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Ever since Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement established this CRMVet website in late 1999, it has been funded by donations from Freedom Movement veterans and individual supporters. We carry on this work without foundation grants or high-donor contributions. The only institutional support we receive is from Tougaloo College who provides the web server on which the site runs. They will assume responsibility for the site when we can no longer continue. So if you find our CRMVet site useful and worthy, we ask for your donation to keep it growing. Thank you for anything you are able to contribute.

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Sister Sites

SNCC Digital Gateway. SNCC Legacy Project & Duke University. tells the story of how young activists in SNCC united with local people in the Deep South to build a grassroots movement for change that empowered the Black community and transformed the nation.

One Person, One Vote. SNCC Legacy Project & Duke University. Chronicles SNCC's role in the historic struggles for voting rights and develops ongoing programs that contribute to a more civil and inclusive democracy in the 21st century.

Teaching for Change and Zinn Education Project. Provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world by promoting and supporting the teaching of people's history in middle and high school classrooms across the country.

The SNCC Legacy Project (SLP). SLP was begun to preserve and extend SNCC's legacy. Although SNCC the organization no longer exists, we believe that its legacy continues and needs to be brought forward in ways that continue the struggle for freedom, justice and liberty.

Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. Empowering the next generation, passing it on to carry it on by preserving the history of the Mississippi Movement.

Chicago SNCC History Project. Tells the Stories of Chicago Area Friends of SNCC (CAFSNCC), its relationship to SNCC, it's pivotal role in shaping the fight for freedom in Chicago between 1960-1965, and preserves that history as a legacy for the young people who are continuing the fight for freedom, justice and peace.


Reunion, Conference, & Other Announcements

  1. If you are aware of any works of art related to the Freedom Movement such as paintings, drawings, murals, statues, and so on, please take a look at our Civil Rights Movement Art page to see if we already have an image of it in our collection. If it isn't included in our collection please email us an image we can post, or a weblink, or some other information that we can use. Thanks.

  2. Freedom Summer veterans who are interested in traveling to Mississippi for a few days this Fall to canvass for 2018 Democratic Party candidates in the communities where they worked back in the day should get in touch with Jim Kates at:


New on the CRMVet Website

Please continue to send us documents, letters, reports, stories, and other Southern Freedom Movement materials from the period 1951-1968.


New Names Added to the Veterans Roll Call

Dorothy "Dottie" Crawford - SCLC SNCC VISTA, 1967-69, SC


New Tributes & Memories added to In Memory

No new memories or tributes added this month


New Movement Documents Posted

61-66McComb & Pike Co. MS Documents (61-65)
1964Vital Statistics & Miscellaneous Facts for CORE's Louisiana summer project, Mimi Feingold, CORE. May 1964
1964List of Those in Jail, Unsigned, CORE. May 29 1964
1964?Memorandum about freedom registration, Dona (NLM), COFO. Undated (probably summer 1964)
1964?The Klan Ledger, Unsigned, KKK. Undated (probably 1964)
64? 65?Report on Thomastown High School, Madison County Voters League, CORE. Undated (possibly 1964 or 1965)
1965July-August SNCC office reports, SNCC staff. August 1965
1965Memo about Sojourner Motor Fleet Shop, Betty Garman, SNCC. July 7 1965
1965Segregated Justice, Jack Nelson, Los Angeles Times (movement reprint). July 15 1965
1964SNCC Research Dept. June expenditures, Jack Minnis, SNCC. July 19 1965,
1965COFO: Jackson office closed, M. Tillinghast, Jo-Ann Gavin, Mary Ann Shupenko, COFO. March 13 1965
1965Books for all projects, Library Committee, SNCC. June 9 1965
1964Memo Number 2 on the South-wide People's Conference, Stokely Carmichael, SNCC, September 2 1965
1964MFLU Minutes of Statewide Meeting, unsigned MFLU, September 4 1965
Canton & Madison Co. MS Documents (63-66)
1964List of Those in Jail, Canton MS. Unsigned, CORE. May 29 1964
1965Letter about ASCS elections in Madison County MS, W.H. Forsyth Jr., COFO. May 10 1965


New Letters & Reports From the Field Posted

6/22/63Letter to Ann re arrival in Albany and Albany Movement, Dennis Roberts
6/23/64?Report re violence against arrestees in Albany, Dennis Roberts
11/12/64Letter to Steve re news from Albany and request, Dennis Roberts
11/17/64Letter to friends re getting married to Wendy and other news, Dennis Roberts
11/18/64Letter to Phil re costs of mailing and Arthur Kinoy, Dennis Roberts
11/20/64Letter to friends re visit to Chief's office in Albany, Dennis Roberts
11/28/64Letter to friends re news from Albany and Americus, Dennis Roberts
12/08/64Letter to Phil re newsletter and trip to New Orleans, Dennis Roberts
12/18/64Letter to friends re Congressional Chalenge, Dennis Roberts
12/20/64Letter to friends re petition about changes in working conditions, Dennis Roberts
12/27/64Letter to friends re interracial marriage in Americus, Dennis Roberts
12/29/64Letter to Phil re FSM and the Feuer article, Dennis Roberts
01/02/65Letter to Phil re fraud against illiterate woman, Dennis Roberts
01/06/65Letter to Phil re Poverty Bill, Dennis Roberts
01/10/65Letter to friends re school desegregation in Albany, Dennis Roberts
01/16/65Letter to friends re civil rights conference, Dennis Roberts
02/06/65Letter to Phil re attending SNCC conferences, Dennis Roberts
02/07/65Letter to friends re trip to Wheeler County and New York, Dennis Roberts


