happened in Baton Rouge, U.S.A., Major Johns and Ronnie Moore. CORE pamphlet.
1961 Students Face Mississippi Violence for You! SNCC fundraising flyer for McComb Movement.
(See Voter Registration & Direct-Action in McComb MS for background.)
1961?This is SCLC. Brochure, 1961?
1961Crusade for Citizenship, SCLC brochure.
Voter Registration Program Outline
1961Cracking the Colore Line, CORE Actions 1943-1961
(32-page pamphlet)
1962 Organizing Materials
1962 The Day They Changed Their Minds. NAACP pamphlet about the sit-ins.
(See Sit-ins Sweep Across the South for background.)
1962Affidavit of Wyatt Walker re arrest and insanity examination in Shreveport.
1962Albany Manifesto, Albany Movement, July.
1962 Letter to President Kennedy re Meredith & 'Ole Miss, NAACP. September 21st.
(See James Meredith Desegregates 'Ole Miss for background.)
1962 47 Restaurants to Serve Negroes, CORE, Route 40 Project press release.
(See Desegregate Route 40 Project for background.)
1962Student Nonviolent Movement of the Nashville Christian Leadership Council, John Lewis & Elizabeth Harbour. November call to action.
1962 Shot Fired into Home of John Salter, Tougaloo College. SNCC Press Release, December 23, 1962
(See Jackson MS, Boycottsfor general background.)
1962 Voter Registration Leader in Sumpter County GA Left Homeless After Home Destroyed by Fire, December 7, 1962. SNCC Press Release
1962 CORE Sit-In Songs (24-page pamphlet)
1962? Suggested Program of Support for SNCC. Undated, probably 1962
????New Orleans CORE Project. Undated letter
(Possibly sent to members of community groups)
1963 Organizing Materials
????Case Study: Statements of Discipline of Nonviolent Movements, unsigned, undated.
(Apparently used in nonviolence training.)
1963CORE Rules for Action. The CORE procedures for Direct Action campaigns that applied until CORE moved away from integration and nonviolence in the mid to late-1960s.
1963CORE Membership Card.
(Yes, Senator McCarthy, CORE did have "card-carrying members." And proud of it too.)
1963 SNCC Workers Out on $3,000 Bail After Charges of Dope Possession, January.
SNCC reprint of Atlanta Inquirer Article
(See Greenwood Food Blockade for background.)
1963 SNCC Field Secretary Arrested for "Vagrancy" While Walking on Campus Montgomery, AL. January 9, 1963. SNCC Press Release
(Bob Zellner busted for visiting his alma mater.)
1963 Emancipation Proclamation Centennial, event flyer. NAACP, McComb, MS.
1963 The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Stay Out of Downtown Birmingham! Flyer, 1963. Birmingham Students from Miles, Payne, and Booker T. Washington College.
(See Birmingham — the Children's Crusade for background.)
1963 Big Business Supports Segregation in Birmingham, SNCC flyer.
(See Birmingham — the Children's Crusade for background.)
1963    SNCC. Basic SNCC organizing brochure from 1963. Primarily used for recruiting at southern Black colleges and for fund-raising events in the north.
1963This is CORE. Basic CORE recruitment and fundrasing flyer. Used nationwide, 1963-1965, mainly by urban and campus CORE chapters.
1963 SNCC Field Sect'y Blasted in Greenwood Mississippi (Jimmy Travis shooting), SNCC Press Release, March 1
(See Marching For Freedom in Greenwoodfor background.)
1963Mass Meeting Program Alabama Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Selma Alabama, March 21, 1963
(See Selma — Cracking the Wall of Fear for background.)
1963 Voting Rights Affidavits, Lee County, GA, SNCC.
(See Americus GA Movement & "Seditious Conspiracy" for background.)
1963 SNCC Testimony, House Judiciary Committee, May 28, 1963
      Appendix A: Survey of Current Field Work, Spring 1963
      Appendix B: Robert Moses et al v Robert Kennedy & J.E. Hoover
      Appendix C: Report on Leflore County
      Appendix D: Chronology of Abuses
(These documents and testimoney were regarding a voting rights bill introduced by Rep. Emanual Celler in April 1963.)
1963Jackson, MS Movement Documents, (Multiple Documents
1963Danville Virginia. Sixteen-page SNCC pamphlet describing the bloody police repression of the Danville Movement.
(See Danville VA, Movement for background.)
1963Student Voice, Albany Georgia, Summer '63. Vol I, No. 3
1963 Danville Support Demonstration Letter, NYC SNCC Office, July 13, 1963.
(See Danville VA, Movement for background.)
1963 Danville, VA (Police violence). Louis Nasper
1963 Do Negroes of Gadsden Know Their Place? Satirical flyer urging participation in the protests. Possibly written by East Gadsden Brotherhood activists in June or July.
(See Savage Repression in Gadsden AL for background.)
1963 Gadsden, AL (The Gadsden Movement). Eric Rainey, SNCC Freedomways
1963Why Didn't They Hit Back? Jhan & June Robbins, Redbook. CORE pamphlet.
1963 Appeal to Voters, June, 1963. Iberville Industrial Voters League
1963March On Washington. (Multiple documents) Speeches, programs, organizing materials and articles from and about the march.
1963Halt Justice Department Persecution. SNCC petition distributed at March on Washington to oppose the Federal "Jury Tampering" Frameup in Albany GA.
