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This section contains stories, oral histories, diaries, interviews, narratives, and remembrances about the author's experiences in the Freedom Movement. In most cases these were written or told in later years.

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Everybody Can Serve  —  Martin Luther King

GroupsTitle/Description (Locale/Subject)
Many veteransLighter Moments
Multiple veteransMemories of the First Greensboro Sit-Ins (NC)
Multiple veteransAffadavits & Statements re Violence, Repression & Brutality
Black StudentsTalk About Their Experiences in Desegregated Schools
Jackson State College studentsGroup interview by Robert Penn Warren (1964)

, 1965 (SNCC) (NAACP)
Author/IntervieweeTitle/Description (Locale/Subject)
UnidentifiedMama, I Got to Do It, I Got To (MS)
Frankye Adams-Johnson Interview — Daughter of a Sharecropper (MS)
Sandra Adickes (volunteer) History Lessons in Hattiesburg (MS)
George Albertz Tells His Experiences as a Freedom Summer volunteer (MS)
Barbara Barnes Allen Oral History/Interview (St. Augustine, FL)
Chude Allen (volunteer) Post Freedom Summer interview (1965)
 My Mother and Father Believe Ours Is a Good Country
 Would You Marry One? (MS)
 Loneliness in the Circle of Trust (MS)
 Watching the Iris Grow (MS)
 A 6th Grader Interviews His Grandmother
Rueben AndersonOral History Interview (MS)
David Bailin (volunteer)Mississippi Summer Project Diary, August 1964
Ella Baker (NAACP SNCC)Interview Excerpts, Emily Stoper. 1966
 Ella Baker, Anne Romaine. 1967
 Oral History/Interview John Britton. 1968
 Interview With Ella Jo Baker, Clay Carson. 1972
 Interview, Eugene Walker. 1974, (100 pages, mostly about SCLC):
     Web version, PDF version
 Oral-History Interview, Sue Thrasher. 1977
Marion Barry (SNCC)Interview, by Clay Carson. 1972
 Interview by "JM," 1965
Daisy Bates (NAACP)Oral History/Interview (Little Rock, AR)
Randy Battle (SNCC)The Great Pool Jump... (Albany, GA)
 Grocers and Groceries; Charlie Ware; and 'Gator Johnson (GA)
 Driving for Attorney C.B. King (GA)
 Memories of Stokely Carmichael (GA)
 An Education; A Memory of Stokely (GA)
 A Dispute over a Bull (GA)
Hunter Bear (NAACP SCEF)Oral History (MS & NC)
(John Salter)A Magnolia Tale (MS)
 Black-Belt Thunder (NC & SCEF)
 Bertie County, NC: Taking the 1700s into the 20th Century
"Arkansas" Benston (SCLC) Freedom To Freedom (AL)
James Bevel (SNCC SCLC) Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Birmingham & Selma)
Stephen Bingham (volunteer) Different Types of Unsung Heroes (MS)
Unita Blackwell (MFDP)Fix It for Free (About Muriel Tillinghast in MS)
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize
Ed Blakenheim Interview (Freedom Ride)
Rev. Willie BlueOral History Interview (MS)
Julian Bond (SNCC)Interview Excerpts
 Oral History
Charles Bonner (SNCC) Oral History/Interview (Selma, AL)
 The First Sit-in & Birth of the Selma Movement
Heather Tobis Booth (volunteer)Interview
 Memories From Shaw, Especially of the Hawkins Family
Harry BowieOral History Interview (MS)
Harry Boyte (SCLC)My story of the KKK, Martin Luther King, and Populist Politics (FL)
Ron Bridgeforth (SNCC) Starkville & Oktibbeha County Mississippi
Ellen Broms"High Yellow" (Freedom Ride)
Joan Browning (SNCC) Religion and Joining SNCC
