Reports & Letters From the Field

This section contains memos and field reports to headquarters, letters written to family and friends, and letters for publication & circulation, by freedom workers in the field during 1951-1968. See also Reports, Minutes & Plans for organizational reports.

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Workshop Notes ~ Highlander Center, 7/55 Rosa Parks, NAACP
Impressions of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 3/56 Fred Halstead
Letter to Thurgood Marshall re Attack on NACCP, 6/4/56   Mobile NAACP
Letter to Lyman Beecher Stowe (MS) 10/56 Dr. T.R.M. Howard (RCNL)
Letter to Roy Wilkins re Little Rock Nine, 12/17/57 Daisy Bates, NAACP
Report on the Youth March for Integrated Schools, (DC) 6/25/59 Bayard Rustin, In Friendship.
Memo to SCLC Leadership, 7/59 Ella Baker, SCLC
The Hampton Sit-Ins and Southern Society (VA) Everette & Jackson
Montgomery Students Sit In Story (AL), 2/60 Unsigned
The Marshall Sit-Ins, April (TX), 6/60 Biship College students
Letter re Freedom Riders in Montgomery, 7/61 Virginia Durr
The Plantation and the Oasis (MS), Fall 61 Joan Traumpauer (re Tougaloo)
Albany Freedom Ride Letters and Chronology (GA)   Joan Browning
Report from Hollis Watkins and Curtis Hayes   (MS), 1/62Watkins & Hayes (SNCC)
Field Reports: Cambridge MD.
       January 15, January 20, and January 25
Reginald Robinson & William Hanson, SNCC & CIG
Field Reports: Dawson GA.
       January 28 and February 8
Charles Sherrod, SNCC
Recent Progress of the Jackson Nonviolent Movement, 2/62 Paul Brooks, SNCC
SNCC voter registration campaign (Albany GA) Author unknown
Letter to Web Owens (McComb, MS), 5/62 Ella Baker, SNCC
Report re Freedom Rides, (Shreveport, LA) 5/25/62 Dave Dennis, CORE
Letter to Jim, 11/6/62 (Gadsden AL) Frank Holloway, SNCC
Letter From Albany GA, 11/62 Faith Holsaert, SNCC
Report on First Mass Meeting in Sumter County (GA), 11/62 Faith Holsaert, SNCC
Economy of Ruleville, Mississippi (re Food Blockade),11/62 Cobb & McLaurin, SNCC
Letter to Jim, December 18. Sunflower County, MS, 12/62 Charles McLaurin, SNCC
Letter to Martha Prescod re Hunger in MS, 12/62 Bob Moses, SNCC/COFO
Weekly Report (Southwest GA), 12/62 John O'Neal, SNCC
Letter to Wiley Branton of VEP About Albany GA, 12/8/62    Penny Patch, SNCC
Report on Work in Marshall County (MS), 12/8/62 Frank Smith, SNCC
Letter to Jim [Forman?], from Greenwood MS. 1/63 Sam Block, SNCC
Lee County Movement, A Bid For Freedom, 1/14/63    Charles Wingfield
Report on Mississippi Project for 1962, 1/21/63 Bob Moses, SNCC
Letter to Northern Supporters (MS), 1/23/63 Bob Moses, SNCC
Selma, AL. SNCC Organizing Field Reports, 1963 (Many reports)
SNCC Field Reports (From SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference) 
My Participation in the Sit-ins (NC)   Hulda Taylor
Dear Judy: (Letter from Greenwood, MS) Bob {Illegible}, SNCC
Selected Sections Field Report (MS), 3/63 David Dennis, CORE
Danville, VA (Police violence) Louis Nasper
Gadsden, AL (The Gadsden Movement) Eric Rainey
Journal (Southwest Georgia), Summer 63   Dennis Roberts
Letter From Albany, GA, 8/10/63 Miriam Cohen, SNCC
Letter to Don Harris' Father re Jailed Son, 8/17/63 Julian Bond, SNCC
Letter to Northern Supporters (MS), 9/30/63 Mrs. Hamer, SNCC
Jackson Mississippi (Police harassment), Fall 63   Ivanhoe Donaldson, SNCC
Letter to SNCC About Direct Action, Fall 63 Courtland Cox, SNCC
Myles Horton to Bob Moses, 10/18/63 Myles Horton, Highlander Folk School
The Freedom Ballot for Governor (MS), 10/23/63 Joan Bowman COFO
Integration in the Deep South: Death Goes On, Fall 63 Miriam Cohen, SNCC
Memo to ExComm re Mississippi Project Bob Moses, SNCC
Letter to national CORE re Mississippi situation & plans, 11/18/63 Dave Dennis, CORE
Letter From an Americus Jail, About Organizing (GA) Randy Battle, SNCC
Southwest Georgia Project Report/Proposals, 12/27/63   Charles Sherrod, SNCC
Freedom Ring Encircles Ticket Booth (New Orleans)   Doris Castle, CORE
Selma: Report on People Fired for Trying to Register to Vote, 1/2/64
(See Freedom Day in Selma for background.)
