Albany & Southwest Georgia Movement, 1961-64
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Albany & SW Georgia Articles From CRMVets History & Timeline

Albany GA, Movement 1961-62 (CRMVets)

Americus GA Movement & "Seditious Conspiracy" (CRMVets)

Federal "Jury Tampering" Frameup in Albany GA (CRMVets)

Albany & SW Georgia Articles by Freedom Movement Veterans

Albany, Howard Zinn, Southern Regional Council. (34-page typed article analyzing the December 1961 events)

Albany: A Study in National Responsibility, Howard Zinn. SRC. 1962

The American Dilemma in Miniature, Albany, Georgia, Wyatt Tee Walker, SCLC. March 1963.

Albany, Georgia, Vincent Harding & Staughton Lynd. Crises, 1963.

The Bloody Battleground of Albany, Slater King. Freedomways, 1964.

Gambler's Choice in Georgia (C.B. King campaign), Peter de Lissovoy. Nation.

This Little Light: Moments in a Southern Town, Peter de Lissovoy. Nation.

Untold Story: Justice Denied (Americus & Leesburg stockade), Dr. Shirley Green-Reese. 2015.

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