Peter Buck (volunteer) Transcript of 1965 Journal (SCOPE, AL)
Larry Butler (volunteer) Diary of an Alabama SCOPE Volunteer (AL)
Cathy Cade (SNCC)My Family, the Movement, and Me (Albany, GA)
 My First Demonstration, Atlanta, 1962
Gordon Carey (CORE) Interview: CORE, the Sit-ins and Freedom Rides
Stokely Carmichael (SNCC)Face the Nation Interview With Stokely Carmichael, 1966
Rev. Joe CarterInterview re Registering to vote in Louisiana
Raphael Cassimere (NAACP) Interview (New Orleans)
Septima Clark (NAACP SCLC)Interview by Robert Penn Warren
 Oral History Interview: Part 1, 1976. (NAACP, SCLC)
 Oral History Interview: Part 2 1976. (SCLC, King)
 Dismissal (SC)
Courtland Cox (SNCC)A Perspective on the Marion Barry Administration (Washington DC)
Charlie Cobb (SNCC) Oral History
 Black Politics and the Establishment: (Interview)
 Interview, re post-SNCC activities. 2015
Rev. Clint CollierOral History Interview (MS)
George Conway A Matter of Honor (St. Augustine, FL)
Fatima Cortez-Todd (CORE)Honoring Our Ancestors, Honoring Ourselves
Macarthur Cotton (SNCC)Oral History Interview (MS)
Courtland Cox (SNCC) Interview for Eyes on the Prize
Pat Cusick Oral History (Chapel Hill, NC)
George Davis (SNCC TIAL) Interview (AL)
David "Dave" Dennis (CORE COFO) Interview for Eyes on the Prize (MS)
Annie Devine (CORE MFDP)Oral history, 1966. (Canton, MS
Ivanhoe Donaldson (SNCC) Interview for Eyes on the Prize (MS & AL)
 Oral History, (Interview by Anne Romaine). 1966.
Dr. L.C. DorseyOral History Interview (MS)
Viola Johnson DouglasSelma student activist, (AL)
William Douthard (CORE) I'll Never Forget Alabama Law (Gadsden, AL)
David Dukes (NAACP CORE) I Have Never Lived in America (Madison Co. FL)
Karen Duncanwood (volunteer) Remembrances of Mississippi Summer 1964
Arlene Dunn (SNCC) My Arkansas Journey
Lolis Elie (NAACP)Comments re Race, Race Consciousness & Black Muslims
Dwain Epps SFTS Students & Black Voting Rights in Wilcox Co. AL
Myrlie Evers (NAACP)Eyes on the Prize Interview (MS)
Gail Falk, (COFO CORE) Remembering Freedom Summer (MS)
James Farmer (CORE) Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Freedom Rides)
 Research interview by Robert Penn Warren
Kathryn Fentress A Journey of the Spirit (St. Augustine, FL)
Ralph Fertig (CORE SCLC) The Making of a Freedom Rider (Chicago & Selma)
Frank FiggersOral History Interview (MS)
Bettie Mae Fikes   Oral History/Interview (Selma, AL)
Jim Forman (SNCC)Some Random Notes From the Leflore County Jail, 1963 (MS)
 A Band of Brothers, A Circle of Trust (Atlanta), 1964
 Interview by Robert Penn Warren, 1964
 Interview by "JM," 1965.
 SNCC, Voter Registration & the Consequences 1988
[Freedom Summer] Remembrances of Freedom Summer 1964 (MS)
Jo Freeman (CORE SCLC) Viewing Rosa Parks
Hardy Frye (CORE SCLC)Narrative (MS & AL)
 Everyone Was a Leader (MS)
 The People Were Great (MS)
Gloria Harvey FulwiderSelma student activist
Bobby Fuse (SNCC SCLC) Oral History Interview (Americus, GA)
Betty Garman (SNCC) Interview
Jimmy Garrett (SNCC) Lessons (MS)
Joanne Gavin (SNCC) The Moon in Alabama is Big and Yellow (AL)
Maria Gitin (volunteer)Story From Wilcox County, Alabama (AL)
 Sim Pettway, Student Civil Rights Leader, 1965 (AL)
Miriam Glickman (SNCC)Oral History (Albany & MS)
 Our Mississippi Dilemma (MS)
 Vietnam War Protest, 1965 (DC)
 Interview Excerpts