1963The Condition of Farm Workers in 1963, Fay Bennett, National Sharecroppers Fund (NSF). Dense, four-page research & analysis.
1963 Statement on Discrimination Practices Affecting Programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Sharecroppers Fund (NSF), August 29, 1963
1963All About CORE. CORE information brochure, 1963-1965. New CORE members received one of these to study as part of their new-member orientation.
1963 Letter to Northern Supporters (MS). Fannie Lou Hamer, SNCC
1963 Two Held by Hattiesburg Police, SNCC Press Release, September 21, 1963
1963 Local High School Students Arrested in New Orleans, SNCC Press Release. September 21, 1963
1963 The General Condition of the Mississippi Negro, October, 1963. 18-page research report.
1963 Freedom Registration Form
(See Freedom Ballot in MS for background.)
1963 The Freedom Ballot for Governor (MS). Letter from Joan Bowman COFO
1963 Senator Saltonstall Asks for Probe of SNCC Worker's Arrest, SNCC Press Release, September 20, 1963
(See Americus GA Movement & "Seditious Conspiracy" for background.)
1963 Air Force Refuses to Place Selma Off Limits, SNCC Press Release, September, 1963
(See Selma — Cracking the Wall of Fearfor background.)
1963?CORE: Guideline to Political Action, James McCain. 1963? 1964?
63? 64?The Movement Needs You, SNCC. Late '63 or early '64, appeal to Black college students.
1963 Comparative Analysis of Three Versions of the Civil Rights Bill (1964 Act), Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, November 1963.
(See Civil Rights Act Passes in the House and subsequent articles for background.)
1963Louisiana Story, 1963, CORE pamphlet. James Farmer
(See Man-Hunt in Plaquemine for background.)
1963The Attack on the Southern Conference Education Fund! Student Civil Liberties Coordinating Committee, Noveber or December, 1963
1963Louisiana Story, 1963, CORE pamphlet. James Farmer
1963Will Christmas in Mississippi Be Like Christmas in America? Dick Gregory, November, 1963
(See Greenwood Food Blockade for background)
63? 64? Songs of the Southern Freedom Movement, undated (probably 1963 or '64)
1963, 1965Sit-In Arrest Warrants, 1963, 1965. Madison, FL.
1964 Organizing Materials
1964? Mississippi: Structure of the Movement, Present Operations, and Prospectus for this Summer, COFO? Undated.
1964?Where is Democracy, CORE Brochure, undated (possibly late 1963 or early 1964).
1964? We Need Your Help Now!, COFO letter, undated, probably early 1964
(Sent to Mississippi supporters re poll taxes and voting.)
1964 Report Concerning the Louis Allen Case, 1964, Bob Moses, SNCC
Information Concerning the Killing of Louis Allen ..., Unsigned (Bob Moses?)
(See Louis Allen Murdered for background.)
1964 Further Incidents in Southwest Mississippi at Time of Louis Allen Killing and Shortly After, 1964. SNCC
1964 Freedom Ring Encircles Ticket Booth (New Orleans)   Doris Castle, CORE
1964 The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Mike Miller, SNCC
(Given on the 5th anniversary of the The Greensboro Sit-Ins
1964From the Mississippi Delta..., Fund-raising brochure of the National Sharecroppers Fund (NSF).
1964 Farmers Attention! Conference on a Better Life for Mississippi Farm Families, February 1964. National Sharecroppers Fund (NSF)
1964?Memorandum on Federal Civil Rights Authority, Bill Higgs ~ SNCC. Lists Federal laws Washington could (but doesen't) use to enforce civil rights for Blacks.
1964 Police Handling of Arrestees, New Orleans NAACP press release.
1964Workshops in Nonviolence — Why? CORE Training scenarios in practical nonviolence. By Martin Oppenheimer. Five pages.
1964 Library Sit-In Arrests, Clinton, LA. CORE press release.
6404We'll Take Our Stand -- Nashville, April 4, 1964
Statement by students from predominantly white southern colleges and communities
1964Southern Student Organizing Committee brochure, undated (probably 1964 or '65)
1964 SNCC Statement on the CORE New York World Fair Stall In, April, 19th
(To protest racism and discrimination in America, CORE called for a freeway stall-in on the opening day of the fair.)
1964 What is COFO? Mississippi Structure of the Movement and Present Operations, COFO (undated probably spring 1964)
(Dense 8-page history, overview & plans.)
1964Six Civil Rights Workers Accused of Stealing Books
(COFO Press Release, May 4, 1964)
1964Mississippi: Chronology of Violence and Intimidation Since 1961, 19-page SNCC pamphlet from Spring 1964.
1964 Case Studies of Intimidation, COFO. Spring, 1964
1964Mississippi: Subversion of the Right to Vote. 20-page SNCC pamphlet from Spring 1964.
1964Current Status of Mississippi Legislation, 1964. Analysis of laws proposed or enacted in response and opposition to Black demands for civil rights.
1964Genocide in Mississippi, 12-page SNCC pamphlet.
1964Mississippi Student Union (MSU) brochure.
1964COFO: What It Is, What It Does, Five-page pamphlet.
1964Mississippi: Structure of the Movement, Present Operations, and Prospectus for This Summer, COFO, Spring 1964. Detailed 8-page description of COFO on the eve of Freedom Summer.
