Vietnam War & Military Draft — Documents and Stories

See Vietnam War and the Assembly of Unrepresented People for general introduction and background information.
See also Vietnam War— Articles for and articles about the Vietnam War written by Freedom Movement activists.

Movement Documents Related to the Vietnam War

1965McComb MFDP Statement Against the Vietnam War, July 1965
1965 MFDP and Viet Nam, Lawrence Guyot, MFDP. July 31 1965
1965   Dr. King's First Statement on Vietnam, August 1965.
1965Call for an Assembly of Unrepresented People, August, 1965
(See Vietnam and the Assembly of Unrepresented People for background.)
1965 Working draft of speech on Vietnam and U.S. imperialism, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated 1965
1966SNCC's First Public Statement on Vietnam, January 1966
1966 SNCC Does Not Speak for the Whole Movement, Roy Wilkins, NAACP. L.A. Times, January 17 1966
1966?The Enemy is Racism: Why Am I in Vietnam?, unsinged, undated, organization unknown.
1967Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, Martin Luther King. Riverside Church speech, April 1967.
1967Address to Anti-War Marchers, Martin Luther King, April 1967.

Movement Documents Related to the Military Draft

1966 Proposal for a national Black anti-draft program, unsigned SNCC. August 9 1966
1966 SNCC: Report on Draft Program and SNCC: Report on Court Proceedings, August 1966. (Anti-Vietnam War draft resistance in Atlanta.)
1966Have You Ever Been One Day Late? Shutz Defense Committee (Flyer protesting Simuel Schutz prison sentence in military-draft case.)
1966? Uncle Sam Wants YOU Nigger! SNCC. Undated (probably 1966)
1966 National Anti-Draft Program, Michael Simmons & Larry Fox, SNCC. November 28 1966
1966 Dear Bros and Sisters (report on anti-draft tour), Michael Simmons & Larry Fox, SNCC. November 28 1966
1967 Seven SNCC Workers Indicted, Unsigned SNCC. March 7 1967
1967 Black Men and the Draft, Cleveland Sellers, SNCC. June 8 1967
Undated  Charlie Cobb's Draft Physical
Undated Preston King vs Draft Board Racism
Undated Roy Shields & the Draft Physical

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