Lynn Goldberg (volunteer) Diary of a Young Civil Rights Worker (SC)
Heather Gray A Month of Infamy 38 Years Ago (MS)
Victoria Gray (SNCC MFDP) Turning Points in the Life of a Christian Activist (MS)
Stephen Green (CORE) Freedom Rider Diary - 40 Years Later (Freedom Rides)
Dick Gregory Interview re Chaney-Schwerner-Goodman Lynching (MS)
Ira Grupper (SNCC) The Fairgrounds Motel (Jackson, MS 1965)
Lawrence Guyot (SNCC)Testimony for MFDP Congressional Challenge (MS)
 Oral history, (Interview by Anne Romaine) 1966
 Interview (MS)
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize (MS)
Linda Halpern (volunteer) The Shooting of Silas McGhee (Greenwood, MS)
Fannie Lou Hamer (SNCC MFDP)Interview: Life in Mississippi (MS)
 Interview: Winona, Mississippi, 1963 (MS)
 Testimony at Democratic Convention (MS)
 Oral History, (Interview by the Romaines). 1966 (MS)
Robert Hargreaves (volunteer) Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964 (MS)
John P. Harper (NAG) At the Center of a Storm: My Involvement in the CRM (DC, MD)
Rick Harper, Ralph TylerA Long Hot Summer (re Alabama 1966), Illinois Alum 2012
Don Harris (SNCC) Oral History (SW Georgia)
Jesse Harris (SNCC)Interview, by "JM" 1965 (MS)
Bruce Hartford (CORE SCLC)Oral History (AL & MS)
 Albert Turner & the Rocking Chair (AL)
 Interview: Alabama & Mississippi
 Radical Democracy Interview
David Hartsough Nonviolent Sit-In, Arlington VA, 1960 (VA)
Casey Hayden (SNCC) Roots of Feminism in the Redemptive Community
Marion Helland (volunteer) Freedom School, Voter Registration, Marches (AL, MS)
Aaron Henry (NAACP COFO, MS)Interview by Robert Penn Warren, 1964.
 Interview (MS)
 Interview by "JM", 1965
Margaret Herring (SNCC SCEF) Narrative (Lauren McSurely)
John Herz My Two Weeks as a Civil Rights Lawyer in Mississippi, July 1964
Bill Higgs (COFO)Inteview, by "JM" 1965. (MS)
Yvonne Hilton Responses to Interview Questions ... (Baltimore & Black Power)
Faith Holsaert (SNCC) Interview (Cambridge MD & Southwest GA)
Len Holt Eyewitness: The Police Terror at Birmingham (AL)
Stu House (SNCC)"Inciting to Riot" in Selma (AL)
 Selma, Lord, Selma — Young Heroes: Sheyann and Rachel (Selma AL)
Rodney L. Hurst (NAACP) It was never about a hot dog and a Coke!  (FL)
Gwendolyn Iles-Foster (SNCC) Interview (Atlanta, GA)
John Jackson (LCFO) Remembrance of Lowndes County, Alabama (AL)
Don Jelinek (SNCC)Oral History (AL & MS)
 The Two Cows (MS)
Timothy Jenkins (SNCC)Interview, by "JM," 1965
Clarence L. Johnson Reflections on Growing Up in Greenwood ... (MS)
June Johnson (SNCC) Growing Up in Mississippi (MS)
  The Person Who Influenced Me Most (re Bob Moses)
C.J. JonesOral History Interview (AL, MS)
Marsha Joyner (NAACP SNCC) Interview: Baltimore MD
Annie Pearl Wormely JuniusSelma student activist, (AL)
James Kates (volunteer) June & August, 1964 (MS)
Abdul Aziz Khaalis (CORE NAG) Journey To Prison (Freedom Rides)
Lanny Kaufer (volunteer)UCSB SCOPE Project 1965 (Sussex County, VA)
 SCOPE Project Success Story (VA)
Peter Kellman (SNCC) Freedom Movement Memories (AL)
Rev. Ed KingOral History, 1966 (MS)
Lonnie King (SNCC)Oral History (GA) 64-page transcript
 Atlanta Student Movement Timeline
 Remembering the Atlanta Student Movement of 1960
Lula Belle Williams KingSelma student activist, 1963-65 (AL)
Martin Luther King (SCLC) Interview by Robert Penn Warren, 1964.