New Additions to Our Stories

Dennis RobertsJournal: Southwest Georgia, Summer 1963

Affadavits of Police Brutality & Violence
McComb Affadavits
1964?McComb civil action, Brown, Aronson, Greenberg, SNCC. Undated (probably 1964)
1964?Affadavit of Carolyn Breckenridge, re racist attacks in McComb, MS. Undated (probably 1964)
1964Affadavit of James Baker, re racist attacks (McComb, MS). 1964
1964Affadavit of C.C. Bryant, re racist attacks (McComb, MS). 1964
1964?Affadavit of Willie Haynes, re being arrested (McComb, MS). Undated (probably 1964)
1964Affadavit of Earl Moses, re racist attacks (McComb, MS). 1964
1964Affadavit of Julia Woods, re threat of racist attack (McComb, MS) . 1964
1964Affadavit of Wilbert Lewis, re racist violence (McComb, MS). June 19 1964
1964Affadavit of Roy Lee, re police repression (McComb, MS). July 1964
1964Affadavit of Dennis Sweeney, re house bombing (McComb, MS). July 8 1964
1964Affadavit of Lillie Warren, re bombing of COFO Freedom House (McComb, MS). July 9 1964
1964Affadavit of Louise Watson, re bomb found in Baptist church (McComb, MS). July 18 1964
1964Affadavit of General White, bomb found in Baptist church (McComb, MS). July 18 1964
1964Affadavit of M.L. Brown, re burning of Mount Vernon Church (McComb, MS). July 21 1964
1964Affadavit of Lula Jackson, re burning of Mount Vernon Church (McComb, MS). July 21 1964
1964Affadavit of Rev. H.L. McKnight, re burning of Mount Vernon Church (McComb, MS). July 21 1964
1964Affadavit of Nazaree Brumfield, re burning of Mount Canaan Church (McComb, MS). August 5 1964
1964Affadavit of Farley Pittman, burning of Mount Canaan Church and police brutality (McComb, MS). August 8 1964
1964Affadavit of Peter Lewis, burning of grocery store (McComb, MS). August 15 1964
1964Affadavit of Robert V. Stone, police repression against COFO (McComb, MS). August 24 1964
1964Affadavit of Willie Dillon, re explosion outside her house (McComb, MS). August 28 1964
1964?Affadavit of John Lee, re police repression and brutality (McComb, MS). Undated (probably 1964)
1964Affadavit of Russell Bennett, re violence against civil rights workers (McComb, MS). September 2 1964
1964Affadavit of Robert Stone, re violence against civil rights workers (McComb, MS). September 2 1964
1964Affadavit of Aline Baker, re bombing of her residence (McComb, MS). September 9 1964
1964Affadavit of L.S. Allen, re bombing of Mrs. Quins's house (McComb, MS). September 20 1964
1964Affadavit of Eddie Anderson, re bombing of Mrs. Quins's house (McComb, MS). September 20 1964


New Additions to Our Thoughts

Statement on Misuse of My NameDiane Nash


New Additions to Our Discussions

Nonviolence in the Current Era


New Answers Added to Frequently Asked Questions:

No new answers added this month.


New Additions to Poetry
The Poetry section is one of the most-visited parts of the site.


New Additions to the Photo Album Pages:

Before I'll Be a Slave...


New Books, Films, & Videos by Freedom Movement Veterans


Heather Booth: Changing the World, a documentary film by Lily Rivlin. 2017. How the Civil Rights Movement inspired CORE activist and Freedom Summer volunteer Heather Booth to a lifetime of fighting for social justice.

Stand for Freedom: The Life & Times of Willie B. Wazir Peacock The story of Willie Peacock, one of the original SNCC field secretaries organzing in the Mississippi Delta. YouTube.


The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and the Kennedy Administration, 1960-1964: A History in Documents, by James P. Marshall. Louisiana State University Press, 2018. Freedom Movement veteran traces through government documents the Kennedy Administration's response to the Mississippi Movement.

Hope's Kids: A Voting Rights Summer, by Alan Venable. One Monkey Books, 2017. Describes Brandeis University's 1965 SCLC-SCOPE project in South Carolina.

Operation Breadbasket: An Untold Story of Civil Rights in Chicago, 1966- 1971, by Martin L. Deppe and James Ralph. University of Georgia Press, 2017. Untold Story, of the unheralded leaders of thel SCLC program based in Chicago that broke a market stranglehold by white businesses in Black communities and empowered Black businesses in their own neighborhoods and beyond.

Brother Hollis: The Sankofa of a Movement Man, by Hollis Watkins. Sankofa Publishing, 2016. Personal memoir of a long-term SNCC organizer from Mississippi.

The Chicago Freedom Movement: Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Activism in the North, by Mary Lou Finley. University Press of Kentucky, 2016. An alternative assessment of the Chicago Freedom Movement by an activist that examines aspects beyond just the open housing anti-slum protests.

White Lawyer, Black Power: Civil Rights Lawyering during the Black Power Era in Mississippi and Alabama, by Don Jelinek. Jelinek Publishers, 2015. A personal memoir of civil rights lawyering during 1965-1968 by a SNCC organizer and ACLU lawyer.

Up Above My Head: I See Freedom in the Air, by Carol Seay. Xlibris, 2015. Story of the "Stolen Girls" incarcerated in the Leesburg Stockade for protesting segregation in Americus GA. Told by one of the young women who endured captivity to fight for freedom.

Remembering Mississippi Freedom Summer, by Charles Prickett. Wordrunner Press, 2015. First-person account of a college student and civil rights activist, who worked during the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964.

Selma: And It's Aftermath, by Bill Monnie. A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing, 2015. Ground-up history portrayed through photographs of the people who were literally the "boots on the ground" activists.

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