Letters & Reports From Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964

One of Freedom Summer's strategic objectives was to raise national awareness of southern realities, demand Federal action, and mobilize political support for the MFDP. All the summer volunteers were urged to write frequent letters to family, friends, teachers, and ministers about the Freedom Movement and their experiences. Many volunteers arranged to have their letters published in local newspapers, school or church bulletins, or reproduced and distributed to informal networks. This was before the era of cheap photocopy machines, so letters had to be retyped with carbon copies, or mimeographed from hand-typed stencils, often by parents who just days or weeks earlier had been desperately pleading with their daughters and sons not to to to Mississippi.

Date Title & Author Location(s)
May 31 Letter From Jim Boebel  
June 18 Letter re Orientation & Training, Mike Yarrow Oxford, OH
June 16Letter re Freedom Summer training, William HodesOxford, OH
June 22Nonviolence debate at Freedom Summer training, William HodesOxford, OH
June Arriving in MS, first days, & fear., Mike Yarrow Ruleville
June 26 Dear Parents and All (re CSG), Eugene NelsonOxford, OH
June 26FBI Investigation and Arrests in Itta Bena, UnsignedItta Bena
July 3 Letters From a Freedom School Teacher, Chude Allen Holly Springs
July 1 Letter home, Wally Roberts Shaw & Ruleville
July 2 Dear Jack, letter re MFDP. Signature illegible   Jackson MFDP Ofc.
July 2 Experiences of a Summer Volunteer #1, Mike Yarrow Ruleville
July 4To Mrs. Hodes re Newsletter, Kay Raphael, parents groupNYC
July 11 Experiences of a Summer Volunteer #2, Mike Yarrow Ruleville
July 16 Lettter From a Freedom School Teacher, Dorothy Teal Carthage
July 18 Account of Arrest and Jail, Mike Yarrow Ruleville
July 27 Experiences of a Summer Volunteer #3, Mike Yarrow Ruleville
Aug Report: Arrested for Leafletting, Wally Roberts Cleveland
Aug 28 Letter From Irene & Everett MacNair Greenville
Sept. 2 Report: Observations Regarding Cleveland MS, Hall & Gregg
1964 Letters From Mississippi (collection) Volunteers
Feb 9 '65  Meeting of Miss. Project Parent's Committee, UnsignedNYC

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