They Say That Freedom Is A Constant Struggle

Durham, NC, 1960 and 1962

Rev. Douglas Moore, Dr. King, and Rev. Ralph Abernathy in Durham during the sit-ins of 1960. See Durham Sit-ins & Protests for background. [© Durham Herald-Sun]
[© Durham Herald-Sun]


Picketing the Royal Ice Cream parlor
Durham, NC. 1962
(The woman at far left below is a counter-picket)
See Royal Ice Cream Sit-in for background.


[© Durham Herald-Sun]
[© Durham Herald-Sun]


Roy Wilkens of the NAACP and
Floyd McKissckk & James Farmer of CORE
leading protests at the Howard Johnson's
restaurant in Durham, NC. 1962.
See Freedom Highways Campaign in Durham and Greesboro for background.


[© Durham Herald-Sun]



Danville, VA. 1963

"I'm a demonstrating GI, from Fort Bragg. 
And the way they treat my people, 
Lord it makes me mad. 
You know, that I couldn't sit still, 
Because my home is in Danville." 

[© Ken Thompson]

In 1963, when a soldier on leave participates in the Danville protests while wearing his uniform, Secretary of Defense McNamara (architect of the Vietnam War) says: "You can go overseas and fight in a uniform, but you can't come back over here picketing and demonstrating in your uniform. That's un-American."  —  Sing for Freedom

[Photographer Unknown]

Left, protesters singing on City Hall steps. Below, a wounded demonstrator at a make-shift, first-aid station in a local church after police attack with clubs and firehoses.

[Photographer Unknown]


Freedom Day in Selma, October 1963

[© Alex Brown]

Bernard LaFayette, SNCC & SCLC. Photo taken June 1963, Selma Alabama, after a brutal Klan beating that almost killed him. That same night they gunned down Medgar Evers in his driveway in a multi-state KKK conspiracy to murder Movement leaders in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

[© John Kouns]


"Freedom Day" in Selma, October, 1963. Blacks line up at the courthouse to apply to register to vote.

[© John Kouns]


SNCC Field Secretaries Avery Williams and Chico Neblett arrested for trying to bring water to voter applicants waiting for hours in line at the courthouse.

[© John Kouns]


SNCC members arrested for holding up signs urging voter registration.




Orangeburg, SC. 1963

[© Cecil J. Williams]


Mass meeting, Orangeburg, SC. 1963.

[© Cecil J. Williams]


Prayer protest, Orangeburg, SC. 1963.

[© Cecil J. Williams]


Orangeburg, SC. Fall, 1963. So many students from Claflin College and South Carolina State are in jail for protesting that classrooms are almost empty.

[© Cecil J. Williams]


Boycott picketers, Orangeburg, SC. 1963.


Americus, Georgia

[Photographer unknown]

[Photographer unknown]

[Photographer unknown]

[Photographer unknown]


Jail Can't Stop Us Now

[SNCC Photo]

We have served our time in jail
With no money for to go our bail
But we'll never turn back
No, we'll never turn back

[photographer unknown]



Morgan State students in jail after protests at Baltimore's segregated Northwood theater, 1963.


Gadsden, AL, 1963

Young protesters surrounded by white mob.
[© Birmingham News]


Tuscaloosa, AL, 1964

[© Birmingham News]


Rev. Richard Boone, SCLC field staff. Off to jail!
[© Birmingham News]

Under arrest for the crime of defying segregation in Tuscaloosa.



Keep on Keeping On...

Freedom march in Tallahassee.

[Photographer unknown]

[Institute of Social Medicine and Community Health]


Medical Committee for Civil Rights doctors picketing the AMA convention in Atlantic City to protest segregated health facilities, 1963.

[© Bob Fitch Photo]


Shout for Freedom!


[© Library of Congress]




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