1964 Voting rights denial affidavits, Holly Springs, MS. June 2, Democratic Primary election.
(See Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) Founded for background.)
1964Freedom Summer Documents, (Multiple Documents).
1964Freedom School Documents (Multiple Documents).
1964CORE Calendar of Coercion Aug 1963-Aug 1964. Pamphlet compiling atrocities and attacks reported by CORE Freedom Movement projects during one 12-month period.
1964Medical Committee for Human Rights brochure.
(See Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) Founded for background.)
1964 Conduct for Vigil, Friends of SNCC, Los Angeles, CA
(Federal Building vigil after discovery of Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman bodies in MS.)
1964 A Primer For the Delegates to the Democratic National Convention, MFDP
(See MFDP Challenge to Democratic Convention for background.)
1964 Mississippi Faces Challenge, Atlantic City Flyer. MFDP
(See MFDP Challenge to Democratic Conventionfor background.)
1964 Recruiting of New Volunteers for Work in Mississippi, August, 1964, Betty Garman, SNCC.
63-64 Intimidations and Harassments Against Negroes and CORE Workers, Summer 1963 to Summer 1964, CORE
1964Louisiana — Summer 1964, the Students Report to Their Home Towns. CORE Pamphlet.
(Published accounts from CORE's summer project in Louisiana)
1964 COFO Fall Recruitment Form Letter, Bob Moses.
1964 Press Release re Mass Meeting in McComb, COFO, October 19, 1964
(See McComb — Breaking the Klan Seige for background.)
1964 Call For Volunteers, Freedom Vote, MFDP. October, 1964
1964 Statistics of Negro and White Voter Registration in the Five Congressional Districts of Mississippi, U.S. v Mississippi Federal Court Case
1964 Mississippi Freedom Vote Press Releases, MFDP. Oct 30 - Nov 2, 1964
(See MFDP Congressional Challenge for background.)
1964 Running Summary of Incidents During the Freedom Vote Campaign, Oct 18 - Nov 2, 1964
(See MFDP Congressional Challenge for background.)
1964 Louisiana Parishes Population Report, CORE Research Dept. November.
1964The Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC)
1964The Negro Vote: An Analysis, SNCC.
(Southern Negro vote and the 1964 presidential results.)
1964-65 Chronology on Jonesboro, Jackson Parish, CORE
(See Deacons for Defense & Justice for background.)
1964-65  MFDP Mississippi Congressional Challenge, (Multiple documents).
1964-65 COFO Program (Winter 1964 - Spring 1965)
1964-67Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation Service (ASCS) Elections, (Multiple Documents).
1964-68 Southern Student Organizing Committee, Miscellaneous Documents
1964-68MCHR Manual for Volunteers. Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR) manual for volunteer doctors, nurses, and other health professionals serving on the front lines of the Freedom Struggle.
64? 65? Demands, Ruleville MS Student Action Group, Ora Doss, Eddie Johnson, Bobbie Cannon. Date unknown (probably late '64 or early '65)
64? 65? What Happens to All the Surplus Food?, Freedom Information Service flyer, late '64 or early '65.
1965 Organizing Materials
1965Handout from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, undated
(re current activities & poll taxes)
1965 Today's Great Issues: A Call to Action Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF) brochure
1965SSOC Fund Appeal Letter, Ron Parker, SSOC. January 12, 1965
1965Jackson Freedom Library Book List, (COFO)
1965CORE ~ Louisiana in Brief. 14-page report/analysis.
1965SNCC ~ The General Condition of the Alabama Negro. 28-page report/analysis.
1965Selma & the March to Montgomery (Jan-March) (Multiple Documents)
1965Jonesboro-Bogalusa Project, Lawrence chapter of CORE, March, 1965
(See Deacons for Defense & Justice and Confronting the Klan in Bogalusa With Nonviolence & Self-Defense for background.)
1965 SNCC Incident Summary, March (South-wide)
1965Letter to Campus Friends of SNCC, April 8.
1965Notes on Rural Organizing, Charles McLaurin (SNCC)
1965 Natchez Political Handbook, Alexander Shimkin, Freedom Information Service. Political organizing resource for Natchez MS.
1965 Who Runs Alabama? or Who Stole the Tax Money?, SNCC
Who Runs Alabama
(Both probably written by Jack Minnis in Spring 1965)
1965 To Secure Civil Rights in Alabama..., Spring, 1965
Let There Be Understanding of the Call to Boycott in Alabama, Spring, 1965
(See Alabama Boycott & Montgomery Direct Action? for background.)
1965 Bogalusa, Lousiana, Incident Summary, January 25 - February 21, 1965
Bogalusa, Lousiana, Incident Summary, January 28 - July 1, 1965
(See Confronting the Klan in Bogalusa With Nonviolence & Self-Defense for background.)
1965Partial List of Racial Murders in the South, April 1963-March 1965, CORE Southern Regional Office
1965 CORE Summer Projects, 1965
1965 CORE Summer Project Orientation — Educational Program Workshop
1965 It's Going to be an Expensive Summer..., CORE, Bogalusa, LA fund-appeal letter.
(See Confronting the Klan in Bogalusa With Nonviolence & Self-Defense for background.)
1965?Song Sheet, SCLC's SCOPE orientation? Summer 1965?
(Typical example of song sheets used in many places and locales.)
