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Photo Album

Images of a Peoples' Movement

Young People Lead the Way

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

The Sit-Ins — Off Campus and Into Movement

The Freedom Rides

Down to the Grassroots

Mississippi: Into the Storm

Georgia on My Mind

Birmingham: The Children's Crusade

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

March on Washington

We're Going to March in St. Augustine

Freedom Summer

Selma, Lord, Selma

March to Montgomery

Before I'll Be a Slave...

The Volunteers

In the Circle of Trust

[© Frank Cieciorka]

Woodcut by Frank Cieciorka.

Movement Posters

Movement Album Covers

Pins of the Freedom Movement

Jules Feiffer: CRM-Related Cartoons

The Photographs Of:

George Elfie Ballis

Matt Herron

Julius Lester

John Kouns

Danny Lyon

Ivan Massar

Jim Peppler

John Phillips

Herbert Randall

Cecil J. Williams

The Photographers
Bob Adelman
Joe Alper
Eve Arnold
Richard Avedon
George Elfie Ballis
Ida Berman
Fred Blackwell
Alex Brown
Roy de Carava
Frank Cieciorka
Horace Cort
Jack Corn
Peter Cummings
Bruce Davidson
Jerry DeMuth
Jimmy Ellis
Bob Fitch
Bob Fletcher
John Hope Franklin
Leonard Freed
Jo Freeman
Pete Harris
Bruce Hartford
Declan Haun
Gary Haynes
Matt Herron
R.C. Hickman
Ed Hollander
Gerald Holly
Bill Hudson
Erle Johnston
Les Jordan
James Karales
R.C. Hickman
Ed Hollander
Gerald Holly
Bill Hudson
Erle Johnston
Les Jordan
James Karales
John Kouns
Julius Lester
Harold Lowe Jr
Danny Lyon
Spider Martin
Marion Palfi
Peter Pettus
John Phillips
Ted Polumbaum
Herbert Randall
Charmian Reading
Eldred Reaney
Alan Reich
Harvey Richards
Sue (Lorenzi) Sojourner
Ken Thompson
Maria Varela
Cliff Vaughs
Tamio Wakayama
Ernest Withers
(Place pointer over a picture, or right-click on the photo and select "Properties" to see name of photographer.)

IMPORTANT NOTE — Copyrights © to these photographs belong to the photographers. Commercial use of these pictures is prohibited without the express written permission of the photographer.

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