General Larry Platt

SCLC, SNCC, Alabama, Georgia, 1963 — 
1076 Hardee St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

The home-page photograph for this website shows six singers. I am the young man (16 years old) on the left looking at the camera.

We had come by bus in 1963 to a church in Savannah, Georgia to plan a march to desegregate the city. Reverend Hosea Williams and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were our leaders. That particular planned march was canceled and we were singing to raise our spirits before returning home.

This photograph was published in the following book: The Civil Rights Movement: A Photographic History, 1954-1968 by Steven Kasher (New York: Abbeville Press, 1996), p. [100], with the caption "Singing at a Rally, Savannah, Georgia, 1963, Kenneth Thompson [photographer]". The picture is part of the fourth chapter which summarizes events in 1963, particularly in Birmingham, Alabama.

Although not yet a published author, I have been active in the civil rights movement all these years and have many stories to share.

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