Willie Robinson, SNCC
Selma, Special Report, 1/6/64
(See Freedom Day in Selma for background.)
Thomas Brown, SNCC
Letter re Jackson MS church segregation & civil liberties, 1/64 Rev. Lee Ball, MFSA
Report about Tallahatchi County, 1/15/64 Charlie Cobb, SNCC
Letter to Bradens re emergency food distribution, 1/16/64 Mendy Samstein, SNCC
Field report, re Louisiana voter registration. 1/19/64 Ronnie Moore, CORE
Letter to Anne Braden (MS), 1/23/64 Rita Schwerner, COFO
Letter to James McCain regarding Gainesville, FL CORE 1/21/64 Judy Benninger, CORE
Observations and Recommendations Undated
(Possibly regarding Meridian MS CORE project)
T.A. Lassiter, CORE?
Report From the Jackson Movement, (MS), 1/27/64 Joan (Trumpauer?), NAACP
Letter to Bradens re emergency food situation, 1/29/64 Mendy Samstein, SNCC
Organization of Students From Georgia Tech, Agnes Scott College, and Emory University (GA) 1/31/64 Rick Stevens, SNCC
Report From Sunflower County (MS), 2/64 Charles McLaurin, SNCC
Report From Marks MS, 2/3/64COFO
Selma, AL. SNCC Organizing Field Reports (Many reports)
Report From Sunflower County (MS), 2/19/64Charles McLaurin, SNCC
Letter re employment discrimination by Olin Mathieson (LA). 3/2/64 CORE Lousiana Task Force
Report From the Jackson Movement, (MS). 3/11/64 Joan (Trumpauer?), NAACP
Field Report re Ennis CORE (TX) 3/17/64 Tom Valetine, CORE
Report on the March on Tallahassee, (FL), 4/1/64 Patricia Due, CORE
Dear Brother and Sister SNCCers, (MS) 4/1/64 R. Hunter Morey, SNCC
Letter re Big Bend Voter Education Campaign (FL) 4/2/64 Patricia Due, CORE
Letter to Gordon Carey re operations and problems, (LA) 4/6/64 Richard Haley, CORE
Dear Fellow CORE Members (to New Orleans CORE). 4/16/64 Richard Haley, CORE
Report From the Jackson Movement, (MS). 4/19/64 Joan (Trumpauer?), NAACP
Report to James McCain regarding Dunnellen CORE (FL) 4/23/64 Judy Benninger, CORE
Report: Wildcat strike by hotel maids in New Orleans, 4/28/64 Many strikers, CORE
CORE's North Florida Citizenship Education Project (NFCEP). Many authors & dates
Letter to John Lewis (SNCC). 5/7/64 Unsigned, re ExCom Mtg
Letter to Ronnie Moore, re Louisiana summer project, 5/11/64 Marcia (no lastname), CORE
Letter to CORE leader James McCain re Louisiana voter registration, 5/13/64 Unsigned, CORE
Letter re CORE Meridian project community center (MS), 5/14/64Ed Hollander, CORE
Letter to Ronnie Moore, re parishes for Louisiana summer project, 5/14/64 Michael (Lesser?), CORE