 Interview, Playboy Magazine
Mary King (SNCC) SNCC: Born of the Sit-Ins, Dedicated to Action
Adam Kline (SNCC)Greenwood, Mississippi (MS)
Marion Kwan (DM) Oral History Interview (MS)
 Daily Log, Hattiesburg MS. Summer 1966
Sherie Labedis (volunteer)Fireball in the Night (SC)
 Journal Excerpts, SCLC/SCOPE (SC)
 Rebecca Crawford: A Line in the Sand (SC)
Joyce Ladner (SNCC)The March on Washington
 Remembrance of Women in the Freedom Movement
Bernard Lafayette (SNCC) Remembrance of Selma Alabama — 1963
Candida Lall (NAACP CORE)Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey Now (Freedom Rides)
 Killing Sisyphus (Freedom Rides)
Roslyn Garfield Lang (CIG) A Baltimore Girl Sits-In
Rev. James Lawson (SCLC) Interview by Robert Penn Warren
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Nashville & Nonviolence)
Charles Leck (CORE) Riding on the Spirit of New Orleans (MS)
Sandy Leigh (SNCC)Oral history, 1966. (Hattiesburg, MS)
Eric Lerner (volunteer) Selma Interview (AL)
Mark Levy (volunteer) I'm Still Arguing With My Mother (MS. Freedom Summer)
John LewisOral History/Interview, 1967
 Interview/Oral-History, 1973
Lillie and Alice (Hattiesburg MS)Testimony of two teenagers jailed in Jackson, June 14 1965
Rufus Lewis Interview: Montgomery Bus Boycott (AL)
Bernice LillySelma student activist, (AL)
Peter de Lissovoy (SNCC)Albany GA in 1963 (Southwest GA)
 "Outside Agitator" and Other Terms of the Times (GA)
 A Confrontation (GA)
 Remembering C. B. King's Campaign for Congress (GA)
 Hunger Strike, Albany, GA, 1963
Marilyn LoewenOral History Interview (MS)
John Logsdon (CORE)Columbia's CORE (MO) 1963
Al LowensteinInterview by JM, November 1965
 Oral History, (by Anne Romaine). 1967 (MS)
 Interview by Clay Carson, 1977
Larry Mamiya (SNCC) SNCC, SIM, and the Southwest Georgia Project (GA)
William M. Mandel (CRC) Execution in Virginia, 1951
Bob Mants (SNCC)Don't Stick Your Nose in Other Folks Business (GA & AL)
[March on Washington] Memories of the March on Washington (DC)
Betita Martinez (SNCC)Liz is Betita: A SNCC Memory
Gwendolyn MatthewsOral History (School integrator, NC)
McCain & KhazanInterview re Greensboro Sit-In (NC)
Mrs.Classie McCulloughHow I Learned About Freedom to Vote (MS)
Chuck McDew (SNCC)Remembrances of SNCC
Joe McDomickRegistering to Vote in Louisiana
John McFerrenTestimony: The Fight for the Vote Fayette County, 1960 (TN)
Floyd McKissick (NAACP CORE)Interview, 1973 (NC)
 Interview, re Desegregating UNC, 1989(NC)
Charles McLaurin (SNCC)Interview About Freedom Summer (MS)
 To Overcome Fear, re Sunflower County MS 1962 (undated possibly 1967)
William MerrittSelma student activist (AL)
Sheila Michaels (CORE SNCC)Oral History/Interview, 1999
 How I Became An Oral Historian
 Pat Smith and Frank Nelson Wed (CORE)
 Them There Eyes (MS)
Mike Miller (SNCC)Interview (SNCC, Alinsky)
 The Agitator (MS)
Jack Minnis (SNCC) Selected Entries From the Diary of Jack Minnis, SNCC
Amzie Moore (NAACP) Farewell to the N-Double-A (MS)
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize (MS)
Marcia Moore (volunteer) Freedom Summer, My Parents, and Me
Mary Moore Interview (Birmingham)
Richard MorrisroeHope, Action, Change: 50 Years of Memories (AL)
Bob Moses (SNCC COFO)Oral history by "JM" 1963 (MS)
 Oral history, interviewed by Anne Romaine, 1966
 Interview by Clayborne Carson, 1982
 Interview by John Dittmer, 1983
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize, 1986
Gilbert Moses & Richard MurphyInterview by Robert Penn Warren 1964
Bernice Savage MutukuSelma student activist, 1963-65 (AL)
Diane Nash (SNCC)Interview for Eyes on the Prize
 The Beloved Community & Philosophy of Nonviolence
Peter Nemenyi (CORE SNCC)Oral History
John Newman, COFOCanton Arrest 3/21/64 (MS)
Martin Nicolaus (SNCC COFO)Mississippi Winter 1964-65 (Jackson & Issaquena Co.)