1965A Legalized System of Brutality — Mississippi Justice, Freedom Information Service
1965Example SNCC County Research Reports
      Greene County, AL
      Lowndes County, AL
      Americus and Baker Counties, GA
1965In a Land Where Murder is Respectable, SCLC Brochure. Alabama.
1965-66SCLC's SCOPE Project, (Multiple Documents).
1965College Students Needed for CORE Summer Project, CORE brochure.
1965MFDP, explanatory flyer from mid-1965.
1965Call for an Assembly of Unrepresented People, Washington, DC, August 6-9. Bob Parris (Moses) SNCC, Eric Weinberger CORE
(See Assembly of Un-Represented Peoplefor background.)
1965Address on Future Direction of Movement, Andrew Young, SCLC, August '65.
1965 NAACP Press Release on Voter Registration in New Orleans
1965How the Civil Rights is Being Subverted in Mississippi, SNCC Research.
1965School Desegregation, Lou Emma Shipp, MFDP. September 1965
1965Experiment in Virginia, Southern Patriot, September '65
(Re: Virginia Students Civil Rights Commitee (VSCRC)
1965 Background Report on Natchez (MS), undated & unsigned (probably SNCC, October, 1965)
(See Natchez MS — Freedom Movement vs Ku Klux Klan for background.)
1965SCLC Report & Fundraising Letter, Hosea Williams. November 1965.
1965Demonstrations and the Necessity Thereof, Sammy Young, TIAL.
1965?The Poor of Macon County, Wendell Paris, TIAL.
1965-68 Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCFO), (Multiple Documents
1965-66Mississippi Freedom Labor Union & Economic Justice (Multiple documents)
1965-66 Birmingham Voter Registration Campaign (Multiple documents)
1965-66SNCC & Delano Grape Strike,
65? 66? Natchez MS Laundry Workers Strike, FIS audio transcript, undated (possibly 1965 or 1966)
(See Natchez MS — Freedom Movement vs Ku Klux Klan for background on the Movement in Natchez.)
65? 66? Delta Leather Workshop, FIS audio transcript, undated (possibly 1965 or 1966)
(See Poor Peoples Corporations, Cooperatives, & Quilting Bees for background.)
????Ballots, Bullets, and Blood, NAACP. Undated, 1965 or later.
1966 Organizing Materials
????Dear Faculty Member, Boston Friends of SNCC Faculty Fund. Undated.
1966 Murdered: Sammy Younge SNCC Press Release, January 4.
(See Sammy Younge Murdered for background.)
1966Poor Peoples Fund, letter & brochure.
1966 SNCC: News of the Field #3, March 9, 1966
SNCC: News of the Field #4, March 16, 1966
SNCC: News of the Field #5, March 23, 1966
1966 Statement by James Forman, April 29. Regarding independent political organizations and elections in Alabama
(See Alabama Elections for background.)
1966Negroes in American History: Freedom Primer (Illustrated), Revised 2nd Ed. SNCC
1966The Story of SNCC. 16-page Fund-raising brochure and organizing pamphlet from the later part of 1966.
1966Child Development Group of Mississippi, Histories of Children, Employees, Centers, Community Support, CDGM, September, '66.
(20-page pamphlet.)
1966How to Get Food Money for Your Center, CDGM
(Hand-drawn training material.)
1966 Documents of the Grenada MS Movement, (Multiple Documents).
1966 Holmes County Freedom Democratic Party Executive Members Handbook, Sue-Henry Lorenzi, MFDP, August 1966
1966Dear Friend, campaign letter to constituents, September. Julian Bond, candidate, Georgia Assembly.
1966 Aframerican: News You Can Use, SNCC, October. (Large file)
1966 Preamble SNCC (Re anti-draft position). Excerpted from Aframerican. October
1966SNCC Statement on Alabama Elections, November.
1966Have You Ever Been One Day Late? Shutz Defense Committee
(Flyer protesting Simuel Schutz prison sentence in military-draft case.)
1967 Organizing Materials
1967Freedom City — What It Is and How It Got Started, Delta Ministry fund raising brochure.
1967Does Martin Luther King Have the Right to Speak Out on Peace?
(SCLC pamphlet.)
1967To Get That Power, fundraising brochure. Mississippians United to Elect Negro Candidates, 1967
1968 Organizing Materials
1968There Are 40 Million Whites in the South? Who Will Organize Them? SCEF. Date unknown, possibly 1968.
1968 Have Sanitation Workers a Future? Community on the Move for Equality
(Memphis Gargage Strike boycott leaflet.)
1968 Flyer Calling for March for Justice and Jobs, Memphis Garbage Workers Strike. March, 1968
(Unsigned, assumed to be Community on the Move for Equality or AFSCME or both.)
1968Dr. King and SCLC — Powerful Action for Change, March 31. Soul Force (SCLC Journal)
1975Struggle in Today's South
(SCEF Fundraising Calendar, with state-by-state historic references.)

** Freedom Movement Maps **

 Alabama map, showing Black Belt counties.
 Alabama Map, showing Black-Belt counties and percentage Black population. Data from 1960 Census.
 Alabama: Breakdown of White & Negro Voters, 1962
(By Secretary of State in response to a judge's questionaire.)
 Mississippi Map, showing Congressional districts and Black-white population statistics.
 Mississippi Map, showing Black Belt counties.
 Mississippi Freedom Summer Map, showing counties and types of projects.