Letter re Gainsville CORE, 5/29/64 (FL) Judy Benninger, CORE
Letter From Jim Boebel (MS) 5/31/64    Jim Boebel, COFO
Why I Am Going to Mississippi, 6/9/64 Chude Allen, SNCC
Field Report, West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, 6/24/64Mimi Feingold, CORE
Report from Pointe Coupee Parish (LA)Ewan, Cortez & Burger, CORE
Letters From Mississippi Freedom Summer (Multiple authors)
Memories of Mississippi Freedom Summer, (Multiple memoirs)
Report From St. Fransville Hardwood Plantation, undated (LA) Unsigned, CORE
Thoughts on the disappearance of Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman (MS) Anne Braden, SCEF
A Special Report on the Jonesboro, Louisiana 7/64 Daniel Mitchell, CORE
COFO Project in Meridian, Mississippi, 7/17/64 Bob Gore(?), CORE
Report — Terror in Shaw MS, 7/13/64 Wally Roberts, SNCC
Notes on parents meeting with James Forman, Steve Schwerner, 7/20/64
(See Lynching of Chaney, Schwerner, & Goodman for background.)
Unsigned. COFO? SNCC?
Memo re Second District MFDP Convention, MS Stokely Carmichael, SNCC
Report From Amite County, (MS) Marshall Ganz, COFO
Weekly Report, CORE Florida Task Force, 8/5/64 Judy Benninger, CORE
Report Desegregate Sand Springs Schools (OK),8/18/64 James Russell, CORE
Request to CORE for assistance, 8/19/64 Daytona, FL
Progress Report Covering 8/23/64 (FL) Judy Benninger, CORE NFCEP
Madison County Freedom School Reports (MS) 8/25/64 Jo Ann Ooiman, CORE
Report: Observations Regarding Cleveland Mississippi,9/2/64 Hall & Gregg, COFO?
Field report, re Daytona Beach FL, 9/23/64 Ronnie Moore, CORE
Gainsville (FL) CORE, Reorganization and Program, 10/1/64 Judy Benninger, CORE
Report From Batesville Conference on Freedom Schools (MS) 10/2/64 Jo Ann (Ooiman?), COFO
COFO Freedom House Bombing, Vicksburg, MS, 10/6/64 William Melish, COFO
Individual Reports, (MS) 10/12/64 Jo Ann Ooiman, CORE
Letter re problems in North Florida CORE project, 10/1864Steve McVoy, CORE
Memo on Organizing, 10/23/64 Mike Miller, SNCC
Report From Madison & Rankin Counties, (MS) Mary Shupenko, CORE
Election Report From Gadsden County FL, 11/5/64 David McVoy, CORE NFCEP
CORE Staff List, North FL Citizenship Education Project, 11/17/64 Spiver Gordon, CORE
Progress report for Gadsden County Florida, 11/16/64 David McVoy, CORE
Report From Moss Point-Pascagoula (MS), Unknown
Report on Sunflower County (MS), John Harris, SNCC
Incident report, Quincy Florida, 11/23/64 David McVoy, CORE
Voter registration in Liberty County (FL), 12/9/64 Spiver Gordon, CORE.