E.D. Nixon (NAACP)Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Montgomery Bus Boycott)
Silas Norman (SNCC)Remembrance of SNCC, Selma, and Alabama
Fran O'Brien (volunteer) Faith and Activism (MS)
Gregory Orr (CORE) Return to Hayneville (MS & AL)
Gwen Patton (MIA TIAL) Insurgent Memories (Tuskegee, AL)
Delores Miller Parks In Her Own Words (St. Augustine, FL ~ ACCORD)
Rosa ParksInterview for Eyes on the Prize (Montgomery)
 Inteview by Don Jelinek (Montgomery)
Wazir Peacock (SNCC)Oral History (MS AL)
 Interview About Freedom Summer
 Fighting for Freedom in the Mississippi Delta
 Stand for Freedom... 1:23 minute YouTube video
Jim Peck (CORE)Eyes on the Prize Interview (Freedom Rides)
John Perdew (SNCC)Events in Dawson and Americus, Georgia
 Americus, GA: Sheriff Fred Chapell and "Slappy"
Charles Person (CORE NAACP) Interview (GA & Freedom Rides)
Jane (J.J.) Phillips (CORE)Night Train to Raleigh: Summer 1962 (NC)
Pike County AL volunteersJournal, SCOPE Project, summer 1965
General Larry Platt (SNCC SCLC)My Story (Atlanta, GA)
Annell Ponder (SCLC)Citizenship Education in the "Heart of the Iceberg (MS) 1963
Joseph Rauh (UAW)Interview by Anne Romaine re MFDP Convention Challenge
Mimi Feingold Real (CORE)Interview (Freedom Rides, LA)
Rev. Fredrick Reese (DCVL)Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Selma, AL)
Shirley Green-ReeseHidden Behind Bars — 52 Year Ago (GA)
Alan Reich (SNCC)In the New York SNCC Office
James (Jimmy) ReynoldsSelma student activist (AL)
Judy Richardson (SNCC)Oral History (MD, GA, MS)
Ron Ridenour (SNCC)Freedom Summer Orientation (MS)
 On the Road to Freedom (MS)
 Personal Diary, Moss Point Mississippi
Dennis RobertsStories of Southwest Georgia & C.B. King (multiple stories)
 Stories of SNCC Members & the Military Draft (multiple stories)
Wally Roberts (CORE SNCC) Sheriff Capps & the Shaw Freedom School (MS)
James Robinson (CORE FOR)Oral-histories, 10 sessions
Jo Ann Robinson Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Montgomery AL)
Priscilla Robinson (PIA) My Story (VA & AL)
Jimmy Rogers (SNCC)Oral History (AL)
 An Experience with Violence in Lowndes County, Alabama
Avon Rollins (SNCC)August 28, 1963 — the March on Washington
Constance Kimbrough RozierSelma student activist, (AL)
Larry Rubin (SNCC)A Walk in Holly Springs: 1964 (MS)
 ... But South I Went (Jewish Currents, 2014)
James Russell (CORE) Remembering the Tulsa Sit-ins (OK)
Ruby Nell Sales (SNCC) Oral History (AL)
Mendy Samstein (SNCC)Oral history, (Interview by Anne Romaine) 1966 or 1967
Mark Satin (COFO) The Three Committees (MS)
Danny Schechter (CORE COFO) Remembering the March on Washington in 1963
Jeffrey Schwartz (CORE) CORE's Freedom Summer — My Experiences in Louisiana
Cleveland Sellers (SNCC) The Context of Black Power
[SCOPE Project] Remembrances of SCOPE Project, 1965-66
Terry Shaw Interview With Terry Shaw (Selma AL) 1963
Charles Sherrod (SNCC) Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Albany GA)
Rick SheviakovIf I Ever Write Down the Story of My Life... (Freedom Rides)
 Byron's Contraband (Freedom Rides)
Fred Shuttlesworth (ACHMR SCLC)Eyes on the Prize Interview (Birmingham)
Carol Ruth Silver (CORE) Ever Wonder Who Empties Your Trash, & Where it Goes?