 Mississippi Freedom Summer Map, showing the major projects.
 Map of SNCC Projects (From SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference)

** Freedom Movement Research & Analysis **
1961 Demographic-Political Analysis of Freedom Riders, Henry Gerner, 1964.
1963The Condition of Farm Workers in 1963, Fay Bennett, National Sharecroppers Fund (NSF), 1964. Dense, four-page research & analysis.
1963 The General Condition of the Mississippi Negro, October, 1963. 18-page research report.
1963 The Ultimate Conquest of Negro Economic Inequality, Ernest Calloway, NALC, NAACP, January 1964
1964 Louisiana Parishes Population Report, CORE Research Dept. November.
1965SNCC ~ The General Condition of the Alabama Negro. 28-page report/analysis.
1965CORE ~ Louisiana in Brief. 14-page report/analysis.
1965SNCC: A Special Report on Southern School Desegregation, Fall 1965, Betty Garman, Marion Barry, Sharlene Kranz. (Large file.)
(See Massive Evasion of School Integration for background.)
1965Example SNCC County Research Reports
      Greene County, AL
      Lowndes County, AL
      Americus and Baker Counties, GA
1966? Southern School Desegregation Statistics, unattributed (possibly SNCC)

** Freedom Movement Reports, Minutes & Plans **
(See also Letters & Reports From the Field for reports from the field to headquarters.)
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1950s Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1955Minutes, Montgomery NAACP, Rosa Parks, Secretary
1959 Memo to SCLC Leadership, Ella Baker
1960 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1960Documents from the SNCC Founding Conference
1960 Report of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Ella Baker. May, 1960
(Report of the temporary coordinating committee elected at the Raleigh conference.)
1960SNCC Communications Report, June-July.
1960SNCC Conference — October 1960, Atlanta, GA
    Rules Adopted
    Decisions Adopted
(See Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Founded for background.)
1960 SCLC: Report of the Director to the Executive Board, October, 1960. Wyatt T. Walker
1960SNCC Meeting Minutes, November 1960
1961 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1961 SCLC: Report of the Director, Semi-Annual Report, SCLC, Nov. 1 - April 30, 1961
1961SNCC Meeting Minutes, July 14, 1961
1961 SCLC Affiliates, August 1961
1961National Director's Report to CORE National Convention, James Farmer, September.
1961SCLC Annual Meeting, September, 1961
    Program, SCLC Annual Meeting
    Report of the Director, Rev. Wyatt T. Walker.
1961CORE National Action Committee Minutes, October 12, 1961
1961CORE National Action Committee Minutes, November 27, 1961
1961CORE National Action Committee Minutes, December 15, 1961
1962 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1962 Notes: Chronology of Student Sit-Ins and Freedom Rides, 1960-1961, Howard Zinn.
1962The SCLC Voter Registration Prospectus for 1962
1962CORE National Action Committee Minutes, January 26, 1962
1962 Minutes of SNCC Regional Meeting — Atlanta Georgia, March 24, 1962
1962 Final Release on the CORE National Convention (Pre-convention instructions)
1962CORE National Action Committee Minutes, June 1, 1962
1962Economy of Ruleville, Mississippi, Charles Cobb and Charles McLaurin, SNCC.
(See Greenwood Food Blockadefor background.)
1962 Action for Freedom, South Carolina NAACP Annual Report, 1962. I. DeQuincey Newman, NAACP
1963 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1963 Letter to Jim [Forman?], from Greenwood MS. Sam Block, SNCC.
(See Greenwood Food Blockade for background.)
1963 SNCC: Survey of Current Field Work May, 1963.
(As presented to Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on proposed Civil Rights Act.)
1963 Organizing Field Reports, Selma AL, Bernard & Colia Lafayette, SNCC
      February 15
      April 6
(Detailing the nitty-gritty of how organizing is actually done.)
1963SNCC Field Reports (From SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference)
1963 Report on First Sit-In in Selma, AL, Bernard Lafayette & Others. SNCC
Report on Thomaston and Uniontown, AL, James Austin. SNCC
Reports on Student Canvasing, Selma, AL, Bernard Lafayette & others. SNCC
(These are three parts of a compiled report)
1963Report and Proposal for Massive Nonviolent Civil Disobedience in Montgomery, Diane Nash Bevel, September, 1963.
1963 SNCC Executive Committee Minutes, September 6-9, 1963.
1963Report of Special Projects Sept 1962-Sept 1963, John Lawson, SCLC. Re nonviolence training.
1963 SNCC Reports From Selma, AL. October 21-22, 1963
1963Six Month Report, SNCC Chairmanm, John Lewis, (July-Dec).
1963Report: White Southern Student Project, Sam Shirah. (December)
1963Southwest Georgia Project Report/Proposals, (December). Charles Sherrod
1963SNCC Executive Commitee Minutes, (December).
1963? Operation Mississippi, SNCC Mississippi Staff. Undated.
(Most likely from late '63. Superseded by later plans for Freedom Summer)
1963? Memo to SNCC Executive Committee re Mississippi Project, Bob Moses. Fall 1963?
(See Freedom Ballot in MS for background.)
1963 An Abortion for a Pregnant State, Dave Dennis, CORE Field Secretary for Mississippi. Late 1963
(Report to CORE National Action Council & proposal for expanded CORE activity in Mississippi which led to Mickey & Rita Schwerner opening the Meridian project.)