CORE Field Reports From Florida, Stuart Wechsler, CORE
Progress Report for Havana Florida, 12/14/64 Arlene Bock, David Dukes, CORE
Letter to ILGWU, 12/18/64 Stuart Wechsler, CORE
Dear Friends, letter from Hattiesburg (MS). 12/28/64 COFO
Barbara Schwartzbaum Letter (MS). Schwartzbaum
Report From Jonesboro (LA) Fredrick Brooks, CORE
Dear Alicia, undated from Sunflower Co. MS Linda Kaplow, COFO
Report From Marshal County (MS).1/2/65 Larry Rubin, SNCC
Letter re police repression in Starkeville MS, 1/26/65 Bernard Carver & Ron Carver
Mississippi Field Report, 1/19/65Richard Jewett, MFDP
CORE Field Reports From Florida Stuart Wechsler, CORE
The School Boycott, Moultrie, GA, 2/65 Herman Kitchen
New Orleans Community Organizers — ReportMatt Suarez
Report: CORE Canton Project, (MS) 2/7/65 Unsigned, CORE
Mississippi Letter, (26-pgs), 2/15/65 Stephen Bingham, MFDP
Why I Stopped Being on SNCC Staff (MS). 2/25/65 Miriam Glickman
Sunflower County — Activity Report, (MS)Unknown, COFO
Hattiesburg COFO - Very Active (MS). 2/24/65  COFO
Contact (Selma). 2/65 Charles Fager, SCLC
Perry County Alabama Report (AL), 2/65SNCC
Progress report, Jefferson & Madison County FL, 2/28/65 David Dukes, CORE
Help Urgently Needed in Alabama, 3/24/65 Dombrowski & Braden, SCEF
CORE field report, Tallahassee, FL. 3/15/65 Le Faucette, CORE
Letter & Report to Rev. Gayraud Wilmore (MS) 3/15/65 Rev. Harry Bowie, DM
Memo to Atlanta SNCC re Selma, 3/16/65. (AL) Howard Zinn
Bienville Parish Report, 3/19/65Ronnie Moore, CORE
Alabama Project, 3/65 Randy Glenn, SNCC.
Letter From Batesville (MS) 3/19/65
(WATS reports & Selma)
Patch, Williams, DeLott, Grant & Brown, SNCC
The Stench of Freedom (Selma) 3/20/65 Ralph Featherstone, SNCC
Last Day of the Selma-Montgomery March (AL), 3/29/65 Rev. Dr. Janet Wolfe
Letter re CORE and Selma & March to Montgomery (AL), 4/2/65 Randy Glenn, CORE
Letter re Selma & Montgomery protests, 4/2/65 Unsigned. SCEF?
Scouting Report of Natchitoches Parish (LA). 4/65Judith Rollins, CORE
Field Report, Jefferson & Madison Counties (FL) 4/15/65 David Dukes, CORE
Report on Arrest of Charles Williams (Bogalusa LA). 4/16/65Will Ussery, CORE
Selma, AL. SNCC Organizing Field Reports (Multiple reports)
Four letters from Selma, AL
Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Field Report (FL) 4/30/65 Spiver Gordon, CORE
Letter From Holly Springs & Benton Co. (MS) Spring 65 Aviva Futorian, COFO
Letter From Holly Springs (MS) 5/5/65 Hardy Frye, SNCC
A Reflective Look (Julian Bond's Campaign) (GA) 5/7/65   Charlie Cobb, SNCC
Letter to Ronnie Moore re Deacons for Defense & Justice (LA) 5/11/65 Earnest Thomas, Deacons
Letter From Holly Springs (MS) 5/14/65 Unsigned
Scouting Report — St. Tammany Parish (LA), 5/65?Mimi Feingold, CORE
Report to Richard Haley 5/65 (MS) Sandra Watts, CORE
Field Report — Washington Parish (Bogalusa LA). 6/65 Unknown
Newton County Report, June 1965 (MS) George Smith Jr. CORE
Report for Madison County, June 2 (MS) Bill Forsyth, CORE
Letter From Jackson Jail (MS) Nancy Turitz, SNCC
Four Letters From Batesville (MS) Eugene & Nancy Turitz, SNCC
Letter From MS Governor Johnson To CA Gov. Brown
Stokely's Speech Class Jane Stembridge, SNCC
Position Paper: Funds-Sources & Staff Salaries   Joanne Gavin, SNCC
Reports From Crawfordville GA, May-Oct. Clarke, Luther, Barber & Swan, SCLC
Report From Valley View Office (MS)Andrew Green, CORE
