Keep Your Eyes on the Prize,
Hold On! Hold On!

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Billboards showing Dr. King and Rosa Parks attending an integrated event at the Highlander Folk School in 1957 are erected across the South. To the white power structure, integration is a "Communist plot" against the "Southern way of life." Therefore, anyone attending an integrated event is — by definition — a "Communist."

Montgomery Bus Boycott

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Septima Clark and Rosa Parks at Highlander Folk School just before the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955.

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Rosa Parks, arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus, December, 1955.

[Montgomery County]

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Mass meeting at Holt Street Baptist Church calls for a bus boycott, December, 1955.

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Marin Luther King Addressing the Holt Mass Meeting
(His first civil rights speech.)


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Walking for freedom.

Waiting for rides at a carpool pickup point. [© Dan Weiner]
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Dr. King arrested for boycotting the busses, Montgomery, 1956.

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My feet is tired, but my soul is rested.

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Rosa Parks sitting at the front of desegregated bus, Montgomery, 1956. (John Seigenthaler seated behind her.)

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Reunion at Highlander after the boycott. From left: Ralph Helstein, Myles Horton, Rosa Parks, unidentified, Septima Clark.


Autherine Lucy vs University of Alabama

[NAACP photo]


Autherine Lucy and NAACP attorneys Thurgood Marshall and Arthur Shore outside Federal Court in Birmingham during her struggle to integrate the University of Alabama. February, 1956.

[© Birmingham News] A white mob is mobilized to block her admission.

"Kill her! Kill her!" [© Birmingham News]


Orangeburg, South Carolina, 1956

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South Carolina State College students on hunger strike to protest raciscm, 1956.

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Freedom march by Claflin and South Carolina State College students, 1956.

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Equipment used to monitor police brutality and suppression of civil rights, Movement office, Orangeburg, SC.


Prayer Pilgrimage to DC for Civil Rights

[© Richmond Times-Dispatch] 1959 "Pilgrimage of Prayer" from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC to protest the closing of public schools in Virginia to avoid court-ordered desegregation.


Citizenship Schools

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Teaching, training, educating, organizing, — the hard work behind the headlines.

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Septima Clark teaching reading, writing, voter registration, and social revolution at a Citizenship School in the South Carolina Sea Islands under the asupices of first Highlander and then SCLC (date of photo unknown). Standing in the background is Citizenship School teacher and dedicated organizer Bernice Robinson.



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