1963COFO Minutes, December 1963. Jackson, MS.
1963 Notes From SNCC Staff Workshop, December 1963
1963Civil Rights: Year End Summary, Southern Regional Council, December 31.
1964 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1964 SNCC Financial Audit for 1963
1964 Selected Sections From the First Annual Report of the Voter Education Project 1962-1963, Southern Regional Council
1964 Selma Report on People Fired for Trying to Register to Vote, Willie Robinson, SNCC. January 2nd.
(See Freedom Day in Selma for background.)
1964 Selma, Special Report, January 6, 1964, Thomas Brown, SNCC.
(See Freedom Day in Selma for background.)
1964 SNCC Minutes of Meeting in Hattiesburg Discussing the Summer Project, January 24, 1964.
(Note that dates of "1963" on the document are incorrect. See Mississippi Summer Project for background.)
1964 Minutes COFO Convention, February 9, 1964
1964 CORE Organization Department Report, Jim McCain. February, 1964
(Includes list of CORE chapters and voter registrations figures.)
1964 Report From Sunflower County (MS). Charles McLaurin, SNCC
1964SNCC Coodinating Committee Roster, (March).
???? Proposals for Work With Women's Groups, Joyce Barrett, SNCC. Undated.
1964 Proposal for MFDP Convention Challenge, Democratic Convention, Atlantic City.
(See MFDP Challenge to Democratic Convention for background.)
1964SNCC Executive Committee Minutes, April 18-19.
1964SNCC Executive Commitee Minutes, (May).
1964 The SNCC Explosion, report, analysis, & proposals.
(Ruby Doris Robinson? Ruby Searles?)
1964 Proposal for Free Southern Theater, FST.
(See Free Southern Theaterfor background.)
1964 Field Report, West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, Mimi Feingold, CORE.
1964? Report from Pointe Coupee Parish, Peggy Ewan, Catherine Cortex, Sharon Burger, CORE
1964 CORE Annual Convention Minutes, July 1964
1964 Memo re Second District MFDP Convention, MS Stokely Carmichael, SNCC.
1964 Report From Amite County, (MS). Marshall Ganz, COFO
1964 Annual Report of Martin Luther King to SCLC Convention (September)
1964SNCC Executive Committee Meeting, September
      Executive Committee Members, September?
      Minutes, September 4
      Project & Student Voice Reports, September 5
      Minutes, September 6
1964SNCC Staff Retreat Minutes Summary, (October).
1964Memo on Community Center Program, Lois Chaffee, COFO. Fall '64?
1964Special Report: Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR), Jerome Tobis, Aron Wells, Leslie Falk, Elliott Hurwitt. Fall 1964
(See for background.)
1964 South Carolina NAACP Annual Report, I. DeQuincey Newman, NAACP. 1964
64? 65? Sketch of Year's Work in a Community Adult Education, Silas Norman? Mary Varela? Selma, Alabama.
???? Program Proposal: Transition in the Church, Rev. Tom Brown, SNCC. Udated
1965 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1965 CORE 1965 (New Orleans), Matt Suarez.
1965 Tentative Program for New Orleans CORE, January, 1965
1965New Orleans Community Organizers — Report, Matt Suarez.
1965SNCC Programs for 1965, Coordinating Committee decisions as of February 23.
1965SNCC: Notes to the Northern Staff, (February).
1965SNCC Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, March 5-6.
(Immediately before "Bloody Sunday" in Selma.)
1965 Bienville Parish Report, Ronnie Moore, CORE. March 19, 1965
1965 SNCC: State Conference Report Alabama (Campus), March 1965
(Re: statewide conference of student activists from Alabama Black colleges.)
1965Things that will be discussed at the staff meeting in May, 1965, Sandy Stovall?
1965SNCC Executive Committee Minutes, (April).
1965SNCC Alabama Staff Meeting Minutes, (April).
1965Transcript of Student Meeting, Atlanta University Center, undated, unsigned.
(May have been Student Liberation Front (SLF) event, probably in April, 1965.)
1965Report to Congressional Briefing, re Jackson arrests & prison conditions. NCC.
(See Jackson, MS Protests for background.)
1965SNCC Summer Program, April 1965
1965-66 SCLC's SCOPE Project Reports, June-Dec, 1965. (Multiple Documents).
1965 Claiborne Parish, LA (Homer), incident report, CORE. July 12, 1965
1965 CORE Convention Agenda, Durham, NC, July, 1965
1965 Reports on Shooting of Jonathan Daniels and Others in Lowndes County, SNCC. August 20-21, 1965
(See Murder of Jonathan Daniels for background.)
1965 SNCC: Report From Finance Committee, September, 1965
(Jack Minnis, Mildred Forman, Muriel Tillinghast, S.G. Johnson, Stanley Wise)
1965 SNCC Financial Statement, September, 1965
1965 Field Reports From Alabama SNCC Staff Meeting, October 1965
(Includes reports from SCLC projects and East Tennessee Voters Project)
1965SNCC Staff Meeting Minutes, (November).
1965Statement of Vernon Smith, regarding violence in Ferriday, LA. November 11, 1965
1965Violence Continues in Ferriday LA, CORE Press Release, December 19, 1965.
65? 66? SNCC: Who Does What in Atlanta, undated.