SCOPE Letters & Reports, (Multiple documents)
Statement re carrying shotgun (LA) Harvey Malray, Deacons
Jackson City Jail (MS) James Kates, COFO
Dear Friends (MS) Harriet, CDGM
Claiborne Parish, LA (Homer), CORE incident report, July 12, 
Letter re CORE Summer Project (LA) Meldon Acheson, CORE
Gulfport, MS. Report & Analysis   Sam Walker, COFO
Report From Claiborne Parish (Homer, LA)Unknown
Letter From Natchez, MS Jim
Letter to DoJ re Denial of Voting Rights (AL) James Kolb
Westpoint Mississippi, (re violence) August 20 (MS) Unsigned
Personal Report From the Arkansas Project Myrtle Glascoe, SNCC
Telephone Report (Natchez, MS) Sept. 27 Stoney Cooks, SCLC
Letter to Bruce Hartford, SCLC (AL) Havard Richburg, CCVL
Field Reports From Alabama SNCC Staff Meeting, October 1965. (Includes reports from SCLC projects and East Tennessee Voters Project) 
Letter From Lowndes County (AL) Stokely Carmichael, SNCC
Notes on Rural Organizing Charles McLaurin, SNCC
To Whom This May Concern (MS) Willie Griggs
Report on Lowndes County tent city. (AL) Fay Bellamy
Report on Alabama MCHR ProjectUnknown, MCHR
Three Field Reports from Hale County Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Report on Marengo County (AL) Rev. Samuel Wells, SCLC
Letter about the Meredith Mississippi March, July 1966 Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Weekly Report, Grenada MS. August 10, 1966Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Daily Individual Report, Grenada MS. August 12, 1966 Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Weekly Report, Grenada MS. September 1, 1966. Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Letter Describing Medgar Evers (MS)   John Salter, NAACP
Report on a Meeting of Community Organizers in MS. Lorenzi & Shimkin, FIS
Lowndes County Election Fraud Gwen Patton, SNCC
School Integration Report, Grenada, MS. September 16, 1966 Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Arrest Report, Grenada MS. October 27, 1966Bruce Hartford, SCLC
ASCS Organizing Report #1, undated (fall 1966)Bruce Hartford, SCLC
ASCS Report #2, undated (fall 1966)Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Report on Poor Peoples Committee December 6 (Grenada MS)Bruce Hartford, SCLC
North & South Report (re Grenada MS), late December 1966 Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Report on Poor Peoples Committee January 14 (Grenada MS)Bruce Hartford, SCLC
Dear Staff (To SNCC)   Fay
Letter to US on his Trip to Vietnam, March 16 1965 Charlie Cobb, SNCC
Letter to US on his Trip to Vietnam, March 19 1965 Charlie Cobb, SNCC
Dear Mom and Dad (1967) John Obee
Letter on Role of Women Fay Bellamy, SNCC
Report to SNCC Staff on Trip to CubaGeorge Ware, SNCC
Report to the SCEF Board From the Deep South Project Dorothy Zellner, SCEF
Report from Grenada MS. July. 26 - Aug. 2, 1968 Charles Jefferson, SCLC
Report from Grenada MS. Sept. 9 - Sept. 14, 1968 Charles Jefferson, SCLC
Report from Grenada MS. Sept. 16 - Sept. 22, 1968 Charles Jefferson, SCLC
Weekly Report, Grenada MS. October 29, 1968 Charles Jefferson, SCLC
Letter to Hosea Williams from Grenada MS, November 6, 1968 Charles Jefferson, SCLC
Weekly Report, Grenada MS. November 18, 1968 Charles Jefferson, SCLC
Weekly Report, Grenada MS. December 9, 1968 Charles Jefferson, SCLC

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