Michael Simmons (SNCC)Disturbing the Peace
 Arkansas Roots and Consciousness
Charles Sims (Deacons) Armed Defense (Bogalusa, LA) 1965
R.L.T. Smith (COFO SCLC)Interview by "JM", 1965. (MS)
Jean Wheeler Smith (SNCC) SNCC Women
Sam Smith (SNCC)SNCC in DC (Washington)
Scott B. Smith (SNCC)Peep-a-Boo — In the Graveyard (AL)
Amos SnellSelma student activist (AL)
Jonathan Steele Summer of Hate (MS)
Jane Stembridge (SNCC) Interview
Ed Stern The Lawyers Who Went to Mississippi Will Never be the Same
Nancy Stoller (NAG SNCC) Arkansas 1965
  Bowling in Prince Georges County, Maryland
Bettye Parker Miles StorySelma student activist (AL)
Cleophas StrongSelma student activist, (AL)
Matt ("Flukey") Suarez (CORE) Oral History (LA & MS)
Peter Sussman The March: A Veiw From the Crowd (DC MoW)
John Suter (volunteer) Short Piece on Freedom Songs (MS)
Roberta TateSelma student activist (AL)
Ralph Temple St. Augustine, 1964 (FL ~ ACCORD)
Walter Tillow (SNCC)Oral History Interview by Anne Romaine 1966 (TN, MS)
Peter Titelman (SNCC) ... Define Self Through Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement
Roy Torkington (SNCC CORE) Itta Bena and Elsewhere (MS)
Brenda Travis Oral History, McComb MS and Elsewhere
 Oral History Interview (MS)
Jimmy Travis (SNCC)Oral History Interview (MS)
Karen Trusty (volunteer) Going Crazy (Atlanta GA)
Albert Turner (SCLC) Interview for Eyes on the Prize (AL)
Rick Tuttle (SNCC) The Brutal Winona, Mississippi Jail Beatings
Ann Valliant One Conversation, One Heart at a Time (AR, AL)
Rev. C.T. Vivian (SCLC)Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Nashville & Selma)
Johnnie Walker I am Johnnie Mae Walker (Hattiesburg, MS)
Rita Walker (SNCC) Meeting the Freedom Workers (COFO, MS)
 Life in Mississippi: Negro Motherhood
Wyatt T. Walker (SNCC)Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Albany, Birmingham)
Hollis Watkins (SNCC) In the Middle of the Iceberg (MS)
 Interview for Eyes on the Prize (MS)
Jimmy Webb (SCLC)I'll Be An Activist Until I Die (Selma)
Bob Weil (volunteer)A Faulkner Tale (MS)
Mark Weiss (SNCC)Interview (MS)
Annette Jones White (SNCC SCLC) Freedom Movement Narrative (Albany, GA)
 Charles Sherrod — The Gentle Giant (Albany, GA)
 Blue and Me in C.M.E. (Albany, GA)
 In Memory of Rev. Dr. Janie Culbreth Rambeau
George White Birmingham 1963 (AL)
Hattie & James White Interview (St. Augustine, FL)  
Grenville Whitman (volunteer) Mississippi Summer 1964
Jean Wiley (SNCC) Oral History (AL)
Annie Laura WilliamsSelma student activist (AL)
Mabel Williams (NAACP) Oral History (Monroe, NC)
Robert Williams (NAACP) Interview for Eyes on the Prize (Monroe, NC)
Bright Winn (volunteer)Mrs. Magruder (MS)
 Mississippi Revisited
Michael Wright (SNCC)A Legacy of Resistance (oral-history) (AL)
Rev. Andrew Young (SCLC)Interview by Robert Penn Warren, 1964
Bob Zellner (SNCC)A White Southerner Joins the Struggle
 The March on Washington
Howard Zinn (SNCC)Interview by "JM," 1965

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