1966 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1966 Minutes from Alabama State-Wide, Non-Partisan Polltical Meeting, SCLC ~ Confederation of Alabama Political Organizations (COAPO). February 26
1966 Report on Alabama Justice, February, 1966. Conference on Alabama Justice, Tuskegee, AL. Ad Hoc Committee for Justice in Macon County. (See The Murder of Sammy Younge for background.
1966 Report on Alabama Voter Registration, SCLC. April 1966
1966Proposal for Voter Education Project, SCLC to VEP
62-66 Vote Totals for Freedom Movement Candiates, Democratic Primaries 1962-1966. By county. Freedom Information Service.
1966 CORE Citizenship Education Workshop, Minutes From State Meeting, July, 1966. Frogmore, SC
1966 SNCC, Secretariate Minutes, August(?), 1966
(Excerpted from Aframerican)
1966 SNCC: Report on Draft Program
SNCC: Report on Court Proceedings
Anti-Vietnam War draft resistance in Atlanta.
1966 SNCC Chicago Report, Monroe Sharp. October, 1966.
(Excerpted from Aframerican)
1966 Soviet Union Report, Fay Bellamy, SNCC. August, 1966.
(Excerpted from Aframerican)
1967 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1967Excerpt From SNCC Meeting Regarding Relation With Saul Alinsky
1968 Reports, Minutes, & Plans
1968 Lessons of Laurel: Grassroots Organizing in the South, Bob Analavage & Dottie Zellner, SCEF.

** Other Internal Organizational Documents **
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1950s Internal Organizational Documents
Montgomery Improvement Association Constitution
Montgomery Improvement Association Bylaws, (later version)
1957Southern Negroes Leaders Conference agenda, (Founding of SCLC as an organization, August)
????SCLC Constitution & Bylaws
1960 Internal Organizational Documents
1960Call to SNCC Founding Conference
1961 Internal Organizational Documents
1961 SNCC Chronology, Summer 1961, Unsigned
1961SNCC Statement of policy of the Excecutive Committee Concerning Fundraising for SNCC by Other Organizations, October 29, 1961.
1962 Internal Organizational Documents
1962 SCLC Affiliates, February, 1962
1962?Address List: SNCC Field Offices & Friends of SNCC Groups
1963 Internal Organizational Documents
1963 Description of County. SNCC county organizing research & questionaire sheet.
1963SNCC Constitution, as revised April, 1963.
1963? Letter to SNCC About Direct Action, Courtland Cox, SNCC
1963 Memo: Central Issue in Mississippi Civil Rights Struggle, Bob Moses, COFO-SNCC, summer, 1963
1963 Memo To Staff, Bob Moses, COFO. Undated
(Probably latter part of 1963, re upcoming Greenville meeting.)
1963SNCC Field Offices & Staff as of October 24, 1963
1963 By-Laws of the Council of Federated Organizations, R. Hunter Morey, COFO. December 15, 1963
1963?Notes on Mississippi, unsigned, undated.
(Summary COFO's Greenville staff meeting of November 1963.)
63? 64? What is an Organizer?, Mike Miller, SNCC
(Possibly written in late '63 or early '64 for a SNCC staff meeting.)
1964 Internal Organizational Documents
1964SNCC Pay Stub & Payroll Note
1964 Application for Field Worker in CORE Task Force
(A CORE "task force" roughly corresponded to a SNCC "project.")
1964COFO Letter to Roy Wilkins re Freedom Summer Plans, Bob Moses, March 1, 1964
(See 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer Events for background.)
1964Proposal or Suggestion to the Executive Committee, April 18, 1964, James Bolton, SNCC
(Re: assistance for John Lewis.)
1964 Memo From the SNCC Finance Office, April 18, 1964
1964?Personnel Credentials of the Atlanta SNCC Office, undated, believed to be 1964.
1964Security Handbook, Mississippi.
1964SNCC WATS Line Instructions & Policies, June 1964
1964 Mississippi Summer Project Workers in State as of June 29, 1964, COFO report
1964Freedom Summer Documents, (Multiple Documents).
1964Freedom School Documents (Multiple Documents).
1964Persons Added to SNCC Staff Since September 1964 Meeting, Ruby Doris Smith Robinson
1964CORE Mississippi staff list as of September 1964
1964Waveland Conference. Documents from SNCC Staff Retreat, November, 1964. Waveland, MS. (Multiple documents)
1964COFO Identification Papers (You have ze papers, yes?)
1964SNCC Volunteer Interview Format, Late 1964 (after Freedom Summer).
1964COFO Memorandum, Dec. 11. Re changes & rumors.
1964?Memo From John Lewis to SNCC Staff, December, 1964?
1964 COFO: Memo to All Staff re Jackson Office Situation, Muriel Tilinghast, SNCC. Late 1964?
1964?Memo on SNCC Finances, James Forman, December, 1964?
1964?Southern CORE Staff and Locations
(Undated, possibly from the summer of 1964.)
1964Proposed Yearly Budget Student Voice 1964-1965, SNCC.
1964-68Southern Student Organizing Committee, (Multiple documents).
64? 65? SNCC Staff Directory (Draft) December 64? January 65?
64? 65? We Must Be Allies ... Race Has Led Us Both to Poverty, Bruce Maxwell, COFO White Folks Project. Undated, probably late 1964 or early 1965.
