Letters & Field Reports From Southwest Georgia

Letters & Reports From Dennis Roberts

From 1963 to 1966 Dennis Roberts worked for and with legenary civil rights lawyer C.B. King in Southwest Georgia. First as a volunteer legal aid and then as an associate attorney.

6/22/63Letter to Ann re arrival in Albany and Albany Movement
6/23/64?Report re violence against arrestees in Albany.
11/12/64Letter to Steve re news from Albany and request.
11/17/64Letter to friends re getting married to Wendy and other news.
11/18/64Letter to Phil re costs of mailing and Arthur Kinoy.
11/20/64Letter to friends re visit to Chief's office in Albany.
11/28/64Letter to friends re news from Albany and Americus.
12/08/64Letter to Phil re newsletter and trip to New Orleans
12/18/64Letter to friends re Congressional Chalenge
12/20/64Letter to friends re petition about changes in working conditions
12/27/64Letter to friends re interracial marriage in Americus
12/29/64Letter to Phil re FSM and the Feuer article
01/02/65Letter to Phil re fraud against illiterate woman
01/06/65Letter to Phil re Poverty Bill
01/10/65Letter to friends re school desegregation in Albany
01/16/65Letter to friends re civil rights conference
02/06/65Letter to Phil re attending SNCC conferences
02/07/65Letter to friends re trip to Wheeler County and New York

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