Karen Haberman (Trusty)

SNCC, Georgia, Mississippi, 1963-64
2021 SE 44th
Portland, OR 97215
Email: ktobas@gmail.com
Phone: 503-201-3379
Web Site: www.inrarefiedair.com

Exchange: Three White Women Students at Spelman, 1962-1964
Going Crazy
What I Learned from the Freedom Movement

I was an exchange student to Spelman College in the fall of 1963 and became active in the sit in movement in Atlanta. I was arrested twice.

I then returned for the summer of 64. Worked in the office in Oxford during the training, in Atlanta and in Mississippi. In Greenwood I worked on the 12AM- 8AM shift on the WATS line.

It was the most transformative and rich time of my life. I have only recently been able to speak about it.


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