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Our Thoughts

This section is where Movement veterans publish retrospectives, analyses, and opinions related to the Freedom Movement and all that came after. It is open to any veteran of the Southern Freedom Movement during the years 1951-1968 who is listed in the Veterans Roll Call. (See The Southern Freedom Movement for articles written by Movement veterans at the time the Movement was taking place.)

See also:

History & Timeline: 1951-1968 — Descriptions of Movement events.
The Southern Freedom Movement — Articles by Movement veterans written at the time.
Letters & Reports From the Field — By Movement veterans written at the time
Discussions — Transcripts of later group discussions by Movement veterans.
Our Stories — Memories, narratives & interviews of Movement veterans.
Documents — Movement publications, reports, organizing materials, strategy papers, etc.

Submissions Policy

Getting Past the Grand JurySNCC Legacy Project2014
Changing the Culture of Blue-BigotryBruce Hartford2014
Reading "Ferguson" in Faulkner's Intruder in the DustPeter de Lissovoy2014
Reflections from Bob Moses ... Passing of John DoarBob Moses2014
... Churches: Sanctuaries & Action Centers in the CRMMaria Gitin2014
The Meaning of "Radical"Bruce Hartford2014
As Mississippi Moves on, a New Struggle ArisesRon Carver2014
Fannie Lou Hamer & the Democratic PartyMarsha Rose Joyner2014
Mississippi Movement Set Example for Female LeadersJoyce Ladner2014
The Missing WordBruce Hartford2014
The Mississippi Summer Project 50th Anniversary ...Mike Miller2014
Why I Am Proud of the 1964 Civil Rights ActThomas Armstrong2014
Address to Freedom Summer 50th CommemorationJulian Bond2014
In the Mississippi River: Heroes and Sheroes: ...Judy Richardson2014
An Epitaph That Keeps GivingTim Jenkins2014
Union Organizing: Lessons From SNCC WorkLarry Rubin2014
Remembering John Perdew (1942-2014)Sam Mahone2014
Wiping Away the TearsHeather Gray2014
The MFDP: 50 years Later a Time for EvaluationMike Miller2014
Courage Was the KeyBruce Hartford2014
My Homage to Mandela's LifeL. Zapata2013
Thoughts on the Passing of Nelson MandelaHunter Bear2013
African American Women and Jewish Women ...   Yvonne Hilton2013
Harassment Didn't Stop Civil Rights WorkCorinne Barnwell 2013
A Memory from ... when Viola Liuzzo Was MurderedPeter de Lissovoy2013
Memories of the MarchFatima Cortez2013
Aug. 28, 1963 Was a Day of Joy, Anger and HopeJoyce Ladner2013
Homily for the Jonathan Daniel PilgrimageGloria House2013
Reaction to Supreme Court Overturning VRAMaria Gitin2013
Supporting SNCCNeal Hurwitz2013
Leo Branton: A Sterling Brown Kind of Strong ManDaphne Muse2013
Fifty Years: Remembering Medgar EversHunter Bear2013
Food for ThoughtMaria Gitin2013
Voting Rights Act: Friend of the Court BriefVMCRM2013
The Roots of PovertyBruce Hartford2013
When MLK Thrilled L.A. — and MeEllen Broms2013
Our Week with Rosa Parks...Daphne Muse2013
On Being a Militant and Radical Organizer...Hunter Gray2012
Living With Others: Challenges and PromisesBob Zellner2012
Lawrence Guyot's ThoughtsLawrence Guyot2012
Political Animals Likely to Confuse History of the CRMDiane Nash2012
Thoughts on Port HuronBob Zellner2012
Quilt Story: Black Rural Women, White Urban ...Linda Beckman2012
The Dark and Poor Must Join OWS!Curtis Muhammad2011
Another Account of the Second Freedom SummerJo Freeman2011
Schools to Prison Pipeline, Today's Civil Rights IssueConnie Curry2011
Fred Shuttlesworth: Civil Rights LionCharlie Cobb2011
Doing the Right ThingRobert & Helen Singleton2011
Thoughts on "The Help" Book & Movie[Movement veterans]2011
You Came Here to Die, Didn't You?Jo Freeman2011
My Country, My Mother, and MeHelen Singleton2011
The People's Revolution Does Not Seek to Lead NationsCurtis Muhammad2011
I Owe a Debt of Gratitude to the Civil Rights MovementDaphne Muse2010
Clyde KennardRon Hollander2010
Statement on Mississippi Freedom Ride 50th ...  [Group]2010
SNCC at 50Charlie Cobb2010
In the Attics of My MindCasey Hayden2010
SNCC & Today's Education StruggleBruce Hartford2010
Review of The Great Pool Jump: & Other Stories ...Stephen Saltonstall2010
SNCC, Fifty Years LaterMarian Wright Edelman2010
SNCC's LegacyCurtis Muhammad2010  
Letter to Young RadicalsCurtis Muhammad  2010
Generational Narrative by a Black Woman on ...  Ruby Sales2009
Long Time Coming (Election of Obama)Wally Roberts2008
21 Months (Election of Obama)Helen Singleton2008
Activists and ActivismBruce Hartford2008
That Darned "Why did you..." QuestionBruce Hartford2008
"Atlantic City Revisited" — Mondale & "The Movement" Mike Miller2008
The Importance of SNCC (A Discussion)[Movement Veterans]  2008
Leadership: Freedom Movement vs New LeftBruce Hartford2007
SNCC, Black Power & Black Nationalism  Mike Miller2007
Why Struggle? Why Care?Chude Allen2005
The FBI's Mississippi MyopiaRon Carver2005
Veterans Statement, "Eyes on the Prize"[Movement Veterans]2005
Adopt A Racist Boor For MLK DayBenjamin Greenberg2005
Georgia's Fraudulent Anti-Fraud LegislationJulian Bond2005
Against DiscouragementHoward Zinn2005
Bona Fide Community Organizing: Core DimenstionsHunter Bear2004
Religion and the 2004 ElectionSales & Hartford2004
Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman 40th Memorial  [Many people]2004
A Black Man Fights the DraftMichael Simmons  2003
Say These Words With MeMoses & Ladd  2003
Justice for Jamil (H. Rap Brown)[Movement Veterans]2002
"My Reflections of Years Gone By"Charles Person2001
Review of Walking With the WindMike Miller2000
Renewing the Beloved CommunityMike Miller2000
Beloved Community, Mississippi RevisitedSusan Moon1994
Mississippi Stories I & IIBell Gale Chivigny1994
What the Civil Rights Movement ProvedHoward Zinn1994
Mississippi Movement MemoriesMike Miller1991
SNCC: How They StoodMartha Prescod1988
Mississippi SmolderingJim Kates1988

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