1965 Internal Organizational Documents
1965 Documents From CORE Southern Region Workshop, CORE, Southern Office, January 1965
1965Mississippi Council of Federated Organizations, CORE Mississippi Field Staff
(Explains COFO to Louisiana CORE Staff for January 1965 Conference)
1965 Memorandum to Friends of SNCC, Betty Garman. January 15, 1965
(Re SNCC finances, fund raising, financial reports, etc)
1965Notice: Volunteers for Mississippi, SNCC. January, 1965
1965 CORE Volunteer Contract
(How, where, when, and why this was used is unknown.)
1965SNCC Executive Committee Members Elected, February, 1965
1965List of People on Staff, SNCC, month unknown. (Note that SNCC staff changed rapidly.)
1965SNCC: Personnel Committe Report, Murial Tillinghast. (Month unknown.)
1965What is the SNCC Research Department, February.
1965 SNCC Staff Memo, Cleve Sellers, February 28, 1965.
1965O-J-T Programs For Students, SNCC Campus Travelers.
1965?CORE Radio Rules & Codes (Louisiana)
1965Articles of Incorporation, Deacons of Defense & Justice, Louisiana, March.
(See Deacons for Defense & Justice for background.)
1965?Suggestions on Political Activity for SNCC in Washington, Jim Monsonis.
1965On Programs..., Marion Barry, SNCC, May.
1965 Let's Have a Peoples' Conference, Mike Losser, CORE. May, 1965
1965SCLC's SCOPE Project, (Multiple Documents).
1965Proposal for the Freedom Information Service, November. Delta Ministry.
1965Relations Between SNCC and MFDP, November. Liz Sutherland.
1965?Memorandum on the Structure of SNCC, Jim Forman.
1965? Some Suggestions in Answer to Questions Raised by the "Memo," Howard Zinn.
(Referring to Jim Forman's Memorandum on the Structure of SNCC?)
1965?SNCC: Unsigned memo on organizing & decision-making. Late 1965?
1965SNCC Structure: How to "Open Up" the Organization, Liz Sutherland notes. Nov.
1966?Position Paper: Funds-Sources and Staff Salaries, SNCC. Joann Gavin.
1966 Internal Organizational Documents
1966 Documents of the Grenada MS Movement, (Multiple Documents).
1966Reflections on Years Past and Years to Come, Andy Young, SCLC.
1966 SNCC Internal Education Program, October 1966.
1966 SNCC Application Form
1967 Internal Organizational Documents
1967Grass Roots Organizing Work (GROW), Dorothy & Bob Zellner. Proposal for organizing & education in an Alabama white community. January, 1967
1967SCLC Field & Administrative Staff. Roster from 1967 convention (may not be entirely accurate).
1967Memo to SSOC (on organizing whites), Anne Braden.
1968 Internal Organizational Documents
1968 Draft: To the President, Congress, and Supreme Court of the United States, Unsigned, assumed to be Dr. King and perhaps others associated with SCLC. February 6, 1968
(Working draft of Economic Bill of Rights explanation for the Poor Peoples Campaign)
1968On the New SNCC, James Forman.
1968 Statement of Objectives Adopted by SNCC At It's Annual Meeting of June 1968

** Government & Institutional Reports **
(USCCR = U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, NPS = National Park Service.)

Rosa Parks Arrest Report, December 1, 1955. Montgomery Police Dept.
Justice: Equal Justice Under the Law, 1961. USCCR
Voting, 1961. USCCR
Alabama: Report on the Administration of Justice, 1958-1961, 1961. USCCR
Public Schools Southern States, 1962. USCCR
Civil Rights, 1963. USCCR
Report on Mississippi, 1963. USCCR
Voting in Mississippi, 1965. USCCR
New Orleans Schools Crises, undated. USCCR
Racial Desegregation of Public Accomodations, NPS
Racial Voting Rights, NPS
Conscience and Confrontation: ... Summer CRM Volunteers, Univ Wisconsin
Performance of the FBI in Investigating Violations ..., John Doar. Excerpts, 1967

** Miscellaneous & Uncatagorizable Documents **

1965 SNCC: The beginning of Ideology, Howard Zinn. January, 1965
(As published in "Freedom North" by the Northern Student Movement.)
1965Letter to Joan Gavin re training Blacks to be nurses. Ruth Steiner, MCHR.

** White Racist, Segregationist & Hate **

A few examples of typical segregation laws and racist hate literature.
1950s-64Example Segregation Laws. (Birmingham & Montgomery)
1960Eviction Notice, Letter evicting white civil rights workers from Atlanta apartment for "associating with Colored men on a social basis."
1960Mississippi State Democratic Party Platform, (white-only, pro-segregation)
1961 Birmingham: Racist/Hate Leaflet, Unsigned, probably KKK or White Citizens Council.
1963Excerpts From Campaign Literature, Paul Johnson for Governor Campaign
(White segregationist candidate.)
1964Mississippi Anti-Freedom Summer Legislation, 1964, House Bill 870
(See Mississippi Girds for Armageddonfor background.)
1965White Citizens Council Anti-Civil Rights Recorded Message, Crenshaw County, AL
1965 Demonstration Permit, City of Luverne (Crenshaw County) Alabama, August 4, 1965.
(For demonstration to take place if Voting Rights Act was not immediately enacted. Since the Act was passed, the protest did not take place.)

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